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Updated on December 7, 2021

In this video, you’ll learn just how easy and enjoyable it is to create (as well as take!) online courses using Thrive Apprentice...

...the most versatile course building plugin for WordPress entrepreneurs like you.


Thrive Apprentice for Course Creators

If you’re interested in building & selling online courses on your WordPress website, don’t skip this video.

You'll learn how it feels to build a course using our course building plugin: Thrive Apprentice.

You’ll see just how fast you can put together a gorgeous looking online course using the Thrive Apprentice dashboard on the backend of your WordPress site and the Thrive visual editor to assemble your individual lesson content on the frontend. 

And if you have previous experience building online courses using traditional LMS plugins or any of the expensive SaaS solutions available, you’ll be shocked at just how easy Thrive Apprentice makes creating, customizing and selling your online courses!

But wait, there’s more…

Thrive Apprentice for Your Customers & Students

You’ll also see how Thrive Apprentice creates a premium online course experience for your students and customers.

Why show you that side of Thrive Apprentice? 

Because the more professional, easy to consume, and easy to purchase your courses are, the more likely people will be to come back for more!

Ready To Transform Your WordPress Website Into an Online Course-Based Business?

After watching the video, it should be clear just how simple Thrive Apprentice makes building, marketing and selling online courses for WordPress solopreneurs.

So if you’re ready to get started building some stunning online courses of your own, here’s your call to action:

Still have questions about Thrive Apprentice? Make sure to leave them below so we can answer them for you!

by Matt  April 13, 2021


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    • Hi TW, Thrive Apprentice is a WordPress plugin so it helps you create and sell online courses through your own WordPress site.

      And because all of our tools are designed to help you create tablet and mobile responsive content, your WordPress site courses can then be accessed by Desktop, Tablet and Mobile users.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the update.

    Do we still need a membership plugin?

    If so which ones do you recommend?


    • Hi Warren,
      A membership plugin is not required if you’re only using it to protect content. The payment integrations cover that now…

      I ditched SendOwl months ago & will be adding the free Woo plugin for my courses! So excited for this addition! 😀

      • Hi Matt! Thanks! 😀

        Only “on top of it” because I watched your awesome video!

        Great & welcome news about Apprentice & all of the new upgrades!

        Thanks to all who are making this happen! <3

      • Thanks, Karen that was my plan now.

        However, with Woocomerce you still need a premium plugin at $199 for their subscription add on the plugin to offer monthly membership…

        Do you know of any free plugins that work with Woocomerce for subscriptions?

      • Yes, Warren! You’re right that you still need Membership software if you need anything more than protecting course content…

        In my case, I was trying to cobble together a stop-gap solution for taking payments & protecting my courses…”no Membership model required” for me!

        Hopefully the Woo Membership plugin will be what you’re looking for… I know there are other membership options, as I snagged WishList Member on a LTD last year from AppSumo, but only for content restrictions…

        Best of luck with your Membership functions! ????

      • It’s just the “standard” FREE WooCommerce plugin… I highly recommend you go through this in-depth tutorial Christine put together:

        This is the only plugin you’ll need in addition to TTB…but there are a number of steps that you’ll need to take to get everything set up properly…and they are all detailed in the tutorial!

        Hope this helps! <3

    • Hi Warren, you no longer need to integrate a membership plugin with Thrive Apprentice to protect your course content. Thrive Apprentice + a checkout tool (WooCommerce, ThriveCart, SendOwl) is all you need to sell your courses with Thrive Apprentice.

      Creating Public Courses, Lead Magnet Courses and Premium Paid Courses can all be done in Thrive Apprentice without Membership plugins.

      That being said, Thrive Apprentice does offer native integrations with membership plugins like Membermouse, MemberPress and Wishlist Member if you require features like protecting non-course content (like posts and pages on your WordPress site) or drip content.

      However, we will be releasing a super powerful drip feature for Thrive Apprentice later this year, so you won’t even need a membership plugin for that anymore once we roll that out inside Thrive Apprentice!

      • Thanks, Matt this is a MAJOR selling point that you guys should advertise and do another video on ….
        the whole issue of membership plugins… is now sorted…

        Thanks again

  • Hi, is there any possibility to integrate something similar to zoom?

    Another Question: is it possible for anyone who visits my course page to leave a comment without having to leave an email?


    • Hi Haarin,

      Once your Thrive Apprentice course student is logged in, they won’t have to input their email when leaving a comment. You can check out how to manage all of the Thrive Comments moderation options here: Thrive Comments General Settings – Tutorial

      As for your “something similar to Zoom” integration request, can you elaborate on what you’ve got in mind?

      • I mean that if there is the possibility of doing video group sessions in the zoom style, without having to pay for zoom.


      • So you want to use Thrive Apprentice to showcase your live lessons? Of course, you can record your group Zoom classes and then upload those video files to a video hosting platform like Wistia or Vimeo to stream the content for you in Thrive Apprentice. I’m not sure how you would use Zoom’s premium features without paying for it. It’s important to recognize that Thrive Apprentice is an online course builder and learning management system tool, not a video conferencing tool like Zoom if that’s what you’re requesting.

  • Hi Matt, is there a way to edit/style some of the pre built features inside Apprentice course pages. I know you have an area where you can drag and drop, but I am meaning the elements that are currently locked or unable to be removed/redesigned?

    Second Q – if we sell OTOs is there a way to have them inside the course so that only purchasers of the upsells only access their purchases?

  • Hello, Matt!

    If used with Woocommerce, what if there is a need to give the opportunity to buy modules separately? Do you have to design them as different courses? And another question – are access rights configured individually for each course? For example, there are 5 courses. If a visitor bought one course, will he only have access to one course? And if he buys another one, will he only have access to these two courses and not to other 3?

  • Hi Matt
    Loved your video and was excited to put into practice. I bought Thrive Apprentice when it first launched with Course Craft but got bogged down in the tech so was excited to see this. I have old theme (Squared) and despite keeping up with updates on thrive apprentice was not able to SAVE any of my work as I followed your step by step process in this video. I currently have my online course hosted on Thinkific and would love to bring it over to my own website but not feeling uncertain as I spent hours trying to follow your steps only to have the work not save and no explanation as to why. Can you please advise?

    • Hi Michelle, sorry to hear you were having issues saving your work. It’s not an issue I’ve ever heard about before so I would suggest you contact our support team about it so they can help you sort out what’s happening.

  • Thanks this video was great I have made several courses for my business but I learned great new tricks to make them better. I have yet to add audio but I am thinking of adding it to a course I am working on. I see the things you’ve pointed out about using YouTube to host video but can I record and upload audio direct or should I be hosting it on a service? Sorry I am brand new to this hope my question makes sense

    • Hi Maria,

      If you’re planning on using a lot of audio, it would be good to have a hosting service (like libsyn or Podbean) The reason is that when people stream the audio, if this is uploaded on your website, it’s coming from your hosting. Which might or might not be OK depending on the hosting and the amount of files.
      If you have just 1 file and a couple of students you can just upload it on your site as media. If you have hundreds of audio files and students I would look into separate hosting.

  • Hi Matt, I have a question about adding assessments and feedback at the end of a lesson. Is it better to add a link to something like Thrive Quiz builder, add a resource or do it another way?

    • Hi Graham,

      It depends what you want to achieve… If you add a quiz you can test people’s knowledge. If you want to add a downloadable, you can add it as a resource to the lesson.

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