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Updated on January 7, 2020

Since we started using Thrive Ovation and the testimonial capture pages with multiple questions we're getting tons of conversion boosting testimonials.

That's terrific, but funnily enough it made another problem arise...​

And many of you told us they noticed this same exact problem...


You're getting testimonials that are so good that you would like to split them up to use specific snippets in different spots on your website.


I would love the ability to create a Full and a Short Version of the Testimonial. People tend to write me a lot and I want to share the long version in certain places, but then also a 'just the most juicy bits' version in other/most places. I'd LOVE to be able to submit BOTH the Full and Short versions of the testimonial to a client for their revision acceptance and then be able to select in my Templates which version I want to be shown where.

Dylan N

That's why we added the duplicate function in Thrive Ovation.

The duplicate button in the Thrive Ovation dashboard allows you to create an exact copy of an existing testimonial.

You'll be able to keep the original testimonial, for legal reasons or simply because you want to be able to display the full version, before editing the copy.

The copied version of the testimonial is considered a "new" testimonial and you'll be able to edit, add tags, ask for permission to use this version, etc.

​To use the duplicate function, simply update to the latest version of Thrive Ovation.

We hope you like this feature and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. 

by Hanne  November 11, 2016


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    • Hi Bradley,

      Some people asked for this so I imagine in certain industries or countries this might be helpful but I’m not a lawyer so I can not tell you in which case you need to do this.

      • That’s cool, thanks Hanne – I just wondered if there was something I hadn’t thought of before I go splitting up my testimonials! Thanks for the reply

  • Brilliant. I asked about ‘the legal reason’ – the need for an audit trail – at the original launch video, and I guess others did. This is a big win for me. Thank you.

  • Very smart idea, because at any point in time regulators could demand to see original testimonials… For instance, if you sell health related products, like I do. Thanks guys I appreciate the thought behind the improvements.

  • Awesome guys—thank you so much! “Ask and you shall receive…” Imagine my surprise just now to click on this Thrive post and see my own picture and request featured 😉 I deeply appreciate how responsive you guys are in continually improving your products. I endeavor to follow your example with my own products and services!

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