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In the latest version of our Thrive Leads plugin, we've added a new API connection, this time to HubSpot's marketing automation platform.

Watch the video below to see how easily you can set up this connection in Thrive Leads:​


If you're a HubSpot user, this is now the most seamless way to add any new subscribers that sign up through a Thrive Leads opt-in form to your marketing lists in HubSpot.

Note: the HubSpot integration is part of the Thrive Leads plugin, no matter which license you own. The integration comes at no additional cost.​

This is just one of many integrations that are included in Thrive Leads. Here are all the services we currently integrate with:​

ConvertKit / Seva
Keap (Infusionsoft)
SG Autorepondeur
Google Drive
Facebook (Meta) Marketing API
Thrive Ovation

Also keep in mind that with the HTML form integration, you can connect hundreds more services to Thrive Leads, even if we don't have a specific API integration for them.

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by Shane Melaugh  October 16, 2015


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    • Thank you for your suggestion, Natalie.

      We currently don’t have any plans to integrate with Zoho, but if there are enough requests for it, we will consider it of course.

  • quick question: Do I really need hubspot if I have all the thrive themes plugins. I am watching a video on it now and it seems that thrive themes can be setup to take care of all the features. Thank you for your response

    • Hi Andre,

      Our tools cover some of the same functionality as Hubspot, but they wouldn’t be a complete replacement. For example, Hubspot has CRM and email marketing functionality that we don’t have in our products.

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