New: Easy Jumplinks & Smooth Scrolling

A jumplink or an anchor link is a link to a target that is located on the same page. 

You've always been able to add jumplinks in Thrive Architect by adding an ID in the HTML attributes section... but it wasn't very user friendly.

That's why we now made it easier than ever to add jumplinks to your site.

Check out the video tutorial above to see how to use this new feature to your advantage.


How to Create a Jumplink

  1. Select the element you want to make into a link
  2. If it's a text element, choose "jumplink" from the link symbol dropdown in the text editing top bar. If it's another element go into the main options and click on the anchor icon in the link options.
  3. Click on "Select Target" this will put an orange frame around the content.
  4. Click on any element on the page to make it the target of your jumplink.
  5. Click on "Add Jumplink" to confirm your choice.

Tell Us What You Think

We're committed to making Thrive Architect (and all the Thrive Themes tools for that matter) as user friendly as possible and you can help us doing that.

Is there anything that's confusing to you or hard to do? Anything you find frustrating or couldn't figure out? 

Let us know in the comments below and we might be able to improve based on your feedback!

Author: Hanne

Hanne knows exactly what companies have ever retargeted her (she keeps an updated file). And when she's not busy discussing high-level funnel design over cocktails with the equally geeky, you'll find her discovering a place for the first time

  • Michael says:

    Thanks alot, this was missing and I´m thrilled that you finally integrated it. And what a wonderful usability!
    You guys keep amazing me and I´m eagerly waiting for the Theme builder 🙂

  • Sanjeev S says:

    A very intuitive improvement Hanne… really appreciate your commitment to continuous and incremental improvements. May I suggest a feature that I wish Architect had – the ability to throw up suggested keywords for internal linking as you write content. Internal linking is a such a tedious task, if it were to become easy and we could get suggestions as we wrote our WordPress posts (although it seems like a very complex feature to achieve and may not be feasible within the Architect framework), it would be simply wonderful 🙂

  • Tim says:

    Excellent! Yet another winner from the team!
    Thanks, this will save loads of time through a small but significant change.

  • Wonderful feature!
    But how about a jumplink across pages? I´m writing a blogpost A and mention/ refer to another topic I have written in blogpost B?

    • homescoolrn says:

      Exactly what I was coming here to ask!

    • Jason says:

      I’m guessing you would have to do it the old school way for different pages. (Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken though)

    • Hanne says:

      If you want to make a jumplink on another page or blog post you can still use the “old way”.

      Select the element you want to link to (eg. the title of chapter 3) and go into HTML attributes, give it an ID (eg. chapter3) now you can link from blog A to blog B chapter 3 by putting the following link:

      • Francesco D says:

        Hello Hanne,
        Is there a tutorial on how to make a jumplink on another page?
        I tried to do it in the ‘old way’ as you indicated, but it didn’t work for me.

      • Francesco D says:

        Oops… sorry. I’ve put it in the wrong place (at Class…).
        It is OK now.
        Thank you

      • Ben McCullough says:

        How do you do smooth scrolling to jumplink on another page?

      • Hanne says:

        Hi Ben, we don’t currently have that available as jumplinks are generally made to point to a spot on the same page.

  • wolf says:

    Thank you very much for this attractive simplification of anchor links.

  • Martin M says:

    Super video, David! You really found your “personality groove” in this one. Love the feature, love the presentation. Congrats guys!

  • Jonas K says:

    For me it didn‘t work, on 2 different sites. Link works only without the „smooth“ Option. If i click the checkbox „smooth“ it doesn‘t jump :-/

    Did you get some responses from people who had the same problem? Maybe still a bug? (Besides that very nice feature)

    • First time I’ve seen / heard about this so it’s probably a script conflict or caching issue. If you send us the URL to look at in the support forum then we’ll get that sorted for you.

  • Eric B says:

    So glad you added this feature. This will save so much time!

  • Oliver Scheiber says:

    Thanks guys! This is really great!

    I look forward to the feature for the menu items.

  • Oliver Scheiber says:

    I forgot to ask: Will this feature also be available for the Table of Contents element? It would be awesome!

    • Hello Oliver – the TOC element already has smooth scrolling and creates the jumplinks automatically, so what improvement would you like to see?

      By the way, we do have a set of new and fresh designs for the TOC element in the works..

      • Oliver Scheiber says:

        Hey Paul,

        sorry, you’re right.

        Cool, look forward to the new ToC elements! 🙂


  • Monty C says:

    Love it! Would be great if you also added a To Top Arrow that could be styled. That way I could be easily be taken back to the top of the page after using a jump link.

  • Erik Heyl says:

    I love this! Sidebar question: Where can we get that t-shirt David is wearing?

  • Laura K says:

    I’m in love …. I was in the middle of revising a home page for which I was muttering “ugh I have to go look up how to do jump links.” Then I saw Hanne’s email and needing a diversion went to look at it — and voila! There was my answer! Love you guys, you’re always adding exactly what we need.

  • Ramesh says:

    great feature, nice and simple to use, thanks : )

  • Marian says:

    My is not working on my blog! It jumps to the selection below what I selected and it is very strange because on a salepage it is working correctly. ????

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Marian,

      Sorry to hear. It’s a bit hard to know what’s going on exactly on your site without seeing what you did. Could you please open a support request so that our team can have a look?

  • Lois Lin says:

    Is it possible to add a jumplink and then have the target be highlighted somehow?

    I’m adding a lot of jumplinks that target paragraphs, but since I have a lot of text, readers may be confused as to what they are supposed to look at (even though the target is at the top of the page).

  • Rene Simon P says:

    I am missing smooth scrolling for navigation links that functino as a scroll to navigation on my landing page. Can I only “hack” this with text links right now?

  • Russell S says:

    Can you add an offset value to the jumplink, in case we use a sticky header?

    • Hanne says:

      No you can’t manually add an offset value. However when I tested this, the sticky header is automatically taken in account.

  • Russell S says:

    Left a comment 3 days ago and it is still awaiting moderation… Hope someone will finally get to it

    • Hanne says:

      We currently have thousands of comments in moderation… while we try to get to them in a timely matter, the best way to get an answer to questions in via our support team.

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