Funnel Friday Ep 02: The Evergreen Webinar Funnel

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Updated on April 28, 2021

Funnel Fridays is where we break down popular marketing funnels so you can build and deploy them yourself with Thrive Themes!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to:

  • Show off your expertise with an automated & ever-present tool
  • Generate leads & build your mailing list
  • Increase your conversion rate with a more personal marketing approach

Then creating an Evergreen Webinar Funnel is just the right fit for you and your business.


The Puzzle Pieces of an Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Evergreen Webinar Funnels are an incredible marketing tool, as long as you ensure that visitors are given value upfront.

It's perfect for solopreneurs, like Amy Porterfield, who are in the business of online course creation. Don't make your webinar a simple sales pitch fest. Seek engagement from your visitors and win them over with quality service, clear messaging and no false or empty promises.

Let's begin by deconstructing Amy Porterfield's Evergreen Webinar Funnel "3 Simple and Powerful Ways to Kickstart Your Email List" in our second episode of Funnel Friday. Shall we?

"3 Simple and Powerful Ways to Kickstart Your Email List" - Lead Generation Page

Puzzle Piece 1: The Lead Generation Sign-Up Page

Every evergreen webinar funnel should start with a concise message & engaging design. It is here that we learn what Amy Porterfield's landing page is all about (inside her above-the-fold Hero Block), with an almost immediate but optional 'call to action' button – in this case a 'Reserve My Seat' button.

What is this page about?

What follows is Amy's text block introducing and describing what a visitor to her page will learn from this particular webinar ("3 Simple and Powerful Ways to Kickstart Your Email List"), supported by some social proof (i.e. real testimonials) fortifying her webinar with credibility.

What's this free webinar all about? 

Next, visitors are met with a series of (rhetorical) questions engaging and at the same time reaffirming the reason why they want to sign up to Amy Porterfield's webinar in the first place.

Why should someone sign up for this free webinar?

And finally, a short and genuine write-up about the coach herself, a second opportunity to sign up ('call to action'), rounded off by a disclaimer clearly showing that Amy is sending paid traffic to her page as well.

Some information about both the coach & the legality of the page.

Puzzle Piece 2: The Sign-Up Page

Once we click the 'Reserve My Seat' button, a "lightbox opt-in offer" appears, prompting a visitor to choose an event date & time, as well as registering for the webinar by simply filling in their first name & email address.

The key to evergreen webinars is to NOT make them look like real, live webinars.

Choose wording that will avoid misinterpretation, and allow visitors to clearly understand that the webinar is, in actual fact, a recording.

Signing up should always look this simple & effortless.

Puzzle Piece 3: The Quiz

After signing up, the visitor is taken to an intermediate page – a short quiz.

Here, Amy has gone with a more personal approach by addressing her visitor by their first name. The visitor is asked to simply give one reason why they've waited so long to start growing their list (reason for signing up to the webinar). This then allows Amy to gain some useful information about her audience & how best to target them with specific webinars, other product offers, advertising and potentially sales in the future.

A short, personalized quiz.

Puzzle Piece 4: The Confirmation Page

Now that the multiple choice quiz questions have been answered, the visitor is led to a confirmation page, where they are asked to check their inbox for a welcome email. Amy's visitors are also encouraged to check out her Facebook group (optional), as well as check out links to some of her favourite podcasts relating to the topic of 'list building' .

This is what a succesful registration looks like.

Puzzle Piece 5: The Welcome Email

An email containing important information will appear in each webinar attendees' inbox.

In this email, Amy covers key points like:

  1. What to expect
  2. How to prepare for the webinar (a printable PDF workbook)
  3. Event information
  4. A link to the actual webinar

Keep your eyes peeled for that 'welcome email'. 

Puzzle Piece 6: The Workbook / PDF Starter Pack

Amy stuck to her brand. She created a workbook with the exact same look & feel as her landing page.

The workbook includes clear wording, an attractive design, useful information relating to the training and even some space to jot down thoughts & key take-aways whilst an attendee watches the webinar.

Amy's printable workbook is in line with the overall look & feel of her brand.

Puzzle Piece 7: The Webinar Page

It’s always a good idea to bring some excitement to what is normally a standard, boring 'coming soon' page.

And Amy has decided to do just that by introducing a countdown timer to her webinar signup page.

But while countdown timers are a great time scarcity tool to help sell online courses and even promote memberships with quality benefits, if her countdown timer makes potential attendees wait too long to start her masterclass, Amy might end up losing potential customers.

If you use countdown timers within your evergreen webinar funnels, it’s important to test whether or not they actually improve conversions versus a funnel that lets visitors start watching straight away.

It's the final countdown!

Once the countdown has finished, webinar attendees are immediately welcomed by Amy and are begin the online training.

Attendees to the automated webinar are encouraged to send in comments.

Towards the end of the webinar, attendees are invited to click the "enroll button" to purchase her course.

Puzzle Piece 8: The Sales Page

Once again Amy has made sure to use her brand aesthetic (same look as her opt-in page) on her sales page.

The online course product she is pitching is the "List Builders Society" and her pricing section shows 2 payment plans available – once off or 3 monthly installments – which new customers can purchase & begin taking at any time.

An excerpt from Amy's extensive & informative "List Builder's Society" online course sales page.

Puzzle Piece 9: Email Follow-Up

After watching Amy's Masterclass webinar, each subscriber will receive a follow-up email containing a replay of the webinar, relating links, as well as testimonials.

Amy makes sure to check in with her leads, through a series of follow-up emails.

The goal of this follow-up email is to remind and encourage subscribers to buy the "List Builders Society ® 3-Step Framework", in case they have not had the chance to do so yet.

Step-by-Step: Create an Evergreen Webinar Funnel With Thrive Themes

Has this evergreen webinar funnel break down been helpful for you?

If so, how about creating your own with our Thrive Themes toolkit?

Watch Christine's tutorial video below to see how to build your own evergreen webinar funnel (adapted for a one-off training to avoid the need of expensive tools) step-by-step.

What Do You Think?

Are you going to give the Evergreen Webinar Funnel a go to increase sales in your online business? Have you tried it already? Were you satisfied?

And also, what do you think about our Funnel Friday videos?

by Hanne  January 15, 2021


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  • 1. Funnel Fridays has been a “trademark” of Russell Brunson, for years. Though not legally protected I guess.
    2. If Thrive Themes intents to position themselves as Online Marketing School, many solopreneurs will be happy.
    3. I’d rather like to see “better” software.
    4. I assume the episode is valuable (for some).

    • 1. Aww I’m so sad now… I really liked how it sounded. Will need to find another name then.

      2. We are committed to providing the tools AND the education to help solopreneurs succeed always have (hence all the courses available in Thrive University and the 100rds of videos on Youtube and blog posts) and always will.

      3. Us publishing tutorials to better use our software does not take away from the developers improving on our tools (you can see the 118 features we’ve added in 2020 here:

      4. As you can see in the comments, it is.

      • Yes, rather than just building “things to sell” Thrive cares about teaching everyone — customer or not — valuable education on content, marketing, sales, AND how to get the mist from their products!

        It’s obvious that much time & effort go into every Thrive tutorial! And they are well worth investing time in learning.

        Many people come to Thrive for their lead-gen and conversion-focused products, and then stay for the valuable training you offer!

        Use cases like this are extremely valuable for MANY people!

        Thank you, Hanne, for another great tear-down of a real sales funnel…and how to implement it! <3

  • Wow! That’s an amazing breakdown of her stuff 🙂 Did you pick up on what webinar software she’s using?

  • I really like this funnel not only because of its great design language but because it doesn’t think I’m stupid. As you said, Hanne, people these days know exactly that it’s NOT a live webinar. Calling it a masterclass is a good takeaway for me.

    One question though: what do you think, how did they set up the tech behind having these automated webinars available 10 minutes from now? Do they simply set up a multitude of webinars starting at every full five minutes? Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    Oh, and of course the funnel friday is great once again 🙂

    • Hi Philipp,
      This is done through the webinar service Easywebinar. They have the “right in time” option and then you can choose whether you want to allow people to start the webinar every 15 min or every hour or whatever.

  • Thanks so much for this it’s great. However, I still don’t get why anyone needs to treat the webinar like it is a live event, with date and time selections. Even if you’re not saying it’s live you’re still treating it like it’s live. I would sign up on the premise of watching the webinar, live or not, simply on the premise of learning invaluable information. We are definitely going to do this but we’re not going to make the webinar ‘seem’ like it’s live. I don’t think it’s essential to build in scarcity here.

    • There is something to say for having a time commitment from people who sign up… But I agree, I would never make it look like a live thing if it’s not.

    • Yes, I had the same question…

      I don’t understand the purpose of having time selections. Why not just have a “watch now” button instead…behind an opt-in form?

    • If you begin to get more advanced and split test your funnels you might find that giving people a date/time to watch increases attendance and buy rates. In one case I tested it boosted buy rates by 30% to have a “webinar” vs an “on-demand video”

      • Hi Amanda, I get that, and I’m totally up to speed with split testing. I guess my issue is with the idea of presenting a webinar as though it is live, and that it’s happening on the date and times that the user selects. I’m sure it works wonders but I think it’s a little bit unethical and a bit pointless as surely most people then realise that it’s recorded????? But hey, I guess it’s okay if you get extra sales because of it!

      • Wow! 30% increase! That’s really surprising to me! :-O Thanks for sharing your experience! Really emphasizes the need for testing, too! 🙂

    • One of them is that the technique is aimed at meeting the needs of different types of profiles or avatars if you like who are motivated to follow through based on different things.

      For some it’s instant gratification while for others it’s the sense of anticipation. and so on.

  • It is truly amazing what you can do with Thrive tools. Thank you for this! Is there a cheaper alternative to Easy Webinar or would we have to skip the bit for choosing a screening time bit as Christine did in her video … which I LOVED too.

    • Hi Meghan,
      Yes if you don’t have the budget right now, I would suggest the “normal” training video. We’ve used this format with great success!

  • I would have mentioned the second video right at the beginning, I almost missed it!

    The second video is the BEST tutorial ever created about the “whole thing”, from A to Z, including how to pass form variables to other forms.

    It’s a piece of art, please create more of THAT, covering more funnels, how to add upsells and so on!

  • First, Ms. Porterfield appears to have a very talented design team. The look of the funnel is gorgeous and is probably beyond my reach as a solopreneur. I assume she is using Thrive Themes. I love thrive Themes and use it on a number of my websites, but I do not have the design skills to create something like this.
    Second, I am wondering why she is using a webinar format for such a low cost course ($397). Shaun teaches not to use a webinar and keep the price point at around $189. That makes a lot of sense and we found it to work well on a course launch last fall. We made $40k in a week using that formula.
    Third, I am wondering why she is using EZWEbinar instead of Everwebinar Jam. EJ allows for instant access to the webinar instead of waiting.
    I’d like to see more of the front end. How is she driving traffic? Is she using a quiz to qualify and segregate?
    Love these videos Hanne. Keep them coming.

    • Hi Douglas,

      Amy definitely has a talented designer and she’s not using Thrive Themes.
      For solopreneurs, we suggest using the pre-made templates. If you look at the “chic” template for example you can create a really nice design just by changing the color scheme and the pictures to match your brand.

      For the pricing and the webinar format, I’m assuming she tested different strategies and found what works for her and her audience 🙂

      Easywebinar is the evergeen option for WebinarJam. So to have automated webinars that’s the tool to use.

      I know for a fact that’s she’s driving traffic with ads (Facebook and Intagram) to the landingpage. I haven’t seen a quiz on the front-end.

      • Hanne, just to clarify (if it’s useful n any way), EasyWebinar is what Amy is using in this funnel. EverWebinar is the evergreen version for WebinarJam. I think that’s what Douglas meant 🙂

  • Hanne,

    Thank you for deconstructing this type of funnel, it is highly appreciated and useful for my online business.

    I will now watch the training on how to “replicate” it using the Thrive Themes tools.

    Best regards.

  • This was so good Hanne! I love it! I deconstruct funnels all the time time. I love Amy and is actually in her DCA program. Thanks for this and the video to recreate the funnel with Thrive Themes products is great as well. I also agree I would prefer it with just a masterclass video instead of evergreen webinar software. You guys are the best…

    • We currently do not have an API integration with Mailjet. You can add your request to integrate from within the API integrations card in the Thrive Dashboard.

  • I have another question. I switched to SendFox as my main email provider and they don’t have custom form fields yet. Is it possible to use Thrive Quiz Builder instead and collect the quiz question info and email address that way?

    • I haven’t tested this with Sendfox, but yes you should be able to do this. It would look a bit different (with an extra step) because you would have the quiz question and then a button to confirm the submission (which is where the “hidden” opt-in form is submitted).

  • Did you build the entire evergreen webinar funnel with Thrive Themes? Did you just skip us to buy webinar tools? OMG… you guys…❤️

    • Hi Gaby,
      Not 100%… if you want the functionality of having people pick time to watch the webinar you would need a webinar software but if you go with a Masterclass that’s readily available then yes, you can do it all with Thrive Tools.

  • Great Training.
    The Thrive Themes team is like that hidden level on a Video Game.
    The Quiz Part was
    I have my weekend project now. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great videos! Very useful, as always. In the 2nd video, did you use Architect alone or were there some other Thrive tools included?

    • Christine also used Thrive Leads and the demo website is running on Thrive Theme Builder (but for just the funnel that’s not necessary)

  • Thanks Hanne! …And perfect timing–creating my first webinar funnel is on my list of goals for Q1. I LOVE that I can do all of this using the tools available with my Thrive membership. I also love that you guys are committed to providing training to help give your members the best chance at succeeding using these tools. Keep up the great work!!

  • Hanne, it is wonderful, but I am not able to move the content block into the content reveal section. Architect will not let me.

    • Hi Dan,

      You need to select the inner container (a content block is a background element so it can’t be wrapped in something else) select the next container in the breadcrumbs and you’ll be able to move it inside the reveal 🙂

  • This is fantastic! The feature I’d love to see (and should be easy to create) is a “Thrive Funnels”. Something that would show up in the menu item (like Thrive leads) and we could click 1 item that would have all of the associated funnel pages all in one spot. This would completely make Click Funnels the ugliest stepchild ever! I think Cart Flows is doing this (I haven’t tried it) but I’d love to see Thrive implement it. It seems like it’d be easy implement and would be such a powerful feature to Thrive!

    Happy 2021 to you!

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. FINALLY a step by step video training on how to make a funnel. The only thing I would suggest in future is to say that you can now use the new online course template if the funnel is for a course. I found them to be very useful.

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