Getting Started: Beautiful Design

Thrive Architect has some unbelievable design capabilities, if you've got a bit of know-how when it comes to the tools...

The good news? By the time you watch all of the tutorials below, you'll have that know-how, and with it, the power to do pretty much whatever you want with your online creations.

Start Here

Design Groundwork

Video Blog Post

Get Your Website's Design Code

If you're new to this 'building your own website' stuff, it can be difficult to get everything looking right. There's always that elusive 'something' that just doesn't fit.

That's why we've created a post that outlines the three most effective principles of web design, and how you can instantly implement them. 

There's even an easy reference worksheet for you to download.

Follow these three principle when creating or remodeling your web pages and it's nearly impossible to create a bad looking website.

Design Possibilities

Tutorial Video

Boxed Layouts, Hero Images, Content Boxes & More

In this Landing Page from Scratch tutorial, Hanne goes through all of the important foundations you need to create great designs in Thrive Architect.

You'll learn how to create sleek looking designs with elements like content boxes, column layouts, icons, dividers and more. You'll be amazed what you can achieve with a little creative application.


  • How to set up your page correctly
  • How to create a clean, graphical look
  • Smart use of borders, boxes and columns
  • Tablet and mobile editing
  • Best practices for using the editor
  • Quick duplication of layouts

Next Level Design

Tutorial Video

Creating Photoshop Worthy Designs - Without Photoshop


  • Gradients over background images
  • Slanted section edges
  • Geometric image borders
  • Eye-catching boxes
  • Mobile & tablet responsive workflow
  • Social sharing & footer sections

If you're used to going back and forth between Photoshop and WordPress when building a page, then you'll love this tutorial. We've built Thrive Architect with the goal of eliminating this go-between.

Shane's tutorial will show how you can create visual effects previously only possible in high end image editing software.

Feature Designs

Tutorial Video

Create Magazine Style Layouts on Your Website

Learn everything you need to know about text formatting, editing and styling with this in depth typography tutorial. 

You'll learn how to create websites that look like the front page of a magazine, by mixing and matching Thrive Architect elements.

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