6 Smart Ways to Increase Engagement and Sales Using the Thrive Leads Thank You-State

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Updated on December 22, 2019

​Are you spoiling this unique opportunity?

Imagine your visitor. He’s reading a blog post, likes what he sees and opts in. He’s enthusiastic, he loves what you’re offering and is even willing to trade his email address to hear more from you in the future.

At this very moment, right after your visitor subscribes, you have something that’s increasingly rare online: undivided attention.

This opens a window of opportunities most online businesses neglect...


With Thrive Leads, you can now fully take advantage of this window by showing a thank you-state lightbox rather than redirecting your subscriber to another page.

You can learn how to add a new state to your opt-in form in this tutorial

Let’s discover 7 smart ways to use this thank you state to increase engagement and sales.

#1 Display a Special Offer

If you're trying to increase your online sales while growing your email list, you could reveal a special offer after someone opts in.

There are many ways to do this. In the thank you state, you can show a coupon code, a buy button that leads you to the promotion, or even add a sales video where you explain your offer.

In this video, I'm going to show you how you can add a video and a buy button that only appears after a set period of time: 

#2 Minimize the Inconvenience of Opting In

What are your readers doing when you show them the opt-in offer?

They’re most likely in the middle of reading your blog or trying to find out more about your business.

If at that point your lightbox pops up, their first reaction will be to close it.

But if you let them know in advance that you're only interrupting them for a second and they won’t be redirected to another page, you can avoid this.

Once they opted in, make it crystal clear that now they can get back to the article. You won’t distract them any longer.

Watch the video below to find out how you can add a button to your form that closes your lightbox and takes your reader back to the article.​

#3 Give Your New Subscribers An Easy Way To Reach You

No matter what kind of business you have, your readers will want to know how to reach you.

Providing your contact details to people who just opted in is a great idea. By subscribing, they show that they're interested in your business. Some of them will want to get in touch with you. Make it as easy as possible. 

Show them how to call you, ask questions, schedule an appointment, find your store - anything that is relevant to your business.

In this video, I'm going to show you how you can add a click-to-call button and a Google Map to the thank you-state of your opt-in f​orm:

#4 Tell Your Subscribers What They Can Expect

When you use a double opt-in, make it clear that your readers have to confirm their subscription.

You can use a simple text element to do this or add a screenshot image to show what the first email will look like and how they can mark it as safe.

Another way to use this thank you message is to set expectations:

  • How often will they get your emails? 
  • When will they get the first one?
  • What type of content are you going to send?

Be creative and add a video to the thank you state where you explain the whole process.

#5 Link To Your Downloadable Content

Do you send your opt-in offer via email?

Why don’t you save your subscribers some time and give them access to it right after they opt in?

Display a download link on your thank you state and give what you promised while keeping them on your website.

Watch this video on how to link your downloadable PDF guide to the elements in your thank you state:

#6 Add Related Reviews For More Affiliate Sales

Do you monetize your website through affiliate marketing?

Display your affiliate link and reviews right on the thank you state, where you’re most likely to have people’s attention. This will increase the chances that people will click on it.

Make sure that the offer you’re promoting on the thank you state of your lightbox is relevant to the opt-in form.

Connecting Your Thank You State to Signups

You learnt how to create stunningly creative thank you states - but how can you show this to your subscribers right after they opt in? 

To do this, you need to make sure your sign up form is connected to your email marketing service. In this quick video you can see how to set this after signup - action right after a user clicks the Subscribe button.

Time To Optimise Your Thank You Message

Now you know how to make the most out of the thank you message. It's time to take action!

Which of these tips is the most related to your business?

Let me know in the comments below which of them you are testing and what result you get.

by Alexandra Kozma  October 19, 2016


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  • Hey Alexandra. Great idea to use a second state to display the next step for leads in this way. Much less interuptive. However, I’m driving traffic to my most popular blog posts from Facebook ads. Visitors who convert to leads currently receive the FB “Lead” (or conversion) pixel on the thank you page. If I’m not using a thank you page, how will I be able to deploy the pixel so that I can target converters and non-converters appropriately? Thanks! Alan.

      • Hey Stephen. We deploy a FB pixel tagged with the “Lead” event on all our confirmation pages. That allows us to build a custom audience of all our leads to target that group specifically.

        In addition, we retarget visitors who have viewed specific blog posts and who haven’t converted to leads with a “did you forget to get our lead magnet” message. We do this by building a custom audience in FB of visitors who have viewed the blog post but NOT viewed the confirmation page.

        Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need any clarification.


      • Hi Martin. Sorry, I’m not sure how I can post HTML into the second state. Can you elaborate?

    • There is no page load between the switching of states. That’s why it is not possible to fire a pixel.
      However, you can use all the techniques and strategies outlined in the article on on a thank you page as well, instead of a thank you state. 🙂

  • Always helpful content… brilliant tutorials by Thrive Themes all the time. Thank you very much Alexandra!!

  • Thanks Alexandra and ThriveThemes. This is a great supplement to Hanne’s 7 Day List Building Challenge from last February! Some of us are a little slower and need exposure to these techniques, so thank you for always looking out for us. Best Dave

  • Great post. Food for thought. I don’t use ThriveLeads because I don’t want double-optin. Instead I use ThriveOptIn and just embed the optin form into the lightbox. That way it’s a one step sign up, not a two step. This does give me ideas for what I could to do convert my subscribers, as this is my next step of focus to selling my online products. Would love a post on how to convert subscribers into product sales?

    • Nick, you don’t need to use double opt in with Thrive Leads…

      I use Thrive leads on all my websites and I have single opt in on them all.

      What auto-responder are you using?

    • Hi Nick as Paul pointed out, Thrive Leads doesn’t force double opt-in.
      And I wrote down your post suggestion 🙂

  • I use double optin on my mailinglist. If I give them the download-link after they fill in their email adress, they probably forget the confirmation mail, right? That wil cost me subscribers, or am I missing something?

    • Hi Rutger! Yes, you’re right. If you use double opt-in, we recommend you tell your subscribers first that they need to confirm their subscription, before you give them the download link or any other bonus.

  • Retargeting question as well. I do remember in a video several months ago Shane spoke of sending retargeting pixels in an email to the subscriber. Shane could you clarify that and how to get the html code in the email message? Thanks abd awesome post.

  • this was a great post.. in what circumstance would you create more than 1 state and can you show examples of this as well?

    • Thanks Jim! 🙂
      I can give you two examples for when you can use more than one states: 1. when you use multiple choice opt-in. You can add multiple buttons to your default state and each button leads you to a different opt-in form. You can read this article about this: https://thrivethemes.com/multi-step-optin/
      2. You can add an “already subscibed” state to your form, so that those who have opted in to your mailing list already will see a different message. Please check out this article: https://thrivethemes.com/smartlinks/

  • Hey Alexandra,

    Thanks for this post and the how-to videos.

    I’ve got a question in respect of tip #1.
    If I want to make a special offer for a limited period of time – is there a way to combine ThriveUltimatum with the new state?

  • Awesome. I like the whole switch state thing. I can see exactly how I will use that instead of creating new pages all the time. Much more streamlined and a better user experience in many cases.

  • Great content from you folks at Thrive as usual. My AR is not on the list of APIs so I have to use the form HTML code, but I don’t see an “Action after Sign Up” choice. Am I missing it??

  • Very informative post !! It shows how much dedicated you are in writing all your post and also for good audience it must contain good Content. Useful information. Lucky me I found your web site by chance, and I’m surprised why this coincidence did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • I want to express my admiration of your writing skill and ability to make readers read from the beginning to the end. I would like to read newer posts and to share my thoughts with you. thanks Alexandra

  • Hi, is it also possible to show non-existing subscribers the “thank you” state and already existing subscribers the “already subscribed” state? 🙂

  • Is there anyway to pixel this “Thank You State” audience? I think most people use the traditional thank you page because it allows us to retarget and measure conversions. How does this work along those lines?

  • Thank you Alexandra for this great post…

    However I am a little confused. Especially the use of leadmagnets …I always use landing pages for lead magnet downloads… instead of using an additional state in a light box… As I see in your post here it seems much more straight forward … Huge advantage I see is that you don’t lose your audience by redirecting them to a download page…

    Mmmm….. need to get my head around this.

    • Hi Johan,

      There is a time and place for both I believe.
      Having the download on the opt-in will help with the flow and help readers continue what they were doing. But sometimes you want their full attention on your download page. In that case I would continue using download landing pages.

  • From my own experience, I’m definitely a fan of letting subscribers continue to read your post distraction-free! We’ve used this on our site. Great article.

  • Great article 🙂 But please add “Action after Sign Up” option when using HTML form code, too.
    Also, when I use API connection with ActiveCampaign, what’s the point of “Choose the form you want to use” option in Thrive Leads if it doesn’t load the additional fields that I’ve inserted in AC, only the email, name and phone? Why should I choose one? Thanks!

    • Hello Andras, thanks for your comment!

      You might have different opt-in forms that are connected to different mailing lists or have different tags.

  • HI thanks Alexandra , where i can find the mail and the name of the visitor after there fill the form ?
    great thanks

  • How do you put the PDF on a page that can be viewed online? I don’t want them to download the PDF. I want to create a page that is the PDF.

    • Hello! You can simply upload the PDF file to the WordPress Media Library and then use the link to the file and it will open online; or upload the PDF to Google Drive.

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