6 New Updates to Thrive Themes – May 2020

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Updated on June 16, 2020

Last month we released an epic update with 12 massive new features

With over 200 comments on the announcement post, we can see it was very well received.

This month is a smaller update that builds upon the features we've introduced previously.

There's a new form field for the Lead Generation element, improved autofill functionality, more custom field integrations, a smoother post editing experience in Thrive Theme Builder, improvements for Thrive Quiz Builder and more.

Read on to learn what's new in Thrive Themes.


1. Checkboxes for Lead Gen Forms

Last month, we added beautiful Radio Buttons and Dropdowns to our lead generation forms. 

This month, we added part 2: Checkboxes.

Look at those checkboxes!

Checkboxes differ from Radios and Dropdowns in that you can select more than one option at once.

This means the behavior after form-submit is a little different. Rather than passing a single value through to your API connections, it will pass an array of values separated by commas.

For example, it will send "Checkbox A, Checkbox B" to your API if both are selected.

Checkboxes work by passing values into a custom field in your email marketing service, or by including the chosen values in an email notification sent by your website.

Checkboxes are a new field type and you'll find them in the form field selector of the lead generation element. 

You'll find Checkbox as a new option here.

Once you've added a set of Checkboxes to your form, you can enter edit mode and change the size, color, style, the value that will be passed when that checkbox is selected, and whether or not it should be checked by default.

It just takes a few clicks to configure your Checkboxes

Since we are all about visual building, we decided that one standard checkbox style wasn't enough.

Our designers have provided 8 different checkbox styles, each with their own unchecked and hover appearances too. Don't forget, your checkbox can be changed to any color you want with a click.

From simple, to shaded, to bold - take your pick!

There are currently 3 ways to configure your form-submit action for Checkboxes.

1. Don't Pass Any Data

For the most basic setup, you don't need to pass any values anywhere on form submit.

Why on earth would you want to do that? For a permission checkbox just like this:

A simple checkbox set as 'required' can be used to ask for permission

In this case, you are not sending the visitor's checkbox selection anywhere. Instead, you are preventing them from submitting the form until they have agreed.

To create this, use a single checkbox and set it as 'required'. That's all it takes.

2. Pass Checkbox Selection to a Custom Field

If you're using an Email Marketing Service that we support for custom fields, then you can update the subscriber record with their checkbox selection.

Here's an example: I'm using ActiveCampaign and I've created a custom field called "Interests". It's a text field much like a name or email field.

By mapping my checkboxes to that custom field, I can update the ActiveCampaign record with the subscriber's checkbox selection. What you'll see is an array with each checkbox value separated by a comma.

This is what an updated subscriber will look like in ActiveCampaign:

Your visitor's checkbox selection gets added to their email record.

Once you have that information in your Email Marketing Service, you can use it as dynamic text in an email, segment your list by value or simply keep it on record for reference.

To segment your mailing list by custom field value, you can use a 'Contains' filter on your custom field. In the example segment below created in ActiveCampaign, I can send an email only to subscribers that have 'Google Ads' as one of their interests.

The Segment Builder in ActiveCampaign can look for values in your custom fields

3. Send via Website Email

The Lead Generation element can send emails directly from your website. This is perfect for contact forms, quotes, application forms and more.

To send an email from your site, choose 'Email' as a connection from your Lead Generation form. With a few clicks you can also send a customized email to your subscriber too, thanks to the updated Email Editor we released last month.

Add 'Email Connection' to send an email straight from your website on form submit.

If your form includes Checkboxes, the values selected will be included in the email sent from your website.

Here's an example email sent from the Lead Gen form with the chosen checkbox values listed:

Your visitor's Checkbox selection will be included in emails sent from your site

"What about Contact Forms?"

The Lead Generation element can now do everything that our Contact Form element can. That includes support for message text areas, sending an email on submit, sending an email to the recipient, connecting to Zapier, and more.

If you want the added features such as checkboxes in your Contact Forms, we suggest you rebuild them from the Lead Generation form instead.

Your existing Contact Forms will continue to work without any trouble. In an upcoming release, we'll have some improvements to help you rebuild your forms with these new features when you want to.

2. Hide Smart Completed Lead Gen Fields

For some time now, we've already had intelligent autofill settings on your opt-in forms

We call it Smart Complete, and it allows your website to autofill form fields so that your visitors don't have to type out information you already have access to.

A powerful example of this is autofilling from URL QueryString data.

You can send an email to your mailing list with a link to your website that includes the subscriber's name and email address in a URL QueryString. 

The link the subscriber clicks might look like this:

yourwebsite.com/?name=Brad&email=[email protected]

In green, you have the page your are linking to. In violet, the name of the QueryString variable. In blue, the unique value assigned to each variable.

With Smart Complete, you can pre-load the blue values into your forms. When I load the link above, I'll immediately see my information filled out for me like this:

With Smart Complete, the name and email are pre-filled for me.

With me so far?

Now comes the new feature we've just released: Hide Smart Completed Fields. When you prepare your autofill settings, you'll see a new option available.

Look for this checkbox in your Lead Gen form Autofill settings.

By enabling this option, I can make the autofilled form fields magically disappear!

If I reload that same URL, both the name and email fields will be hidden from the form because I already have the visitor's information. Now the form will look like this:

The name and email fields have disappeared because the value was autofilled!

In the Lead Generation form settings, the Name and Email field still exist. That means the subscriber has less to worry about and on submitting the form, It will still assign their checkbox selection to the correct subscriber in my email account.

It's magic!

(P.S.: This is especially great for Thrive Quiz Builder. You can send your subscribers to a quiz without asking them for their email address again!)

(P.P.S.: In this update, we also added Cookie Data as an autofill field, meaning you can Smart Complete any fields with values taken from your website cookies).

3. Send Quiz Results as Tags or Custom Fields

Thrive Quiz Builder gets an update in this release too!

You can now send the results of your quiz as a tag or update a custom field for your subscribers. I'll show you how.

Update Custom Field with Quiz Result

Quizzes are one of the highest-converting lead generation tools you'll find. The secret is to have an Opt-In Gate: a lead generation element that shows at the end of the quiz but before the results page.

In Thrive Quiz Builder, when you set up that Lead Generation form you'll find a new Field Type called 'Result of Quiz'.

Look for this field on your Quiz opt-in gate

It ought to be self explanatory: You map the Result of Quiz field to the custom field in your email service and it'll be updated with their result.

Add Result as Tag

If you would prefer, you can now send your quiz results as a tag from the Opt-In Gate form as well.

When you configure the email API, look for the new toggle that will enable the Results tag:

Click this toggle to apply a results tag

Now once your quiz taker submits the form, the results will be added as tags to that subscriber. In the example below, I completed 2 quizzes getting 50% for a percentage quiz and 'Introvert' for a category quiz.

These tags are applied by Thrive Quiz Builder

4. Edit Post Title, Featured Image, Video and Audio from Thrive Architect

This next feature is to help those of you writing blog content in Thrive Architect on a website built with Thrive Theme Builder.

When you are writing a blog post, sometimes you'll want easier access to the featured blog content that displays inside of the post template created with Thrive Theme Builder.

Previously, this meant returning to the WordPress post settings and changing the post title, featured image, video or audio before returning to Thrive Architect.

We've made it much easier.

Simply navigate to the 'Post' breadcrumb and look for the new section 'Post Content'.

WordPress Post data can now be edited from inside Architect

Here you can change your post title and featured image. After you do, the Architect editor will trigger a quick save-and-reload so you'll see how your post looks with the updated title and image.

For Video Posts or Audio Posts, you'll now be able to select the featured media right from Thrive Architect and change what file is selected. Look for the option here.

Featured Video and Audio can now be edited straight from Thrive Architect

If this seems confusing just remember: post titles, featured images, featured videos and featured audio are dynamic content. That means you create the placeholder in your template design and it will be filled with the correct data for that post.

5. Lead Gen Button Styles

A few releases ago we improved our Button element by upgrading the Smart Color technology and adding 34 new button styles.

In the latest release, we've added these styles to the Lead Generation button. That means it's just a few clicks to get a designer-made 'Sign Up' button on your forms.

Here are all the new styles to choose from... Or you can always make your own.

Click to view the full size image

6. Custom Fields for Campaign Monitor and Sendinblue

We are gradually rolling out support for custom fields to our email integrations, and in the latest release we've added Campaign Monitor and Sendinblue.

This brings the total list of custom field compatible APIs to:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
  • ConvertKit
  • MailerLite
  • Campaign Monitor (new)
  • Sendinblue (new)

Don't see your email autoresponder on the list yet? Ask for it in the comments! We are prioritizing our integration updates based on the number of requests we receive from customers.

Under The Hood Updates

Most releases include a few under-the-hood updates. These are minor improvements you may not notice. This release has 3.

Cookie Data Available For Autofill

You can now autofill lead generation form fields with values taken from your website cookies. 

Cookie Data is a new Smart Complete option

Landing Page Typography Button

Landing pages often use different fonts, colors and styles to the rest of your website. They are like a self-contained design experience.

Accessing the landing page typography was previously a few menu items deep, so we've made it easier to find by adding it to the 'Page' level breadcrumbs.

Edit your typography from here

Compatibility with RankMath

RankMath is an SEO plugin for WordPress and has been quickly growing in popularity. 

We've released an improvement to Thrive Theme Builder that allows RankMath to replace page meta descriptions and to identify pages with a Table Of Contents. This means RankMath will integrate seamlessly with your Thrive Theme Builder website.

Let us know what you think!

Our 2020 update roadmap is constantly evolving and we often take ideas from the comments you leave on our posts.

So don't be shy now — drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of this latest update, and how we can improve our software to help you grow your business.

by Bradley Stevens  May 21, 2020


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    • Thanks Nicolai. We’ve had some trouble with Mautic in the past. I’ll quote our co-founder Paul from another post here:

      “We used to integrate with Mautic. However, their API updates weren’t backwards compatible, so there were a number of instances where we had to scramble to fix a broken integration. In the end this happened too often – we were spending too long trying to keep the integration up-to-date and regrettably had to stop supporting the platform. I’d be open to re-integrating once their API platform is stable. In the meantime a workaround solution is to connect through Zapier.”

    • The prelim data was end of May, beginning of June. We’re currently trying to have things ready for the 10th June release, but may possibly get pushed back to the 1st July depending on our final rounds of testing.

  • I looove these updates, especially the tagging feature based on quiz results. Please, develop that even further, so that tags can be added based on responses for the individual questions within those quizes as well. Like Gravity Forms. Would be great for segmenting.

  • Wow, lot of awesome new features! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m especially happy with the autohide field feature!

    My request would be for you to support the ActiveCampaign FirstName / LastName fields separately, not just the full Name field.

    Being able to explicitly specify which name field I request from the user is especially important in countries where the forename is written after the surname. (Hungary, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam)

    Without this feature, first names and last names are stored interchanged in many cases and this is why I can call my subscribers by bad name in my emails.

      • Useful? – This is crucial Brad. You want to correspond to folks using their appropriate forename. Not getting this right as a marketer means someone doesn’t take this seriously. As marketers – we need to take this very seriously. We can only use the software with its inherit limitations, which can be very troublesome and discouraging at times. We have to address people by their correct name. I’m just getting started and kind of a newbie and it seems totally inappropriate to try to send an email to someone and using the incorrect forename and surname. This issue is paramount. The counties Krisztian has listed above have a collective population that far exceeds the standard English speaking countries. If we are truly trying to scale and be a global market contender, we gotta get the email names locked down solid.

    • Hi Kriswtian,
      You can use the name field with the place holder first name and add a text field that you map to the last name custom field with the placeholder last name to obtain exactly what you are looking for.

      • Hi Hanne,

        Yes, that’s what I usually do. I usually only request a first name and an email address on optin pages.

        The problem is that 5-8% of people still enter their full name in the name field instead of their first name. (Probably due to browser autosuggestion feature.)

        In this case, however, if I use the first_name field in my emails, their last name will be appear. Because ActiveCampaign splits the Name field into first and last names different way, as is common in our country.

      • Thanks Krisztian for bringing this up. This is really, really important. Not being a coder I am probably stepping out of line here – but it seems like it could be an easy fix. But as a marketer (or wanna be marketer) we have to get this right.

      • Hi Andy, this is actually the way Active Campaign offers their integration… My solution is the perfect way to get around their limitation.

      • Sorry I wrongly expressed myself. We have a standard process for our integrations. Last name is not part of that. Acive Campaign is the one that has the split option in their general “name” field.

      • This problem would also be perfectly solved if I could use the FirstName field of ActiveCamapaign instead of Name.
        The LastName is rarely relevant for lead generation.

      • If you put as the placeholder “First Name” your visitor will only enter their first name and Active Campaign will use this as the First Name entry (so you can use merge fields etc.)

  • cool stuff!
    Could you please add Automizy integration.
    they just launched a lifetime deal on saasmantra and is getting popular.

    also Sendy as self hosted alternative.

    thanks a lot

  • Native integration with ZOHO would be good. Starting with ZOHO campaigns for mailing list and passing tags. Zoho has something like 13m users so you could potentially pick up a few new customers. Zoho CRM would be nice aswell to pass leads to their CRM.

  • I like the checkbox on the lead gen, but why not let us save them as tag ? Custom field could be nice but tags are excellent. And are radio button available? Didn’t find them doing my last leadgen two months ago.

    • Tagging for radios, checkboxes and dropdowns will be released on the 10th June Cedric. Radio buttons, selects and checkboxes are all available in the current release.

      • Hi Paul! Are dropdowns available in Quiz builder, too? If yes, is tagging going to be possible for dropdowns in Quiz builder in this next update, too? If dropdowns aren’t yet available for Quiz builder, will they be added there at some point in the near future?

      • I’ll jump in here too: No, dropdowns are not available in Quiz builder for questions and I’d say it’s unlikely that we’ll add them. However they are available on the Lead Generation element in Quiz Builder, so depending on what you’re trying to achieve you may already have everything. Dropdowns are ideal for data entry such as choosing your country from a list and not for choosing an answer to a quiz question. While your visitors are going through the quiz, you want to present all the answers available for a quiz question rather than hiding them underneath a click. But at the end of your quiz, you can ask for details from your visitor such as their name and email address. In this last step, yes you can use a dropdown if you want to collect any extra information.

        I hope that wasn’t too confusing, but basically Quiz Builder with the Lead Generation element is a very powerful tool.

  • Wow! I’ve always wanted #4 feature. Thank you guys!

    I’d also love to see some new features in Quiz Builder:

    1. Add ‘number of questions completed’, e.g. 4 out of 5 Questions.

    2. Include a ‘back’ button to take user to previous question (Let’s say, he chose the wrong answer at the end of quiz, and want to go back, then he has to start from scratch)

    3. Ability to customize font, the size of the font of the question, answer and feedback, and justify text to left. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

    4. Add ‘Analyzing Your Result…’ animation like this: https://gph.is/g/Z8B3Lrb (Many quiz builders now have it, and I think it’d be a nice conversion bump!)

    5. Thrive Ultimatum integration

    • Hello Reona,

      Thanks for your valuable insight as always. Here’s some feedback:-

      1- Not really possible because there are many “routes” that the user can take through a typical quiz, depending on the answers that are given. Because of this, it’s impossible to know how many questions are remaining for most people. (We do have a progress bar implemented where we try to estimate this, though)
      2- Noted!
      3- We’re building a visual editor for questions so you can brand your quizzes – due hopefully 1st July if things go well.
      4- Hmm, interesting. Not sure how it would boost conversions, though?
      5- Got those points noted down already as per our previous discussions, thanks!

      • Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and constantly improving. Your products are the best bucks I’ve ever spent on the internet. I can’t wait for July!

        1. Is it impossible? With just percentage it’s usually not clear enough how many questions they have to answer. So showing how many questions left would be nice touch. Or you can show together like this: https://ibb.co/6HXXFbm

        4. It’s a small gimmick but I think it’ll improve conversion. Because when you get answer instantly, I get an impression that it was already *pre-programmed*. Seeing animation like this, made me think that the system is actually generating *personalized result* for me and made the end-offer look more dramatic and interesting!

        I see a lot of these nowadays: http://www.giphy.com/gifs/YmmoUVvbCVdU7e2mgL

        ClickFunnel’s quiz builder also have such animation, but it’s much simpler compared to those gifs.

      • Thanks for your support Reona – glad that you find the membership valuable.

        1. The reason it’s impossible is because Quiz Builder supports multiple paths. User A can give one answer that ends the quiz, whereas user B might give another answer which takes a different route and thus has many more questions. It’s impossible to know how many questions remain without knowing the answers that user will give!
        4. I agree that it might have a certain engagement factor… How do you find the ClickFunnels quiz builder in comparison to TQB by the way?

      • 1. Thank you for explaining Paul. It makes sense now.

        4. I don’t use ClickFunnel quiz builder personally, but I see many using it. But I think TQB is a better option if I were to make judgement purely based on how quiz form look like. But the most visually awesome quiz design I’ve ever seen are in some of Diet Offers. I don’t know what quiz builder they use (most likely custom coded), but I wish I could create something that looks as good as them with TQB. Here’re some reference:


        Here’re also some improvements you can make:

        5. Please fix saving issue on TQB

        (Since day 1, it has some saving issue. I see many people bringing it up occasionally in forum, but not yet fixed)

        6. Enable option to upload pictures inside Quiz Builder

        (There’s an option to upload picture inside quiz builder but it’s disabled on *purpose* according to support. I always have to exit quiz builder and go to WordPress media just to upload new pictures which I find it inconvenient)

      • Hi Paul! How many email autoresponders are currently supported in Quiz builder? I want to export the tags from individual quiz items to the autoresponder. I know that at least Active Campaign is supported in this and a couple of others. Is SendinBlue also supported in this? If not, I’d very much like to have it included in the TQB tags-based integrations. Thanks already in advance!

      • I’ll jump in here – Quiz Builder uses our lead generation element to pass values to your mailing list, which means it’s compatible with every autoresponder on this list: https://thrivethemes.com/integrations/ Passing tags from individual questions is possible only if you are using an autoresponder that supports tags. From what I see on SendInBlue’s website, they do support tags, so yes that means you can.

  • Wow. what a piece of knowledge!
    Just Thank you! I have enough to learn here for the entire month!!

    • Yes, acelle mail with thrive leads will be super cool. The integration with rankmaths stole my heart. I am definitely switching to thrive themes soon.

      Please integrate acelle mail

    • Seems like they have a Zapier integration… which means that you can already connect your Thrive forms to Zapier and then to Acelle mail.

      • Hi Hanne.. There is a Zapier for Acelle Mail, But if its integrated with in the Thrive API section it would be more easier to configure, it would be great feature. Kindly consider this as a request.

      • that looks like a very complicated venture. Zapier alone is complicated enough with so many connected plugins. the platform confusing. I just couldn’t understand how it works. a direct integration will be helpful

      • Zapier is incredibly flexible and has excellent documentation. It’s easier than you would think. We integrate with Zapier just like we do with any other API, and other services integrate with Zapier just like they would with us. Our direct integrations take us time to build and test and we work on a highest-voted system, so in the meantime Zapier is an excellent alternative.

    • Hi Jonas, ActiveCampaign already has full integration: tagging, custom fields,… the whole nine yards!

  • Any plans to include a full-stack payment backend/front capability like on ClickFunnels? Could be called Thrive Payments????

    • No not in the near future. We’re planning on focusing what we’re good at and finding the right partners to find the easiest solution for our customers.

      • Given the number of likes on my post, that’s something that you should really consider. I am sure that you have the capability to develop something like this 🙂

      • Hi Hanne! Are you going to have an integration with Thrive Cart soon? That would be a more powerful solution than SendOwl that we can now easily connect with Thrive, especially Apprentice. Thrive Cart has still currently one lifetime payment possibility and that together with Apprentice would be a highly valuable combination 🙂

      • We’re currently testing our integration. So hopefully we’ll be able to get everything working soon.

      • Oh, and another two wishes that would make Thrive even more powerful marketing solution: a funnel builder (Thrive Funnels 😉 – which would then have the integration to Thrive Cart for the payment process as I voted in the other comment already) and and a viral campaign solution similarly as UpViral (could be called Thrive Viral :)). These would be powerful new tools that would really take Thrive way ahead of any competitors in giving online marketers a complete toolkit to get their business to a next level. And they would in my opinion perfectly fit in the overall idea and business model of Thrive. Any thoughts in the Thrive team to have these two things in the development process?

      • The funnel builder is something we looked into (and we’re still interested in) but we have other plans before that 😉
        For the viral campaign, I wouldn’t wait for us. It’s not something we’re planning on doing.

  • Hello @Bradley

    My comment is in favor of Mautic… Yes I saw @Paul’s position on the issue with Mautic in the past.

    Sadly the ThriveThemes- Mautic API still serves us here, but kindly do not totally ignore our request on an inclusion in the thrive themes juices & updates in recent days.

    Cheers and great work guys

    • I agree totally. It would be great if TT again would support Mautic.
      Cheers and keep up the good work.

      • Well, maybe if all Thrive Themes customers asked them to make a stable API it would help 😉

  • WOW! Awesome update! I love Thrive Theme’s product!
    Could you please integrate with MailPoet and Sendfox, thank you!

  • Bradley & team, thanks for pushing out rankmath compatibility with TTB. Awesome. Now, I just hope TTB is fully compatible with woocommerce, so that we can build a full funnel like click funnels with payments.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Yeah WooCommerce compatibility is just around the corner. We’ve got the foundations working well, we’re just fine tuning and testing. If things go well in the final stages then we’ll release in three weeks on the 10th, but possibly we may need a few more weeks to fine tune in which case we’ll release on the 1st July

  • Side track. I also notice even when I tick on “notify me when someone replies…”, I don’t get any notification when you guys reply. I have to manually revisit the blog post. Or is it just me?

      • Hi Paul,
        Same issue here, I don’t get the notifications. Spamfolder is empty too. So not sure where the notifications hit on.


      • I have the same problem on the ActiveGrowth website. I checked the box but don’t receive emails, they’re also not in my spam folder.

      • Strange – I just logged into our mail delivery service and I can see that users are receiving comments notifications, so the issue only appears to occur for some and not others.

        When you leave a comment are you logged in or logged out?

      • It’s not in my spam folder either. I didn’t login, so is that the reason why I didn’t receive the notification ? Honestly, who will login first to see a blog post? 🙂 The impression given is that once you key in the email to leave a comment , the notification is based on the email keyed in.

      • Hi Paul, I’m logged in.

        I got one email from this site for one reply, but for example I didn’t get the reply from your post that I’m just replying to. If I hadn’t scrolled and looked at some of the other comments I would’ve missed it.

        So, I posted 2 comments on this blog post, got 2 replies, but got only one email that a reply is there.

        I’m usually careful to check the “Notify me…” box. At least on the ActiveGrowth website it seems to be going on for months now, because I already have got the habit to check for new comment replies manually there because I often don’t get them via email. 😛

        I do get all forum reply emails, though, so that seems to be working.

      • Yeah, i think this problem (or bug) existed many months back. I thought i’m the only one facing this issue.

      • I’m facing the same issue. Shouldn’t I receive notifications even when not ‘logged in’ (as long as I entered my email address when I wrote the comment)?

  • Awesome!
    I’m only a few weeks deep into Thrive, cracking the code how to build things effectively and fast, but even now I don’t want to go back to any other website-building system I had to experience during the last 10 years as a webworker.

    Now, I still find it sometimes difficult to change easily between preview, architect, builder and WP backend. The buttons for the journey are sometimes in the upper right, sometimes upper left (or there is none), sometimes at the bottom of the page …
    I often have to stop the “How to build …” videos by Shane or you or Hanna or others and try to trace the mouse picture by picture to see where you clicked to come from A to B.

    Maybe you could either make a special video for this (do you have one already?) or, better, offer a bar which makes it easier to travel between the different levels of editing? Even better if it could be contextual sensitive … 🙂


  • I was expecting WooCommerce….how is it not included in this update? By the way, will you integrate thrive cart? Is it a thrive theme product?

    Also I use acelle mail for email campaign. Can I integrate it with thrive leads?

    • It was never planned for this update – The WC integration is not trivial and takes time to get right. We’re planning for either 10th June (hopefully) or 1st July.

      ThriveCart is not a ThriveThemes product but an integration is almost complete.

      We don’t integrate with Acelle through API connection but you can use their custom HTML code with Thrive Leads. Alternatively you can connect to Acelle through Zapier (https://zapier.com/apps/acelle-mail/integrations)

  • Hi Brad!

    I appreciate a lot of these changes! One thing I’d add: a multi-page lead gen.

    Specifically, I have a form with multiple questions. By breaking it down to pages, it keeps the user engaged.

    I really want to ditch CF7 because it’s so heavy, and this would work perfectly… If I could avoid the Wall Of Questions.

      • Thanks for the reply, Hanne! I have, but not since the update. If it can store tags, I might be able to make it work.

        The only quiz I’m mostly proud of has a dizzying amount of permutations, and nearly drove me crazy building. Enough so that I’m developing an app to take its place. But if I can store a potential customers answers all in one place, I can keep my main lead gen as close to “as-is” and lighten my site’s load times, so I’ll keep trying.

      • I can confirm you can store tags (answer based AND result based) and that TQB is super easy for visually building a quiz decision tree.

  • So great! I’d love to see an integration with some multilanguage plugin, like Polylang or WPML, for everything from Architect to Apprentice and Quiz Builder (for content translation, so frontend). Great to see you guys developing so many cool features! Thanks!

  • Really great updates guys… The best continues to get better!

    One quick confirmation… RankMath being seamlessly integrated with Thrive Theme Builder website also means it will be integrated with content created with ThriveArchitect (on a site not build with Theme Builder)?

  • Hi, Brad, Great article! This new update will surely make the lead generation process even more targeted and effective. Meanwhile I wonder if the Thrive Theme team can consider adding a new Auto-responder API integration: The name is Automizy. This relatively new and promising service has a lot of good automation features just like ActiveCampaign. It would be super helpful if you can include it in your API integration list. Thanks a lot again and keep up the amazing work you do!

  • Hi TT-Team,

    You’re doing great. Whenever I get your updates I realize how much more I could do with your tools….

    Keep up the pace and thx. for providing excellent service.


  • I’d love to see the Automizy integration too, as more and more clients love to use it…. Thanks!