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Over the last few weeks, we've released several new features and improvements for Thrive Quiz Builder.

Thrive Quiz Builder is our WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create dynamic quizzes and implement advanced lead generation on your website.

Quizzes are known to be one of the highest-converting lead generation tools available, and with our latest update, we've made quizzes even more powerful.

Want to see what's new? Watch our latest video above!


1. New Minimalist Template

The new Minimalist template available in Thrive Quiz Builder

Let's start with the simplest update: Thrive Quiz Builder now has a new Minimalist template that is designed to fit into your existing website with the least amount of effort.

This template is clean and simple, with some subtle drop shadows and bold highlights on your quiz questions.

If you've never implemented a quiz yet, this is the perfect template to get you set up in a matter of minutes without having to tweak any designs to suit your brand.

2. Quiz Progress Bar with Dual Indicators

We have added a new progress bar to give your quiz takers some feedback on how far through your quiz they are.

But this is not just any Progress Bar.

It's fully customizable so you can easily tweak fonts, colors and more until it looks exactly how you want.

Dual Indicator Progress Bar settings

The progress bar also has dual indicators, meaning your visitor will not only see how far they have progressed, but also how much further their current question will take them.

To enable the Progress Bar, select a quiz and click 'Manage your questions'. From there, click the gear icon in the top right to access your Quiz Settings. Toggle to display the progress bar, and you're set.

Click the gear icon to enable the progress bar

3. Redirect To URL On Quiz Completion

New Url Redirect option for Quiz Completion

Thrive Quiz Builder already came with dynamic results pages that update based on the answers your visitors have given. But now we've taken that a step further.

You can now enable a URL redirect on quiz completion with custom destinations based on results. That means you can set a passing grade and send those winners to a victory page of your choosing, on or off your site.

Get creative and you could use this feature as the entry to your sales funnel, sending visitors to the perfect sales page based on their quiz results.

Set a different redirect URL based on Quiz Results

But that's not all.

You can also set a redirect message and a duration of delay before they are sent away. That means you can let them see their results for a set time before the redirect takes effect.

Set a message delay before redirect

Pass Quiz results in the URL parameters

And it gets better! For those of you wanting to build custom integrations, you can even forward the results of the quiz as URL parameters to the next page. Your custom integration can easily read the results from the URL that Thrive Quiz Builder passes along with the visitor.

4. Video Questions

The new Video Question option inside of Quiz Builder

Yes! You can now create video questions. 

You've always had text questions, or image questions supported by text. Now you have a new Video Question option, which uses the same video integrations and styling that you know and love from Thrive Architect.

5. Answer Feedback

Quiz feedback options let you respond to your visitor's selected answer before progressing

Previously, we had a right or wrong indicator that would display above questions for a few seconds before the visitor is moved along. Now, you can give even more advanced feedback to your visitor's answers.

New options include:

  • Load Next Question: Your visitor will get moved along to the next question in the quiz.
  • Highlight Correct Answer: After choosing an incorrect answer, you can then highlight the correct one for a select amount of time before your visitor progresses, or wait until the visitor clicks to advance.
  • Highlight and Provide Feedback on Answer: For questions without a right or wrong answer, this setting shows the visitor's selection and provides your feedback on their choice.

With this new feedback option, it's easy to make your quizzes feel more conversational or instructional.

6. Restart Quiz From Results Page

You can now invite a visitor to restart a quiz just as they finish it.

If your visitor fails a quiz or you have any reasons to drive them back to the beginning, it's incredibly easy with the new dynamic link feature inside of Thrive Architect.

Dynamic Links are also a reasonably new feature. All you need to do is place a button on your results page and select 'Dynamic Link' for your link settings, and it will intelligently read the context of the page and provide you with easy access to the correct Restart Quiz link.

Dynamic links make it easy to restart a quiz

7. Share More Details through Notification Manager

Now you can send your visitor's Quiz results straight to your own inbox through the Notification Manager.

...Did you know you even had a Notification Manager?

In Notification Manager, select 'Quiz Completion' and 'Send Email Notification'

You can find it in the Thrive Dashboard and use it to configure automated emails based on actions your visitors take. You could already send an email to a nominated address on quiz completion, but in this update, you're now able to pass along their quiz results too.

Then the 'Quiz_Details' shortcode will include their results in your email

What do you think of these improvements? Leave a comment!

Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions that have helped us prepare this update and make Thrive Quiz Builder an even better product for you.

Let us know what you think of this update by leaving a comment below. And if you have any further suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

by Bradley Stevens  November 12, 2019


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  • hi, great new features!

    Is there also any progress on removing the google fonts from the results page? Would redirecting to a custom URL allow me to 100% eliminate Google fonts while using Thrive Quiz?

    • Hi Mitch,

      This is not something we’re working on (removing Google Fonts from the results page).
      But if you redirect to a custom URL you have full control.

    • Hi Luis,

      You can edit the opt-in gate and the results pages with Thrive Architect, you can not edit the actual question layout.

  • Video quizes are cool. I hope to be able to integrate quizes and Apprentice lessons into courses.

    And I hope that we will soon see the ThriveCart integration with Apprentice soon.

      • It would be cool if could have a quiz (a test) as a step in the module.

        So students are able to validate their knowledge learned from the course.

        The looks of it is not that important. It already looks great, but simply to be able to integrate quizes in courses, like other LMS systems do.

        And when it comes to ThriveCart, I know that you have been working on an integration. This has been confirmed multiple times, even by the ThriveCart team. So I simply hope to see an update of apprentice that supports ThriveCart.

      • Hi Henrik,
        Thanks for clarifying. I see what you mean but to be clear, this is not something we are currently working on implementing (but as usual we take customer suggestions so that when we do work on this, we know what’s most requested).

        ThriveCart integration ended up being more complicated than expected so we’re still working on making that happening.

  • Thanks, I am very happy with these updates!

    Feature request: set custom fields in ActiveCampaign based on answers. Currently only tags are supported.

    And please add the url parameters feature to Thrive Leads as well!

    • Thanks Wouter. I see the value in that first request, for sure, and I think you’re going to like an update we have around the corner. Regarding Thrive Leads, you want to carry name + email address in the parameters to your opt-in thank you page, right?

      • Hi Brad,

        Regarding Thrive Leads: yes, that is what I want.

        And another feature request for TQB: use url parameters with name and email that skip the optin.

        So when people optin with TL, I want to send them to a thank you page like this:


        On this thank you page is a TQB quiz and when people reach the optin stage they skip the optin and go straight to the thank you page of the quiz while tags and custom fields are updated in ActiveCampaign.

        I also want to send current subscribers to a quiz to get to know them a bit better. So it would be useful to use the TQB features without the need to optin.

        This is actually what I am doing right now with another plugin. But I would like to use TL & TQB for this.

      • Good news, Wouter – we just dropped a new update that lets you do the majority of this. Have a look at #5 – ‘Autofill Lead Generation Forms’ in this post we just published.

        Although we don’t yet have a way to skip the TQB quiz opt-in completely, you can now autofill the opt-in so your current subscribers only have to click once. And since TQB loads in the same window without refresh, the URL parameters are accessible from your opt-in form autofill even if it’s at the end of a long quiz.

        Hopefully that’ll get you 90% of the way there. Enjoy!

  • One question: Is it now possible to design the quiz questions using Thrive Architect? I cannot understand why this was not possible till now, so I’d be very glad if this was possible now.

    The redirection feature is really smart. Specially the feature of redirecting to different sites based on their answers.

    • Hi Christoph,
      No, you can not design the questions with Thrive Architect. But we’re adding some new templates to the Quiz Builder plugin that will hopefully fit your needs.
      If you have something specific in mind you would like to create, I would love to see it!

      • First: Very nice improvements, thank you very much! I love them.
        I have the same issue, because it’s not possible at the moment to customize quizzes to the brand settings/website design. Even there is a simple template now (which is great).
        The thing is, that it’s not possible to set custom CSS, because the quiz box and it’s style sheet is loaded separately in the page. At least I didn’t find a way to overwrite CSS.
        My solution was to change the CSS File directly on the server, which is not good because it’s overwritten with each plugin update.
        It is important for me that I can change fonts and colors (e.g. hover color) myself. I like to use one of the templates to start, but I want to be able to make some customization to fit the page layout. Thank you 🙂

      • Hi Christian,
        Thanks for explaining.
        At the moment we’re not working on building that out.

        But please don’t let that hold you back from starting to use Quizzes in your marketing!

    • Yes indeed. Why have the ability to modify the front and back ends with TA but not the actual questions?!

      Splash page and end pages can be modified for look and feel but not the questions. Very limiting.

      • Hi Tom,

        I understand that from your point of view this seems very “simple” but there is actually a lot that goes into building the question design and it’s most likely not something that most of our customers would actually enjoy doing.
        Eg. You would need to build templates for text questions, video questions, open ended questions, hover states, active states, highlights, notes,…

        That’s why we’ve already been thinking how we could allow for some customization (eg. colors) without the need to change every little detail.

        This is also why we’ve added the minimalist template, so that it can hopefully fit a lot of different businesses right out of the box.

        And our designers already worked on another template with that same idea in mind: a good looking, well designed question template without overpowering colors or fonts to fit your business.

    • Hi Christoph,

      What do you mean with “editing the quiz with Oxygen Builder”?

      If you’re talking about creating and styling the opt-in gate or the results page then no, this is not an issues we’re planning on solving.
      Thrive Quiz Builder allows to use the Thrive Editor on those pages so no need for any other builder.

      If you’re talking about the quiz not displaying for some reason on pages build with Oxygen then that’s a bug in which case you can raise this with our support team and we can see why that’s happening.

  • This is just a great update.
    Great work.

    Does it work with any page builder or just with thrive architect?

    • Thrive Quiz Builder is a standalone plugin and doesn’t require Architect on your site. However, Quiz Builder still uses the Architect editor to create your splash page, results page, etc. So yes, you can use any other builder across your website and still access Architect just for Quiz Builder.

  • Great update. Love the video questions.
    If I make a second quiz the thank-you page of a first quiz, and tick to pass the email in the parameters, will the second quiz pick this up?

    • Hmm interesting question.
      At the moment, the parameters are not automatically recognized by the opt-in gate or parsed on to the second quiz.

  • Thank you, I’m glad that you’re developing the Thrive Quiz Builder. One feature that would be the ultimate winner for me is if you could introduce sections within the quiz to enable me to assess for more than one characteristic in a personality quiz. So section A would create score for trait A. Section B would create a score for trait B. Etc. At the end, the results would indicated the scores for each section, plus an overall score, based on parameters I set when creating the quiz.

    Is this possible? I haven’t yet come across a quiz that has this functionality but I’ve seen plenty for enquiries for this feature. At the moment I would have to do each section as a separate quiz, which is cumbersome, and doesn’t result in an aggregate score.

  • Great updates! Question: if someone clicks the restart button on the results page and takes the quiz a second time, will I get the results for both quizzes? In my case, the quiz is used for parents to screen their kids for a learning disability. If they take the quiz once for one child and then want to take it again for another child, I want to know if I get the results for both times they take the quiz.

    • Yes. Once you put a Restart Quiz button on your Results page, then you’ll have all of your results logged before they start again. It won’t replace their results. That also means that if you set up the notification manager, you can have the results emailed to your inbox twice, once per each completion.

    • Hi Alexy,

      No at the moment you can edit the opt-in gate and the results pages but not the actual questions, we’re adding some more templates in the future but I would love to see what you have in mind.

  • Thank you. But please please please can you make the individual category scores available? For example, I would like to have a Personality style quiz that sends the scores of different categories to my email marketing program, so that I can personalise based on the full results and not just the number one result. This would make thrive quiz builder incredibly powerful

  • Thanks so much for the new updates! I would also be good if there’s a way to change type of quiz. Like if I want to change from “Category” to “Number” instead of starting the entire quiz from scratch. Would really be a time saver.

  • I can just say one thing… this is god news, but i still waiting for Thrive Theme Builder. It’s gone one year since you told me that the new Theme builder was right around the corner. The only thing i hope, is that the new theme builder knocks Elementor of the track.

  • Progress bars, immediate feedback, and URL REDIRECTS!

    In the past, TQB was the “simple” quiz builder I used rarely because it didn’t have the URL redirects — but this opens up a whole new world — visual building + advanced integrations.

    LOVE IT!

  • Brad,
    Is it possible to use Segue with Quizzes to pass the user information Name and eMail address to Quiz so their information doesn’t need to be entered again?
    Thanks again

    • The Opt-In Gate uses the Lead Generation element, which you can use to collect a phone number. With the notification manager, you can send that number, along with their answer, straight to your inbox (or to a sales person). We haven’t got a way to pass their answers into Active Campaign yet, but we’ll make a note of that for a feature suggestion.

      • I’m looking to do this too. I would like to be able to pass their answers through to Active Campaign, not as tags but as field entries. From what I can tell that’s not possible yet. I’m not sure why I can include quiz_answers in an email to me and them, but I can’t pass this shortcode info to AC to update their contact field. Please let me know if I’m missing something here. Many thanks!

      • The quiz_answers shortcode displays all answers in your notification email. But to update custom fields inside of AC with each answer means manually mapping each question to an AC field. Let’s say you have 10 quiz questions: you’d have to configure which answer should go to which AC field for each. Is that what you’re looking to do?

        Tags are a much easier way to pass multiple answers in one go without mapping.

    • Actually, you can send the answers as tags to ActiveCampaign (so you would have a contact and the tags would give you more information about the company or…)

  • Hi Brad, a while ago asked Hanne and she mentioned that Thrive Quiz Builder has a limitation to the number of results pages that it can display. I can’t remember what was the exact maximum number of results pages, but it looked quite low. And this limitation was preventing me (maybe other potential users as well) from being able to use Thrive Quiz Builder to create a “quiz” to give readers product recommendations based on their answers to questions. For example: Question 1, do you prefer history, comedy or fiction books? (fiction). Question 2, Futuristic or Medieval Fantasy? (Futuristic). Question 3, Robots or Aliens? (Robots). Question 4, 5, 6 and so on… Final result: You should read/buy these books! “BLADERUNNER, TERMINATOR, I ROBOT”… This would be for a product recommendations page. As you can see, if you can only have a few different results pages, you couldn’t use Thrive Quiz Builder for that. Is this limitation still there? Thanks

    • Hi Dario,
      You can add up to 25 categories, so that would be 25 different results pages… Pretty sure you can already build a good product recommendation with that “restriction” 😀