How to Create a Quiz as a Lead Magnet

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Updated on August 23, 2023

Want to know how to create a quiz lead magnet?

If you're looking for an exciting and interactive way to generate leads for your business, then you've come to the right place! 

We're going to show you how to set up an awesome quiz lead magnet with this simple tutorial. 


The Benefits of Using Quizzes for Lead Generation

Whether you're a website owner or online entrepreneur, you can definitely use quizzes to fuel your email list growth. Online quizzes are a fantastic way to engage your audience, gather valuable insights, and entice people to sign up for your email list. 

Interactive quizzes offer a fun and interactive experience that can generate leads for your business. Here's why they are so powerful:

  1. They're engaging and interactive, encouraging users to participate and share their results with friends.
  2. They can help you segment your audience, allowing you to send targeted marketing messages to different groups.
  3. They provide valuable data about quiz takers, helping you understand their current needs and improve your email marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for ways to generate leads, it’s well worth it to give quizzes a try. The valuable insights they provide can help you develop a better marketing strategy and drive growth.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create a Quiz Lead Magnet

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to create a quiz as a lead magnet. In just a few minutes, you can easily add a quiz to your website, and, by adding a few key elements, use it to grow your list. We'll cover everything from installing a quiz creation tool, to writing engaging quiz questions, to embedding the quiz on your website. Let's dive in!

1. Install Thrive Quiz Builder

The first step in creating your quiz is to install a quiz plugin on your WordPress website. Using quiz software specifically geared toward helping you build your email list will help increase conversions. The one we recommend is Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is an excellent choice for creating online quizzes that not only engage your audience but also help with lead generation. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Thrive Quiz Builder for your online quizzes:

  1. User-friendly interface: Thrive Quiz Builder boasts a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users of all experience levels to build and customize quizzes, no coding or design skills needed.
  2. Variety of quiz types: With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can create different types of quizzes, such as multiple-choice, true or false, and image-based questions. This allows you to tailor your quizzes to your target audience.
  3. Lead generation and segmentation: One of the most significant advantages of Thrive Quiz Builder is its ability to capture leads effectively. The plugin allows you to integrate your quizzes with popular email marketing services, such as Mailchimp and ConvertKit. Moreover, it enables you to segment your leads based on quiz responses, ensuring that you send targeted content to your subscribers.
  4. In-depth reporting: Thrive Quiz Builder provides comprehensive analytics, giving you insights into user engagement, quiz performance, and the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. These data points can help you optimize your quizzes for better results.

To get started, just head to the Thrive Quiz Builder pricing page and complete your purchase. You can then download the Thrive Product Manager plugin and upload it to your WordPress website.

Thrive Product Manager

Visit your Thrive Themes account to download the Thrive Product Manager plugin.

Upload Thrive Product Manager to your WordPress website by going to Plugins > Add New. Then click the Upload Plugin button.

Proceed to install and activate Thrive Product Manager. Then, access Thrive Product Manager and follow the prompts to install and activate Thrive Quiz Builder.

Check out Thrive Quiz Builder pricing

Go to Thrive Product Manager and select Thrive Quiz Builder. Then, follow the prompts to install and activate it.

2. Add a New Quiz

You’re now ready to build your lead capture quiz using Thrive Quiz Builder. Start by navigating to the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard, then click the button to add a new quiz. 

Click the Add New button to start creating a new quiz.

Next, you'll have the option to either build a quiz from scratch or use a template. By selecting the list building template, the quiz results page will be visible only if the quiz taker signs up for your email list. 

Select the list building template so that your quiz takers must sign up for your email list before seeing their quiz results.

Alternatively, selecting the social shares option adds a social share badge to your results page, optimizing it for increased social media engagement. If you opt for gaining customer insights, the quiz will function as a survey, and no results page will be displayed.

3. Choose a Quiz Type

Thrive Quiz Builder simplifies the quiz setup process, guiding you every step of the way. In this step, you'll be prompted to select a quiz type that best suits your objectives. Here are the scoring options available:

  1. Number: Allocate point values to each answer, generating a numeric score for users based on their responses. This is an excellent option for measuring knowledge or skill levels.
  2. Percentage: Opt for a percentage-based quiz to give users a score that reflects the proportion of correct answers they provided. For instance, if a participant answers 9 out of 10 questions correctly, their score will be displayed as 90%.
  3. Category: Perfect for personality quizzes, the category quiz assigns users to specific categories according to their responses. This approach is useful for segmenting quiz takers, such that an email marketing tag can be applied to each category.
  4. Right/Wrong: This straightforward quiz format offers immediate feedback on the accuracy of users' answers. It's a great way to test knowledge.
  5. Survey: The survey quiz enables you to gather information from users without assigning a score or result. Answers are open-ended, and the results page does not display a specific result. This option is ideal for market research or collecting feedback.

Follow the tour guide to select your quiz type.

Click Change Type to select a quiz type.

Select one of the quiz evaluation options. In this demonstration, we'll be using the Category evaluation method. 

Each category is a possible result that a quiz taker may achieve. Enter all of the possible results here.

Each category represents a potential outcome that quiz participants may attain. In our example, the quiz is titled "Discover Your Marketing Expertise Level," with results categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Accordingly, these classifications will be incorporated in this step.

4. Choose a Quiz Style

Thrive Quiz Builder offers a variety of eye-catching templates to help you create an aesthetically pleasing quiz. Follow the tour guide to choose a template that aligns with your branding. 

For the most customization options, select the Minimalist template, as this is the sole option that offers editing and customization. 

Follow the tour guide to choose a quiz style.

Choose from a variety of designs.

Selecting the Minimalist template will allow you to edit the design.

5. Add Questions and Answers 

After selecting a template, add questions to your quiz by clicking Add Question and selecting the question type (multiple choice, single choice, or open-ended). Write your question and make it stand out using the available formatting options.

For each question, add the possible answers and assign points or categories to each answer, depending on the quiz type. Make sure your answers are clear and concise!

Follow the tour guide to start entering your quiz questions.

Choose from three different types of questions.

Enter your question and possible answers. For a category quiz, be sure to associate a category with each possible answer.

In the question editor, establish the sequence of your questions by connecting the dots located at the top and bottom of each question.

For a simple quiz structure, simply connect the dots and top and bottom of each question.

For more experienced users, branching logic can be implemented by linking dots associated with particular answers, allowing for a more dynamic and tailored quiz experience. For example, if you wish for answers for a given question to direct users down different lines of questioning, Thrive Quiz Builder makes this really easy to do — simply connect the dots beneath each answer.

An example of branching logic. The green arrow notes where each answer leads to a different question.

6. Create a Quiz Results Page

Design an impressive results page that showcases users' scores or categories. Feel free to include custom text, images, or videos to make the page more engaging and share-worthy.

Remember that lead generation is a value exchange - if you want people to give you their contact details, then you've got to offer value in return so use your answers to provide valuable information that helps them solve their pain points. 

Click Manage to edit your Results page.

Click the blue pencil icon to edit your Results page design.

Use the Thrive visual editor to customize the page.

7. Add an Opt-In Gate to Your Quiz

To effectively capture leads, it's essential to integrate an opt-in gate into your quiz. This feature requires quiz-takers to submit their contact information (name, email address, etc.) using a lead capture form before viewing their results. Customize the opt-in form to communicate with your email marketing service and align with your branding.

Add an opt-in gate to collect email addresses.

Customize the opt-in gate by clicking the blue pencil icon.

Use the Thrive visual editor to customize the page.

This step will help your lead generation run on autopilot. As soon as the quiz participant submits their details, they'll become an email subscriber, and you can even add them to your CRM as part of your sales funnel. 

8. Add Advanced Options

Add a Splash Page

A splash page serves as the initial screen when your quiz loads, presenting an introduction to your quiz and inviting users to participate. Without a splash page, the quiz would directly display the first question, which could appear out of context on your website, depending on its placement.

Create an engaging splash page to effectively introduce your quiz. Be sure to include a strong call-to-action to invite people to take your quiz. 

Add a splash page to your quiz to invite people to take your quiz.

Use the Thrive visual editor to customize the page.

Add a Social Share Badge

Encourage users to share their quiz results on social media by adding a social share badge to your results page. This will help you gain more exposure and attract new leads. 

To add a social share badge, first edit your badge, then add the badge to your results page.

Add a social share badge to your quiz to encourage quiz takers to share their results.

The available social share badge templates in Thrive Quiz Builder.

9. Embed the Quiz on Your Website

The final step is to embed the quiz on your website using shortcode or Thrive Architect. You can place your quiz on your home page, a landing page, embedded within a piece of content — anywhere on your website that attracts high-quality leads. Now your quiz is ready for the world to see!

How to Embed Your Quiz Using Shortcode

To embed your quiz using a shortcode, simply copy the shortcode found in the top-right corner of the quiz editor. Next, navigate to the desired page for showcasing the quiz and paste the shortcode.

To add the quiz anywhere on your website, copy the shortcode in the top-right corner.

How to Add Your Quiz Using Thrive Architect

To add your quiz using Thrive Architect, open the page where you'd like the quiz to appear. Click and drag the Quiz element to the desired position.

Easily add the quiz to a page using Thrive Architect. Simply click and drag the Quiz element to its desired position.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Magnet Quizzes

What are the best types of quizzes for lead generation?

Personality quizzes, knowledge tests, and product recommendation quizzes are popular types for lead generation. For small business owners, it's important to set up your quiz carefully, so that it helps you meet your business goals. For example, you may want to create a lead magnet quiz that allows for customer segmentation, or a quiz that allows you to offer a content upgrade. The most important thing is to choose a quiz type that resonates with your target audience and relates to your product. 

How can I create a visually appealing quiz lead magnet?

To create a visually appealing, fun quiz lead magnet, choose a well-designed template, customize the colors, fonts, and images to match your branding, and use engaging visuals such as images or GIFs. The best tool for building a visually appealing quiz quickly is Thrive Quiz Builder. This plugin comes with easy-to-use templates that will help your quiz stand out and keep users interested.

How do I capture leads with my quiz?

To capture leads with a quiz, you'll need an online quiz maker tool that also offers a capture page where quiz takers can input their name and email addresses. This type of form is known as an opt-in gate. Once someone completes the quiz, they will have to fill out the form in order to see their quiz results. This will help you collect email leads that can be added to your marketing list and used for future campaigns. Thrive Quiz Builder is an ideal tool for using quizzes for growing your email list. 

How can I track the performance of my lead generation quiz?

To track the performance of your lead generation quiz, Thrive Quiz Builder has built-in analytics to help you monitor user engagement, completion rates, and conversion rates. 

Next, Optimize Your Page Using A/B Testing

Once your quiz is live, it's important to optimize its performance to maximize email list signups. Thrive Quiz Builder goes beyond quiz creation, providing valuable reporting and A/B testing features to help you optimize your quizzes for maximum impact.

Some key metrics that come with Thrive Quiz Builder include:

  1. User engagement: Monitor the number of quiz takers, completion rates, and time spent on each question. These insights help you identify areas where users may be losing interest or struggling to answer.
  2. Quiz performance: Analyze the overall performance of your quizzes by tracking metrics such as the number of leads generated, conversion rates, and social shares. 
  3. Question-level data: Thrive Quiz Builder also offers detailed question-level data, allowing you to identify the most challenging or least engaging questions. 

In addition to optimizing the quiz lead magnet itself, you can also ensure that the pages of your website are optimized for conversions. 

Thrive Optimize is an invaluable add-on for Thrive Architect users, designed for easy A/B testing for your landing pages. When combined with Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes, this powerful tool can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts and improve user engagement.

Integrating Thrive Optimize with pages containing Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes allows you to test various aspects of your landing pages, such as headlines, layouts, images, and calls to action. By running experiments on these elements, you can identify the best-performing combinations, ensuring that your quizzes are displayed in the most impactful way possible.

Ready to get started creating a quiz as a lead magnet?

Learn more about quiz lead magnets with these extra resources:

Although Thrive Quiz BuilderThrive Architect, and Thrive Optimize can be purchased as standalone plugins, the most cost-effective approach is to invest in Thrive Suite. This comprehensive package offers access to the complete array of Thrive tools, ensuring maximum value and a versatile toolkit for all your marketing needs.

Now there's just one thing left to do:

Get Thrive Quiz Builder or Get pricing for Thrive Suite (best value!)

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