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Updated on January 7, 2020

We’ve all been there…

You’re rushing to get a lead generation offer up and running on your new website — as fast as possible — in order to start growing your email list.

But before you know it, months or even years go by and that same old lead magnet you started with is still doing the heavy lifting of building your online audience.

And you wonder why your conversion rates are falling...

Well, if that’s the case for you, take note:

One of the easiest ways to boost your opt-in offer conversion rates (with the lead magnet you already have) is to simply upgrade your lead generation page.

And if you’re using a free Ebook or free PDF offer as your site’s lead magnet, deploying a slick new Ebook cover to replace the [half-baked] one you’ve been using — without needing to make it yourself— isn’t going to hurt either.

So make sure to watch the video above and read the post below to find out how our new Smart Ebook Landing Page Templates from Thrive Architect are going to help you take action on all these Ebook opt-in funnel upgrades — in just a couple of clicks.


What Makes This Ebook Landing Page Template Set So “Smart”?

Part of the “Smart” in our Smart Landing Page Templates refers to the Smart Color Technology now available in Thrive Architect.

And what exactly is Smart Color Technology you ask?

Only the sweetest new one-click design feature to hit Thrive Architect since the Post List Element was released!

When you edit one of Thrive Architect’s Smart Landing Page Templates, the Smart Color Technology allows you to either:

1. Select from a long list of pre-designed color palettes (within the Style Editor sidebar) to instantly update the Main and Secondary colors of your landing pages in a single click…

Ebook Landing Page Smart Color Technology

Edit Use the Style Editor In Thrive Architect's Smart Landing Page templates to select and apply a pro-designed color palette in a single click!

2. Or set your own Main and Secondary landing page colors (e.g. to match your brand colors) in just a few clicks.

Manually Add Your Brand Colors on Thrive Architect Smart Landing Page Templates

You can also use the Style Editor to manually set your own Smart Landing Page colors (e.g. use your brand colors).

And yes, when applying Smart Color changes to your Thrive Architect smart landing page templates, everything from background elements to content boxes and button colors update automatically. Even the hover properties change based on the colors you select!

You just have to remember which pre-designed color palette or personalized accent colors you apply on your Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template so you can quickly and easily apply those same choices to the other landing page templates you decide to deploy in your opt-in funnel.

Bonus Feature: Page Block Technology

On top of the Smart Color Tech, our new Page Blocks feature is also included in the Smart Ebook Landing Page set!

Page Blocks allow you to quickly insert stunning, full-width pre-designed Background Section elements throughout any of the templates you deploy in this set. That means you can expand or reorganize any of these conversion focused landing page templates in just a few clicks.

To add a Page Block design to any Smart Ebook Landing Page template you work on, simply hover your cursor between two Background Section elements and click on the + PAGE BLOCK button that appears:

Hover your cursor between two Background Section elements to see the + Page Block button appear. Click it to then select and insert a Page Block template between those two existing Background Section elements.

In the Page Block Menu lightbox that appears, search through the 55+ pre-designed Smart Ebook Page Block templates (organized by category: Hero Area, Benefits & Features, Testimonials, etc.) and select the one you're after:

After clicking the + Page Block button, a Page Block template lightbox will appear. First select the template category you need in the sidebar and then select the appropriate Page Block template by clicking on one of the available designs. 

Once inserted, just customize the Page Block design as needed to suit your particular needs.

But the time-saving benefits of Page Blocks don't end there. That's because any of the Smart Colors you apply to a Smart Ebook Landing Page template also immediately  apply to your Page Block as well!

Here’s What You Get in the Smart Ebook Landing Page Template Set

This next generation set of Thrive Architect templates includes four different landing page options to help your free Ebook convert.

It’s basically a mini-funnel aimed at capturing new email subscribers and then redirecting them post sign-up to either a Confirmation Page, Download Page, or — if you want to really boost your online business game — a Confirmation Page with an Upsell (more on this coming up).

So here’s what makes the design of each of these new smart landing page templates so special...

"Above the Fold" area of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template

The "Above the Fold" area of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template with one of the Smart Color palettes applied.

Take a second to imagine the different Ebook lead magnets you’ve seen on the internet throughout your life. I’m going to guess that most of the designs you’re now picturing look pretty... “meh”.

I mean, let’s be honest here...most of those opt-in form Ebook covers look like got made for $5 on Fiverr, right?

Well, we made sure to take our new Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template a step further.

In fact, we don’t want you to simply give your Ebook away… we want you to “sell” it too.

No, no, no. It’s still an Ebook lead magnet so you’re NOT going to actually charge money for it, but nothing’s keeping you from promoting your free Ebook just like a premium product on a sales page.

Here’s what you’ll find in our Smart Ebook Landing Page template that sets it apart from all the others out there.

No PhotoShop Work Necessary

Not only is the new Smart Ebook Landing Page template gorgeous, it also requires zero design work on your part to get ready to publish.

That means no hiring expensive designers or wasting hours of your own time inside photoshop trying to craft a sub-par cover image for your Ebook.

All you need to do to get your Ebook cover looking fly is:

  1. Select the pre-designed Smart Color Palette of your choice (or change the Main and Secondary accent colors to that of your brand colors), and...
  2. ​Modify the inline copy on the Thrive Architect built Ebook cover.

BAM!you’re done.

A Testimonial Section

The Testimonial Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template

The Testimonial Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

If you’ve been offering your Ebook for a while now, you’ve probably collected at least a few testimonials from readers already.

Why not put those Ebook testimonials to work for you on your lead generation page to help boost your opt-in conversions?

This landing page template makes adding those conversion boosting endorsements simple: modify the in-line text and add a few headshot images of your fans.

A Detailed Content Section

The Content Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

The Content Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

New visitors to your Ebook lead gen landing page may justifiably wonder “What the heck is this Ebook all about?”

Here’s your chance to tell them.

A Content Section that makes showcasing the different topics of your Ebook easy and gets visitors excited to read it (as well as ready to subscribe!).

An About the Author Section

The About the Author Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

The About the Author Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

Relating to visitors is powerful stuff.

That’s why we also added an About the Author section to our Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template so you can complete this task in as much time as it takes to introduce yourself.

In it, just tell new visitors who you are and why you’re the right person to be writing on the topics that your free Ebook covers. 

Don’t forget to add a nice picture of yourself while you’re at it!

A Final Call to Opt-In Section

The Final Call to Opt-In Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

The Final Call to Opt-In Section of the Smart Ebook Lead Generation Page template.

Okay, granted.

This Ebook Lead Generation Page template is a bit longer than your standard opt-in form. That means you shouldn’t force visitors to scroll back up to the top if they want to sign up to your mailing list (and get your Ebook).

This is why we added a final Call-To-Action section at the bottom of the template in order to prompt visitors a second time to join your email list and get the free Ebook.

Do you usually deliver your free Ebook to new subscribers by email?

Then you’ll want to use this simple Smart Ebook Confirmation Page template to explain each of the next steps new subscribers must take to find the Ebook email you just sent them.

Want to keep your free Ebook lead generation funnel simple?

No problem.

Just use the Smart Ebook Download Page template post sign-up. Thank new subscribers for joining your list while presenting a download button to do the work of delivering the free Ebook you promised.

The Above the Fold area of the Smart Ebook Confirmation Page with Upsell template.

The Above the Fold area of the Smart Ebook Confirmation Page with Upsell template.

If you’re already selling a low to mid-priced online course on your website, then boy is this Confirmation Page template going to blow your mind!

Instead of simply thanking a new subscriber for joining your mailing list, why not try to upsell them on your course while the iron is hot?

That’s what the Smart Ebook Confirmation Page with Upsell template aims to do and here’s another big reason why you should use it.

Tutorialized Copywriting

When it come to modifying the copy within any of the Smart Ebook Landing Page templates, there’s no need to wrack your brain trying to come up with what to say where.

That’s because all of the copy within each template has been tutorialized so you just have to follow the directions and fill in the blanks.

Believe me, that makes the work of getting each Smart Ebook Landing Page — and especially the upsell page — ready to publish waaaay easier and much faster to get published.

Ready to Upgrade Your Ebook Landing Page Yet?

So what are you waiting for?

The Smart Ebook Lead Generation template set is available for you now in Thrive Architect.

That means if you’ve been putting off upgrading your free Ebook opt-in funnel for a while now, there’s no excuse to not get this conversion boosting work done ASAP.

And if you’re selling online courses, why not try to boost your sales with the Confirmation Page with Upsell template as well?

We’re super excited about the rapid implementation possibilities of this smart landing page template set and we can’t wait to see what you create with it.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about these new Thrive Architect templates in the comments below!

by Matt  December 20, 2019


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  • Cool! How on time you released this series of templates! All you need to quickly launch lead generation! Quickly set up and very stylish look !!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Hi Matt, Thanks for this timely upgrade!! We are excited to use it. Is there a tutorial on Thrive that will show me how to change the font to match my site font?

    Donna B

  • Cool. Thanks ThriveThemes.
    Q: What is your recommendation to get people to this page.
    Would you use a button on home page, for instance?
    Or are you suggesting that this is the landing page we use when we promote the eBook from Social media?


    • Hi Nagui,
      You could have a button in your menu to promote this e-book, have your email signature and social media profiles linked to this page and of course you could do paid advertising if that makes sense for your business.

  • Awesome video Matt.

    Killer new feature by the way.

    I’ve got a couple of E-book opt-in bribes which are definitely in need of a bit of an upgrade, so looking forward to giving them a freshen up ready for the new year.

    Peace out.

  • Funnel building is the pathway to success. This applies to giveaways, product sales or even building email sequences. This is a welcome addition to Thrive Architect that I’m certain will increase conversions and ROI for us all. Great stuff Matt.

  • These are really cool guys and i can see multiple ways that these could be implemented…….not just for use as landing pages for Ebooks either.

    These would make ‘every’ page and post a little more special.

    Is this ‘smart landing page’ function and the smart colour technology going to be rolled out for normal ‘pages’ or even for ‘posts’?

  • these templates are fantastic, fill in the blanks simple. Really like the testimonials and author sections because they add more “value” to the page.

    Thank you so much, Matt, thrive team : )

  • Great work. Love all your products. Wish you would start marking all your products for Joomla.

    I do think Joomla is a better platform to build websites but sometimes you just have to use WordPress for a website just because of some of the plugins.

    Your products are great. The fact that they are all integrated and conversion focused really impresses me.

    I am currently building a LMS website so was checking out thrive apprentice and like what I saw.

    Not sure I want to give up this Joomla site to swap to WordPress. Just to try this plugin.

    Anyway checked out your blog and seen this post.

    Really cool would love to be able to put a Joomla landing page as quick as this.

    There are a couple of good page builders for Joomla that do this but I think your products are better.

    So how about thrive for Joomla?

  • PDFs are starting to be obsolete. Who likes to read an ebook on a smartphone? Who actually prints checklists?
    Please give us templates for multi-format/ecourse lead magnets.

  • Ok Matt… So this is really cool. Getting people to that page might be a challenge, though. Can this page be linked in some what to a Pop Up lightbox/Exit Intent Popup? So, they see that first, click a button and then go to these pages?

  • This is awesome. Exactly what we were hoping to have when we considered Thrive and trying now to revamp our site and create new digital/video products. We are also looking for more templates for video courses so please consider similar. Thanks again!

  • Hi Matt, I love this new template. Where can I find it? I updated Thrive Architect, but I couldn’t spot the E-book template.

  • I love this whe smart ebook landing page concept but as an author of romantic fiction I need my lead magnet cover to be the eye catching cover itself. Is this editable at all? If not through the theme, even in the code could I replace the generic book cover image somehow?

    • Hi Penny,
      You can always replace the ebook cover with a simple image of your own ebook! Just drag an image element on the page 🙂

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