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Updated on August 2, 2022

Did you know ZARA made just under $20 billion last year – and 25% of that revenue came from their online store?

Some online business owners might look at those numbers and think, “I’ve got to do what they’re doing!”

But, we wouldn’t recommend that.

In this video, I highlight several reasons why you shouldn’t copy this billion dollar business’ homepage…

…and walk you through how to create the type of homepage your online business needs to maximize conversions and grow your business.


4 Essential Things to Include in Your eCommerce Homepage

There are a few vital elements you must include in order to create a conversion focused homepage. They are:

1. Crystal Clear Header Navigation

One of the main issues that ZARA’s website has, compared to that of other eCommerce stores, is that it’s not very intuitive to navigate around. The sandwich menu is hidden and the main hero section consists of a slider that is distracting.

ZARA’s site header.

When your visitors land on your site, they should be able to navigate through your site with ease.

This is where your header comes in. Keep your site headers simple with clear links to the most relevant parts of your website.

2. Relevant Images

The homepage hero section is one of the most important parts of a successful eCommerce website…

…and its ability to hook a new visitor’s attention often boils down to the hero image you choose for it.

On ZARA’s homepage, they use an abstract video of a moon in their hero section. This choice is odd because it doesn’t have anything to do with their business, which is likely confusing for site visitors.

Gif image of Zara’s super moon video

ZARA’s video in their hero section.

Your image assets need to be good quality and relevant to your business. So, if your store sells high-end clothing for women, for example, then your image should probably include a female model wearing an outfit from your catalog.

3. Clearly Communicate What Your Business Sells

In ZARA’s hero section there was no copy, just the video. While this might work for ZARA, it will not work for your eCommerce business.

The copy on your homepage should clearly communicate what your company sells and who your products are for. Your homepage’s hero section should do the heavy lifting to instantly communicate this conversion critical information — in 5 seconds or less.

4. An Impossible-to-Miss Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is one of the most crucial parts of a conversion focused homepage because it gets your visitors to take immediate action.

But, in ZARA’s hero section, there was no clear call to action. I couldn’t see any prompts designed to encourage a specific action. That’s what I call a missed conversion opportunity.

Your CTA must be impossible to miss. For example, consider adding a brightly colored button to your hero section that has a clear prompt like “Shop Now”. It’s eye-catching and it gives your visitors an instruction they can act on immediately.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Don’t make the same mistakes! Perhaps big brands can afford to build a confusing homepage — but you can’t.

Instead, use the tips in this video to create your own conversion focused homepage and watch your business grow.

And if you want to build a conversion focused homepage for your website in a matter of minutes, check out Thrive Architect. With it, you get dozens of pre-designed homepage designs you can fully customize to fit your business needs, no matter what kind of products you’re selling!

by Tony Lewis  July 27, 2022


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