6 New Improvements to Thrive Themes – Late November 2020

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Updated on January 18, 2022

The latest updates for the Thrive Themes suite have been released... and you're going to love them!

In this latest batch of 6 updates, you'll find a few features that have been requested for some time... and some unexpected surprises too.

You're in the right place to learn more about these new features and how to get the most out of them, so read on!


1. Improved Social Share Element

If you're using a social share plugin for your WordPress website, you can go ahead and delete it.

Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder already came with a Social Share element, but now we've now made it 100x better.

What is a Social Share button?

As the name implies, Social Share buttons on a website allow a visitor to share the page they are viewing onto their own social media accounts so it can be easily discovered by their friends and followers.

An example of 4 x social share buttons

This is different to the Social Follow element which links out to your own social media accounts, making your profiles easy to find.

When a visitor clicks a Social Share button, a new browser tab opens with a dedicated share view, making it only a few clicks to publish your page onto their social media account.

An example of what a user sees if they click the 'Tweet' button

For an online business, encouraging visitors to share your webpages is an essential part of building your brand, attracting organic traffic and generating viral marketing.

Not only have we improved the flexibility of this entire element, but our designers have built 13 more styles on top of the original 5 we had before. 

Click the image below to zoom in and see the new designs!

13 new designs? Click the image to see them up close!

What has been improved?

When you place a Social Share element on your page, you'll find a few new options in the Main Options panel of the Social Share element, and improvements to the old ones.

New Main Options in the Social Share element

Let's get a closer look at some of those options.

3 Social Share Types

There are 3 display types for your Social Share buttons.

1. Icon + text

This display type will show each social share button with it's network color and an editable call-to-action text next to it.

Icon + Text designs

2. Icon only designs

This display type strips away the text leaving just the icon, ideal for when you want to preserve space on your website or for vertical layouts.

Icon only designs

3. Counter designs

The Counter option replaces the call-to-action text with the number of times the current page has been shared on each network. Note that not all networks offer this data so we'll only show it where possible.

The counter design type

Orientation, Size and Alignment

Configuring the size, scale and appearance of your Social Share buttons is now ridiculously easy.

The Orientation toggle swaps your share button layouts

With one click, you can choose to display your icons horizontally as above, or vertically, perfect for blog sidebars.

Vertical view

Resizing the buttons is simple, with a draggable slider that will scale the entire element proportionally.

Want excessively big buttons? Or would you prefer discreet little icons? Drag the size slider and you're done.

Size and alignment settings

Alignment options let you set your Social Share button's position in their parent container. The 'Full' option will force a simple design like this:

Center alignment

...to stretch evenly across the available space until it looks like this:

Alignment set to 'full'

In some cases, you might find your Social Share buttons are different sizes depending on the call-to-action text of your choosing.

To repair this, you'll find a 'common button width' toggle that neatens up the button widths until they are all uniform. Yes, we believe in keeping your website neat and tidy.

Notice that gap next to 'Pin'? Not so nice, is it?

Aaaand now it's gone!

Show Share Count

Social Proof is a strong influencer of conversion rates. When you see a YouTube video with millions of views, don't you think differently towards it than if there's only a few hundred?

Some social networks make a page's share count data available. We can aggregate and display that count right on your page, essentially letting you show off how many times a page has been shared. 

Your share count settings

However, it doesn't look so good if your site says '0 shares'... so instead, you can set a display count minimum. 

Until your page has been shared that number of times, the share count will be hidden. The moment it reaches that number, the counter will become visible.

Change the position and appearance of the share counter

By the way... Your social share buttons don't have to point to the page they are shared from, either. 

By setting a Custom share URL, share buttons on a page can point to any other page, ideal for multi-page ultimate guides where you want incoming social traffic to arrive on page 1, despite which page it was shared from.

Custom share URL will share the page you want shared

Custom Branding and Edit Design

Each of the 5 socially shareable networks have a network brand color assigned. On your website, you might find that a little too colorful for your liking.

By enabling Custom Branding, you can set a color of your choosing that will overwrite the network color defaults.

Enable custom branding and choose a color

Social Share buttons set to an orange custom branding color

The inclusion of an Edit Design mode means you are able to tweak the finest details of your Social Share buttons, from the typography, to the icons, to the borders, corners, padding and margins.

This is true design flexibility.

In Edit Mode, you can customize everything about your share buttons

Once again, we are proud to say this Social Share element is the most flexible element you'll find for WordPress... and that there are entire plugins we're replacing with this single element.

What about other networks?

Perhaps you are wondering "What about sharing to email, WhatsApp, iMessage, or Facebook Messenger?"

We do not recommend you offer any of these options to your visitors.

The more options you offer, the less likely that a visitor will take any action at all. All the above services are 1-to-1 shares and most mobile browsers have share functions that support these already built in. 

Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Pinterest means sharing on a publicly accessible page that can be seen by all followers, making them a much higher point of leverage in your business.

2. Thrive Ultimatum WebHook Triggers

This... This is big.

Really big.

We've added a new evergreen campaign trigger type in Thrive Ultimatum, our dedicated scarcity plugin for WordPress: Incoming webhooks.

The new webhook trigger option in Thrive Ultimatum

The first two trigger types, 'Thrive Leads conversion' and 'Visit to promotion page', both require a visitor to take an action on your website that will begin the countdown scarcity campaign.

Although that's useful for some evergreen campaigns, you might want to warm up your subscribers on your mailing list before triggering an evergreen campaign and trying to sell them something.

Now you can trigger an evergreen countdown from ActiveCampaign... just by sending a webhook.

Webhook settings for ActiveCampaign

When you select this option as your trigger type, Thrive Ultimatum will give you a webhook URL. You'll need this when configuring ActiveCampaign.

Why is this such a big deal?

At the moment, this feature is only available for ActiveCampaign, our preferred and recommended email marketing service. Based on demand, we'll expand this feature for other email marketing tools and webhook services (make sure to drop your requests in a comment!).

In ActiveCampaign, you can create a time-based automation that will send emails to a new subscriber over a sequence of hours, days or weeks.

You can configure ActiveCampaign to send a webhook at any given time in an automation sequence.

In ActiveCampaign, click the Plus icon on an automation to add a new action

When you add a new action to an ActiveCampaign automation, choose 'Conditions and Workflow', and add 'Webhook'.

The Webhook action in ActiveCampaign

You'll be prompted to enter a URL to send the Webhook data. That's where you paste the URL provided by Thrive Ultimatum.

The webhook action set to trigger after a 5-day wait

The end result?

Now when any subscriber or contact moves through this automation in ActiveCampaign, when they get to the webhook step, ActiveCampaign will send their email address to Thrive Ultimatum.

The moment Thrive Ultimatum receives that webhook, it will activate an unbreakable evergreen scarcity countdown campaign... only for that specific email address.

Your Thrive Ultimatum timers will begin counting down only when that specific subscriber visits your site, and since you know exactly when the campaign began in ActiveCampaign, you can synchronize the deadline with your emails.

Simply program ActiveCampaign to send a promotion email after the countdown starts or to automatically send a "48 hours left" email exactly 48 hours before the deadline.

Amazing, right?

3. Reading Progress Indicator in Thrive Theme Builder

Have you ever visited a website which displays a reading progress bar across the top of the screen that animates left-to-right as you scroll up and down the page?

It makes a website just that little bit more interactive and informative... and we've now added this feature to Thrive Theme Builder too.

Enable reading progress indicator

When you enable this feature from the Post or Page level breadcrumb in Thrive Theme Builder, you'll be able to customize the position, color and height of the progress indicator.

Reading progress indicator options

You can either set it at the very top of the viewport, or underneath the header, the latter which will display a line just like this:

This is a reading progress bar when the viewport arrives at the end of the content

However, we took this feature one step further...

Not only will that line expand left-to-right as the visitor scrolls, but you can dynamically display reading length in minutes on the page... a number that updates as the visitor reads!

Under dynamic text, look for 'Content' >> 'Reading time remaining'

An ideal use for this would be in a sticky sidebar. The number is auto-generated based on the average reading time of a website visitor (200 words per minute) and the number of words in your article.

7 minutes reading time automatically calculated

Combine both the reading progress indicator and the dynamic reading time text, and you'll get an interactive effect on your website that looks like what you see in the video below:

A nice touch, don't you think?

4. Thrive Architect Blocks in Gutenberg

Thrive Architect is a very powerful, user-friendly visual editor for WordPress.

Perhaps we're biased, but we recommend using Thrive Architect to write your blog posts and page content to make it richer and more visually appealing.

However, sometimes bloggers and website owners have technical reasons or preferences for writing in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

We love WordPress, and want to help you use Thrive Architect in the way that suits you best...

To support the WordPress ecosystem, we've now released Thrive Architect blocks for Gutenberg, which allows you to get Architect-made content into the Gutenberg editor when you want it.

How to use Thrive Architect blocks in Gutenberg

When you're writing a page or post in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, click the [+] button and search for Thrive Architect blocks.

Thrive Architect Blocks are available as a block type in Gutenberg

Once selected, you'll be prompted to either load any existing blocks you've already built or to start with a new one.

Load a saved block or create a new one

Thrive Architect Blocks in Gutenberg use our Symbol technology, so if you choose to create a new block, you'll see the Symbol editor opened in Thrive Architect.

The Symbol editing view, used for Gutenberg blocks too

In this editing view, there are no width settings or background colors by default. This is because the blocks are designed to expand to the full width of the content area where you choose to display your blocks.

From this view, either add elements manually or click to add any of our Content Blocks from the library.

Drop any content blocks into the Gutenberg Block editor

Once you've saved your changes, your Gutenberg preview will update with the new Thrive Architect block that you've made.

Thrive Architect content now displaying in the Gutenberg editor

Note that these blocks use our Symbol technology, meaning that you can re-use the same symbol in multiple places on your website and that making changes to one of them will update all instances of that same Symbol or Block.

To view all your saved Blocks and Symbols, visit Thrive Dashboard > Global Elements > Symbols & Blocks.

Any blocks you made from the Gutenberg editor will be in their own category, as you can see below.

Review your Symbols & Gutenberg Blocks together in the Global Elements panel of the Thrive Dashboard

5. WordPress User Field Mapping

Over the last year, our Lead Generation element has evolved dramatically and we've introduced a Registration Form element that expands on it even further.

In both form types, we've integrated with custom fields allowing you to collect information from your subscribers and keep it on file with a 3rd party email marketing tool.

But what about custom fields inside of WordPress?

With the latest update you can now get more data into a WordPress user profile... and you can display that data dynamically whenever you need it too.

How to get more data in WordPress User Profiles

With Advanced Custom Fields, a popular plugin that extends the capabilities of WordPress, you are able to add custom fields to a user profile.

In the image below, you'll see that Biographical information is a field native to WordPress and that I've added Favourite Color and Occupation fields to the user profile too.

ACF profile fields added to my WordPress user profiles

Once fields like these exist, you can use the Registration form element or the Lead Generation element with a WordPress connection to write data into the WordPress user profile.

Make sure your Lead Gen form has a WordPress account connection enabled in order to save data to the WordPress user

After adding a field type to your form (such as a text field), you'll see that you can map it to one of the profile fields managed in WordPress.

Map to WordPress

The result is that you can create registration or sign up forms like the one below that collect more information about the user and keep it on file inside of WordPress... as well as passing it to a 3rd party tool, if you'd like.

Notice Website URL, Occupation and the Biography fields? Entries here are saved to the WordPress User profile

Once that data is in the user profile, you can also recall it dynamically onto any page created in Thrive Architect or Thrive Theme Builder.

In the Dynamic Text options, you'll find all of your WordPress user profile fields (including custom fields) available under the 'User Data' text type.

All WordPress user data is available, including your custom fields

If you're wondering what the purpose of this is... sit tight.

This is one of those changes that will make more sense when we release upcoming improvements to Thrive Apprentice.

6. Google Maps Element Improvements

For many years, we've had a Google Maps element in Thrive Architect and in our latest release, we made a few simple improvements to help make it more flexible.

Look for the Google Map element

The new Google Map element is much more malleable on the canvas, with improved alignment options. It now supports the same options for borders, corners, shadows and layout & positioning that you've come to love.

With a few clicks, you can enter any address, set your zoom settings, and define the map width and height.

Google Map settings view

We've also added a new toggle for 'Stretch to fit screen width', which will quickly make your map behave like a full-width background section, perfect for location-based businesses that want to draw attention to where their storefront can be found.

Toggle 'Stretch to screen width' to ignore inherited page widths

Leave a comment with your ideas!

We love getting your feedback on our updates, to discover how you'll use these new features and to hear about what other improvements you'd like to see.

Are you excited about the new Social Share element? Do you want Webhook support for a different email marketing service?

Drop us a comment below! We read every comment.

by Bradley Stevens  December 2, 2020


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  • I’m REALLY hoping you add a feature soon that let’s me set a navigation menu to horizontally scroll when the viewport is too small to contain it.

    Hamburger menus are unwieldy and hide the nav links. Wrapping content down fills up limited space on mobile.

    Imagine a horizontal row of links (e.g., Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Appliances) that I can stick to the top on scroll and then use jumplinks to scroll the rest of the content.

    This could really improve tabbed content sections as well! They would still feel tabbed on mobile!

  • Nice improvements! Attending to your request: I use Mautic for email marketing so I would really like it to be added to the webhook compatibilty list. I am aware anycase that it not one fo the most popular marketing automation platforms

  • Love the Thrive Ultimatum WebHook Triggers. Please do this with Drip also so I can ditch PlusThis. Many thanks πŸ™‚

  • You guys need to release a competitor to Gravity forms or Ninja forms or WPForms. The possibilities with that are mind-blowing. Fantastic work though guys! #veryhappycustomer

  • Congratulations! Awesome. I would love to have the e-Mail things working with Klick-Tipp, which is very common here in Austria and Germany. Thanks! ❀️

  • Hi and thanks for the updates. I am most interested in the Social Share improvements – I was googling about Pinterest social share for Woocommerce this morning.

    I have a Woocommerce store and Thrive Theme Builder (I love it). However, it was difficult to find a social share for Pinterest on WC where I COULD CHOOSE the image to share.

    1) Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I read, on my product pages I can add the share element and choose which product image to share for Pinterest?

    2) I’m wondering how I can choose the images to share for Facebook and Twitter as well?

    I’m not sure how that works for WC product pages especially. Appreciate any help on this.

  • Mindblowing, again! πŸ™‚

    I’m not completely up to date regarding the social buttons in Architect – is there an option to make them GDPR compatible by adding a function like the Sharif plugin provides?


  • Some great new improvements! Can you also display the social share buttons vertically to the left of the blog post when the theme template does not have a sidebar on the left? The old Thrive Themes had this as an option that you could have the social share buttons on the left + sticky and scrolling along with the content. That was pretty neat!

    • You mean just like in this article, right? That’s what I was looking for as well and what keeps me from deleting my social share plugin.

    • Yes you can πŸ™‚ (several of the templates in Shapeshift actually have this activated)

      To do it yourself:

      1. Select the content Area in your template and put a larger side padding on the left side. https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8u4nW6P (eg here we set 80px on the left side and 40 px on the right)

      2. Add a content box to the content area and add the social share element inside the content box, set the social share element to vertical. Change the width of the content box to fit tightly around the social share element

      3. Set the layout settings on the content box to absolute https://share.getcloudapp.com/ApuGOWxD to position the element in the padding of the content area.

      4. With the content box selected, go to the scroll behavior in the sidebar and make it sticky.

      But like I said, you can also find this as a template (so our designers did the hard work for you)
      With the content area selected, go to “choose a design” https://share.getcloudapp.com/rRu0LKrx

      And choose one of the content areas that include the social share on the left side πŸ™‚
      Eg blog post 07: https://share.getcloudapp.com/4guOxEwp

      Hope this helps

      • That is awesome! I wanted to try out one of the designs, as that would be the easiest route. However, I hadn’t realized I would immediately lose my current blog layout. It took me a long time to build that, and now it’s gone :(. Any way I can get that back or is this bad luck?

  • This is amazing! Thank you for your ongoing work!

    I have two questions:
    – What are GDPR settings in your Social Share Element? Does it contact the sides somehow without clicking the Symbols?

    – Do you have any news for the Updates in Thrive Apprentice? I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

    • Regarding GDPR, nope – no contact is made. There is no sharing of data. When a visitor clicks a button, it will then launch a ‘Share’ feature that has been created by that social media platform. Take Facebook for example. If the visitor’s browser is currently logged in to Facebook, it will launch a window where they can write a Facebook post that includes your webpage URL. But if they aren’t logged in, it’ll ask them to log in before it can share anything.

      The first of our bigger Apprentice updates should hopefully be delivered in January and will be a big improvement to the Student user experience.

  • All of this is amazing, thank you!
    I’m still waiting for the Thrive Apprentice and WooCommerce integration.
    Is it on your plans?

  • Been waiting for that webhook functionality for Thrive Ultimatum, this is great! WordPress User Field Mapping shows a lot of potential as well…looking forward to that pending Thrive Apprentice update. Keep up the great work Thrive Themes Team!

  • Wow, the webhook triggers are stupdendous! I shall enjoy tinkering with those this afternoon. Thanks so much for all these new features, Brad.

  • I’m glad you’re thinking outside of the box for receiving webhooks. For the webhooks could you make an integration to take a standard Zapier webhook? Maybe just pick the fields you need (email?). This way we can use whatever CRM or email service we want to trigger it.

  • Thanks for the update and the great new features, Brad and Thrive Team!

    My request is that you PLEASE develop the Ultimatum webhooks trigger for Infusionsoft. Thanks!

  • Thank you for these updates. When can we expect significant updates on Apprentice? Cue the chanting: “APPRENTICE! APPRENTICE! APPRENTICE!”

    • Haha, love that enthusiasm Andy! We have a minor improvement around the corner, but the first major improvement is coming hopefully in January, and will improve the Student User Experience.

      • Gotcha. I think one thing that we really need is the ability to have Apprentice be part of the Theme Builder so that a) it is much easier to build courses with templates, and b) the branding is consistent.

  • Really huge work guys.
    I’d like to see the Ultimatum webhook available for Sendinblue and Mailerlite, if possibile.

    You rock!

  • Great to see the webhook feature with Ultimatum! I use ActiveCampaign now but it can be painfully slow saving automations / emails. So I’ve been thinking about switching. This new feature makes me want to stay though – I’d love to see this in another Thrive-recommended email marketing app.

  • Great article as always. I really do enjoy these update articles that really explain how to get the best of the new features.

    I love the customisation options we now have for social shares, as well as the enhancements to registration forms, etc. that have come recently.

    Just wondering if there’s any such updates in the pipeline for Ovation? It’d be great to be able to fully customise how testimonials are displayed in the same way as other elements in architect

    • I agree I am desperate to have star rating in testimonials. At the moment I copy and paste and it looks better with customised stars.

    • Ovation definitely needs some love… and we know it πŸ™ 100% agree with you, Paul. However, we’ve got to work through some other priorities first, but I’ll add your vote for improvements to Ovation styling.

  • Once again great stuff… especially the Social shares and design are WOW

    1. Do we have a separate display option for the bottom on mobile?
    2. Pleas add triggers for Aweber

    Thanks for the great work

    • Hey Warren, Yes, you can customize the social share appearance per screen size. If you also combine it with the ‘stick to bottom’ feature, you should be able to get a floating social share at the bottom for mobile users.

  • Thank you for that update. I am really excited about thrive architect!! I wonder if the update is coming soon or if I do have to start using Sendowl for the time being. My course hasn’t been finished yet, but I reckon in January I’m done… My wish list of integrations would be elopage and fluent crm

    • You mean Apprentice? In January, we’re going to start releasing some of the bigger changes to Apprentice, however we aren’t at a position to add support for more checkout tools like Elopage just yet. SendOwl or ThriveCart would be your best starting point (depending on budget, ThriveCart is more pricey), and a WooCommerce integration won’t be too far away either.

  • Great updates Brad. For a long time I’ve wanted to create a business directory in WordPress that actually looks nice (ie. where I can adjust pretty much everything). None of the commercial (or free) plugins I’ve tried gets anywhere close (and all are troublesome in one way or another).

    It seems to me that the new Advanced Custom Fields feature (along with the Google Maps feature) would be a great place to start creating such a thing. The is what I’d be looking for: 1) allow registered users to fill in a form (with all the extra fields I’ve added), 2) have those details displayed in a dynamic page using TA, and finally 3) have a way for visitors to search the directory.

    Do you thing that’s possible? or is it too early yet for such a thing?

    • Hey Quentin, you possibly could do it with ACF, but it might be a bit cumbersome to put together and there’s a few parts I’m not sure that you can do yet. For example, it sounds like you’re displaying User Profiles rather than Custom Posts for each listing in the directory, so you’d want a dedicated profile page per person registered. I’m also not sure about searching user profiles with the search element. If this was just Custom Posts and you entered the data yourself, it would be much more achievable.

      I’d recommend using a dedicated business directory plugin. Are you in our Facebook group? Some Thrivers asked this questions and some good recommendations surfaced.

  • Holy cow! I’m having a hard time keeping up with you guys! Thanks for the update, Brad. This is great… I’m going to revisit the webhook element and see how I can benefit from it in my campaigns.

  • Hi Bradley, nice updates???? About webhooks from Active Campign. Does it work if the subscriber has not been signing up on the specific page?

  • Love these updates. So much goodness to get my head around!

    Would love to see the Ultimatum webhooks feature work with ConvertKit, big pretty please.

      • MailChimp too! And I’m waiting for dripping content to buy Thrive Apprentice. It is so important for me that I rely on MailChimp automation right now for my online course. I’d rather have a much more professionnel look like Apprentice to offer my clients πŸ™‚

  • Once again, these are great new updates. Fun thing is that I received an email from Themeforest about an “oh so successful” theme that is now on Cyberweek sale. As I try to stay open, I jumped over to have a look at the Live Preview and I saw a huge bunch of features in that theme.

    But with every single one I thought “hmmm… I could do that with Thrive Themes as well” πŸ™‚

    Makes me think “maybe I want to create a YouTube series on how to mimic popular themes and their funcitonality using only Thrive”…. (wait, am I an affiliate already? *haha*) πŸ™‚

    As always, great job, these updates are always an entertaining and interesting read.

    • Do it! I’d love to have access to YouTube tutorial videos that showed how to copy the functionality of other websites in Thrive.

    • You should do it, Philipp! Not only does that give back to the community (who I’m sure will appreciate it), but our team often watch videos of people using and building with our tools so we can see small usability improvements we can add.

  • Awesome, guys. Just saw the feature in Ultimatum a few days ago but thought it would trigger a general countdown for everyone. But having this individually is really awesome. I love you guys. Great company.

  • Please add VK (vk.com) share button and WhatsApp. Lets us to choose social ntworks. VK (vk.com) is most popular social service in Russia – biggest country in the world

    • We have some Russians on the development team and they’ve told us the same, so we are hoping to bring VK to social share one day. But we won’t add WhatsApp, because it doesn’t make sense. WhatsApp is a messaging service, so sharing to WhatsApp means sending a webpage directly to one person rather than publishing it on a public timeline or wall, and that’s a feature best served by mobile browsers that have a send button built in (like Chrome, Safari, etc).

      • Your thought and our thought may be differ, better you can provide and left it for the choice of members. If you left it on the choice of members will be more fruitful rather than forcing us to obey your thought. Whats app works good for many business model.

  • Great updates thank you! – I did try Active Campaign but found it harder to work with on bigger more complex automations, so if you could also enable this webhook for Thrive Ultimatum in Infusionsoft that would fantastic!

  • Super update as always – thanks. Would love to see Infusionsoft included for incoming webhooks in Thrive Ultimatum.

  • Yes, Thrive Ultimatum webhooks for ActiveCampaign! Woohoo! πŸ˜‰

    And 2 feature requests, unrelated to the new updates.

    Although I am very happy with what is possible with the Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Architect, I sometimes miss interactive elements. Like:

    1) A filter option for the post list where a click on for example a category only shows posts of the selected category. If possible with a nice animation when posts (dis)appear. Possible use case: display of a portfolio with projects (custom post type), where the visitor can choose to see only the type of projects he/she is interested in.

    2) I know you are against sliders. I fully support that and don’t use sliders.

    However, sometimes I miss a more interactive element. Like a manual slider. Or an updated tab element.

    So I have a feature request for a β€œThrive Interactive Element”. Please see this screenshot:


    Just like the the tabs element, the Thrive Interactive Element has multiple view windows or boxes.

    Navigation is possible with arrows, buttons or little dots, placed inside or outside the boxes.

    • Hey Wouter, I knew you’d love this one! πŸ˜€

      1. That’s been on our list for a while, and I’d like to offer it, but our devs have been dedicated to other priorities recently. I’ll bring it up with the team again and see how we could approach it.
      2. You may be surprised to know… we’re starting to shift our stance on sliders. Although they can be terrible for conversions, if deployed correctly on a website for the right situations, it can be helpful. So we might have some surprises coming in 2021.

      p.s. I love the hand drawn mockup!

      • Good to know that you are sliding in regards to sliders… πŸ˜‰

        2 more feature requests:

        1) A Thrive Ultimatum timer in ActiveCampaign emails.

        2) Postbox content in a lightbox with previous/next arrows. So instead of loading a new page, the user stays on the page when clicking a post list item. With this feature I can create image & video galleries, project portfolios and much more.

  • Need Automizy auto responder support!

    Probably a few other possibilities for webhooks now using Pabbly ( a Zapier alternative)

  • I’d be really keen to use the Ultimatum webhooks. I’m using Drip, so another vote to integrate with that, thanks.

  • YES!! I’m so excited that you added the webhooks via AC! Thank you! I almost had to begin paying for a deadline funnel subscription because of this.. Quick question: In AC + deadline funnel you are able to include dates in your email (e.g., “enrollment opens December 3rd”) for each individual subscriber. Now that Ultimatum uses the webhooks, will we be able to do the same?

    • Oh, that’s a good question, David. You might be able to do it with a bit of magic inside of ActiveCampaign. If you store the Enrollment End Date as a custom field, then you can write that value automatically into the body of an email. Then with ActiveCampaign, they have a math function as an automation action type that let’s you change a number in a custom field. So you might be able to ‘add 5 days’ to a field containing the current date, and then place the calculated date (ie: December 8th) into the email.

      But I haven’t tried it out…

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply Bradley! I am pretty sure you are spot on–it sounds pretty similar to what a friend of mine who uses AC + deadline funnel described. He is including actual dates in his emails and it really boosts the credibility of the “open cart period” in the eyes of the subscriber. Powerful stuff! : )

  • Hello!
    Great for the webhook option with Ultimatum!
    Would it be possible to use it from Integromat or mailerlite ?

  • Awesome updates!!! Love it and can’t wait for the updates with Thrive Apprentice as well.

    Question on the webhooks: You said that we can have it fire off from when they visit the site so then we can sync up the AC promotional emails with the Thrive Ultimatum time. What if they get the email, but don’t visit the site for 5 days during a 7 day promotion/offer. When they visit the site on day 5 is it going to say they have 2 days left to buy or the whole 7 again?

    Curious as to how this would work/be setup. Thanks!

    • Hi Aaron,

      That’s the advantage of the webhook. It fires without them needing to visit the site.

      So the webhook fires, this starts the 7-day countdown.
      Even if the person does not visit the site, and only visits the last day of the promotion when receiving the “this is about to disappear” email, the countdown will be almost done.

  • Thank you to Brad and the development team for another great release. I was just thinking the other day that having a reading bar and minutes to read count would be really nice to have.

    The webhook feature is a really fantastic update that will surely super power-up Thrive Themes! Since you asked about webhook integrations, I’d love to see on for FluentCRM. Or course, that would mean adding general API support for that tool. πŸ˜‰

    Regarding the social share tool, I know you state in the article that you don’t recommend having share buttons for anything outside of the handful you are offering but I’d love to have the to option add my own. I know keeping up with all the new social networks over the years can be a huge pain. If I were able to upload an icon for a network, connect to their share API endpoint, and add that network to the list, it would be super helpful. Given that I only really need 1000 true fans (so I’m told :D), I can get much more traction on networks where my customers are moving to.

    Thanks again for all of your amazing work!

    • Hey Matt, thank you for the detailed comment! FluentCRM has been getting lots of votes lately, so we’ll add yours to it too.

      Just to clarify, which social networks would you want to add to the list, that your customers are moving to? There seems to often be a misunderstanding about social networks and I want to check if we’re on the same page. Social accounts like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok don’t allow you to share a web page. If what you mean is an option for a Social Follow, then we have a different element dedicated to that which allows you to display any social media brand icon (pick from hundreds) and link out to your own account, which is what most website owners want for services like Instagram.

      • Thank you for your reply Brad and for adding my vote for FluentCRM. Though to be honest, I have already submitted a request through the API request page, so take it for what you will.

        The specific networks I’m thinking of right now are Parler and MeWe. They’re 2 alternative tech sites (of which there are several) that are gaining a lot of traction right now with my (or at least who I expect to be my) customers.

        On the one hand, I totally get your team’s perspective. You have to see if that social network supports a sharing API, does that API support share counts, is there extra integration that needs to happen to support that (like FB), and so on down the list.

        On the other hand, this is where the energy is moving towards for my customer base. People who are passionate about cutting the cord from the cable/satellite companies, who need my support and expertise in understanding the ins and outs of that, and who are looking for products I’m offering. FB and Twitter certainly aren’t dead (yet) but it would be handy and I do see the option popping up more often on sites.

        As a side note, I only ever use the copy link to clipboard or email buttons to share links when I’m on sites, but I’m probably the odd man out as far as that goes.

        Thanks again and I want to reiterate that I really appreciate the hard work you and the team put into these tools and in ever-improving them. For lack of a better way of putting it, Thrive Themes just seems to think like I do. At least most of the time and certainly more often than WP does. πŸ™‚


      • Thanks again for the details here, Matt. You make a good case! MeWe and Parler both fit the rule of 1-to-many sharing. I would like for us to avoid having to stay on top of every new social media platform since they come and go all the time, so I’ll spend some time seeing if it’s technically feasible to create a custom share that can link up with any generic sharing API.

        And thank you for the feedback! Hearing perspectives from people like you are actually super helpful for our development team.