How to Run Effective Sales & Marketing Webinars

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​In our Better Online Events series so far, we've looked at how to run better online classes, online meetings and online physical classes.

Today, we'll look at another crucial type of online event: sales & marketing webinars.

Whatever it is that your business sells, you could almost certainly sell more of it by using webinars as part of your marketing. This is especially true for high priced products.

If you've never considered running webinars before, or you want to upgrade your webinar game, now is the perfect time to do so.


​Note: in order to avoid re-treading the same ground, we've focused this lesson only on what's ​different​ from previously discussed online events, when you're running a webinar. If you haven't done so yet, watch lesson 1 and lesson 2 first, then continue with this one.​​​

Webinar Software

Unlike with meetings and group calls, the software you use to host your webinars can make a significant difference to the results you get. A webinar tool with good marketing features can very directly affect your bottom line.

I've written extensively about webinar software here, so let me just give you a quick summary of recommendations.

First, you ​can​ use pretty much any online meeting tool to run a webinar - it's just not ideal. But if you're on a tight budget, feel free to use something like Google Hangouts or Skype Meetings or Jitsi. A webinar you do now on a less-than-ideal platform is better than not doing a webinar at all.

Having said that, here are some platforms I can recommend, that are tailor-made for marketing webinars:

  • WebinarJam - this is my favorite webinar tool, primarily beacuse it comes with extensive marketing options and excellent email marketing integration. Plus, it's one of the lower-priced tools out there!​​​
  • BigMarker - this is a highly capable tool that does sales webinars, meetings, live streaming, evergreen webinars etc. It's an all-in-one tool. It comes at a high price, but if you need a tool for many different use cases, it's worth a look.
  • LiveWebinar - like BigMarker, this is pretty much an all-in-one tool that gives you all the features you need for a good marketing event, but can also be used for meetings and group calls.

The Webinar Setup

As I mentioned in the video, the setup I had available to record the lesson was actually not entirely ideal. To see my favorite webinar setup, click here.

However, the key components for a successful webinar setup can be summarized as follows:

  • ​Make sure you have a good video, audio, internet connection and all the other aspects discussed in lesson 1 of this series.
  • Use a 2-screen setup with one screen dedicated to your presentation and one screen dedicated for managing and moderating the webinar.
  • Do at least one test run of your webinar to an empty room, to get familar with your tools and to practice your presentation.

I can't overstate how important it is that you can do your presentation comfortably and smoothly.

For example, you can definitely run a webinar using only one screen, but it will introduce friction into your presentation. There will be more noticeable pauses and moments of hesitation, as you juggle the webinar tool, your presentation, the screen sharing etc. while trying to keep the presentation going.

Even small interruptions means you lose some people's attention and that can ultimately affect how well the event does in the end.

In other words, while preparation is important for any online event, it's especially important for sales webinars.

by Shane Melaugh  April 13, 2020


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