Create the Ultimate “Hybrid” Long Form Sales Page

In our latest release of new landing pages, we released a new sales page template. It's not just any sales page template, though: it's a very carefully crafted "hybrid" style long form sales letter.

Check out this training video to learn how all the elements work together, to create a uniquely conversion-boosting page.


Read more about the "hybrid" style sales page and what it's all about in this brilliant article by Joanna Wiebe: Long Copy + Short Copy.

For your reference, I've also created a downloadable PDF of the entire sales page, including all the copy and some additional annotations. You can download it below:​

Do you have any questions about creating sales pages? Any thoughts or feedback you'd like to share? Please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to reply.​


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder and the CEO of Thrive Themes. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.

  • Al says:

    Brilliant! A template as a template for creating the content at the same time. The value keeps pouring in. Seriously, of all the companies I do business with, you’re the only one that continues to educate, inspire and over-deliver on every touch point.

    As I’ve mentioned previously, wish others would follow your lead and realize this business is about both the solution provider and consumer “thriving” together!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Al!

  • Kevin B says:

    Awesome content, as always Shane. Thank you. This is one incredible tool to have in the arsenal.

    Tell me, have you tested whether it is possible to use these landing pages to embed inside a Facebook page tab?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Kevin,

      We’ve not built any template with that purpose in mind. As far as I know, the Facebook tabs still use iFrames, right? That means a page should have a certain width to fit the tab and it should sit without alignment or styles around it on a page (basically stuck to the top left corner of a blank page).

      We can create some templates for this quite easily, but you’d still have to figure out how to show your iframed page in the tab, make sure your website supports https and all that. I will have to look into this with our developers, for more details.

      What I can say right now is that creating templates for Facebook is not a high priority for us, because there are other page types we want to get done first. But we almost certainly will add some Facebook templates at some point in the future. :)

      • Kevin B says:

        Thanks Shane – I really appreciate your response.

  • David says:

    I know Thrive content builder content needs to be separate from WordPress content but how do I edit the text of the WordPress content. For example, bold Italic and change the font and size etc.. Thought I would ask you before sifting through wordpress plugins.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      When you use the WordPress Content element inside Content Builder, you’ll have all the usual text editing tools available as well.

  • Frank Edwards says:

    Excellent video.

    The concept behind what you’re doing with these pages is spot on.

    I’d love to see more templates set up like this with the psychology behind them explained.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for the comment, Frank!

      I’ll happily provide more videos like this if there’s demand for them.

      • Tip K says:

        Okay, Shane, as one of your happy customers, I wish to “demand” as many of these videos as you can possibly make! You constantly amaze and inspire us with your high quality instruction. Keep ’em coming!

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Haha, okay. Noted! :)

      • Dean P says:

        I second this :)

  • George Burroughs says:

    Awesome video and Sales Page!

    The beauty of the design behind the Hybrid Sales Page is something that I have come to expect. The actual “Long Copy” template (customizable, of course) is a wonderful bonus. However, the explanation behind the psychological importance regarding the various elements of the Page – the importance of Story-Telling, Teaching, Headings, Testimonials and Lists – makes this worthy of a stand alone product. Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much!

  • Missy says:

    Thanks for this, and all your great videos. I am so glad I purchased both the Thrive Themes and Thrive Content Builder. The tools are so simple and easy to use and I can create pages that rival professional web designers. I highly suggest your products to anyone with or without site building skills.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your support, Missy!

  • Nick W says:

    Outstanding video! I think that one of the reasons some of us didn’t like the webinar is that your own videos are so good that they spoil us. Very few people can compete with your information delivery efficiency. It respects our time and at the same time gets across the information that you need to have delivered!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Nick! I do my best, although I’m sure it also has to do with personal taste and maybe my style of delivery is just the right kind for you.

  • Sarge says:

    It just keeps getting better.

    I went through hundreds of plugins, themes and other WordPress goods.

    Content Builder is the best WP product I’ve ever purchased.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Wow, thank you very much!

  • David C says:

    I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but WOW! Everything you guys do, you do it the right way. Love how you not only create beautiful designs, but you have logical reasoning behind your designs as well. Also, your teaching is very valuable—much appreciated! I have to say, Thrive may be the best investment I’ve made for my business to date. Great job Shane!

    • Nick W says:

      I have to agree with you 100%. I’ve been around a long time in this business and I know all of the players (and the wanna be players)! No one does it as well as Shane and Paul.

      From an investment point, it absolutely IS the best investment I’ve made in my online marketing business in 12 years.

      I have dumped all of my $300 premium themes in favor of Thrive themes. I’ve cancelled my $500 per year subscription to a landing page service – thanks to Thrive’s features! It even integrates well with Mail Chimp – allowing you to get started with auto-responders for FREE!

      You cannot beat the value of Thrive Themes!

      • David C says:

        Awesome Nick—good for you! I’ve stopped looking around at themes and decided to stop using OptimizePress 2. I would put Shane and Paul at the top in their field, as well. Trustworthy, knowledgable, and concerned about doing things the right way!

        All the best,


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, David! I really appreciate your support and I’m happy that we’re able to provide stuff that adds real value to your business.

  • Damien Rufus says:

    Awesome video. Refreshing to say the least.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Damien!

  • Ted B says:

    Well done, I can’t wait to use this template and seriously hope that it is fully compatible with TCB (unlike the Thrive Templates I’ve used thus far).

    • Paul McCarthy says:

      This is a Content Builder landing page – so yes it’s compatible. Anyhow, theme landing pages will also be compatible with TCB in a few weeks, too.

  • Hello Shane,

    I hate templates for internet marketing purposes.

    Why? Well, they drive inexperienced users to turn out a bog standard page or other item that is no different from thousands of others put online by many inexperienced website owners hoping to magically hit the success button.

    That was until I saw your video about the Thrive templates. I now love your templates because they are so adaptable in design and opportunities for good content relevant to the individual website and its purpose for existing. That is absolutely in line with all I have come to enjoy about the Thrive Content Builder.

    I now produce the type of pages I used to spend inordinate amounts of time getting right prior to discovering Thrive but I now do so in a fraction of the time. This is my most useful tool.

    Thank you, Shane and your team.

    Best regards,

    Peter Kershaw.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Peter!

      I actually felt the same way about templates. I often started setting one up, but then ended up not using it because I couldn’t really suit it to my needs. Even for my own purposes, I’m very happy that we found a balance between “ready made” and customizability with our plugin.

      • Peter Kershaw says:

        Hello Shane,

        Thank you for your comment. I am aware that somebody has recently promoted a sales page program with text animation but have not yet seen it in action. It sounds interesting for a possible future development at Thrive. Have you seen it and is it the way to go in the future?

        Best regards,

        Peter Kershaw.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        I just published a post with my thoughts on the use of animations on websites:

  • Eric Ruth says:

    This is beautiful, Shane. Exactly what I need. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Eric! I’m glad the template serves you well.

  • Martin says:

    Thanks Shane, great video and I am looking forward to using this on my new site. Loving Thrive Themes they just make this website building so easy. Thanks again :)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      You’re very welcome, Martin! Glad you’re enjoying Thrive. :)

  • Tip K says:

    Shane, your videos double the value of your wonderful themes and your TCB plug-in. Reading down this page, almost every comment is a testimonial to the value your products offer and the advice you give. You could practically cut-and-paste these comments into your sales template!

    Somehow, in your own sales pitches, you need to emphasize the additional element of education that follows when a customer buys into the Thrive system. I was a little hesitant at first to buy both the Themes pack and the TCB plug-in, but fortunately I perceived enough value and made the right decision. Had I known how much more I would be receiving with your steady stream of tutorials, it would have been a no-brainer decision.

    I’ve got my new skeletal website up and running using the Ignite theme. It is beautiful and it was so easy to give it the look I wanted. Thanks for everything.

    Tip Kilby

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Tip! It’s a good suggestion. I’m not sure how I can convey this with credibility in the sales message, but I’ll give it some more thought and try to make this part clearer. :)

      • Dean P says:

        Maybe you could talk about how you don’t just give us tools and say goodbye but you teach us how to use them in our real life businesses to improve conversions.

        Shane – You’re the man!

  • Leonid says:

    Hello guys,

    planning to buy the membership. Do themes support cyrillic alphabet? Can I incorporate country-specific social networks not supported by themes in a way built-in buttons function (share bar etc).


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, you can use them with the Cyrillic alphabet. We don’t have any specific support for other social networks.

  • John.N says:

    Hi Shane – great video and education as usual !

    I was thinking, with the continual rise in mobile usage and people accessing webpages from their smartphones more and more…

    How does that stack up with the long form sales page? I mean are there any tests you have done for that? Do people stick around for long enough on these types of pages on a mobile device, as opposed to Tablet/Desktop?

    We are also being told to make our content longer on all our pages and posts as well, because of the ‘feedback loop’ of… Google being more likely class that as ‘authority’ content, if visitors like and share it… which they will, if it’s deep and great enough! But isn’t that contrary to what mobile devices inherently require: shorter more concise content!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      I don’t have any data on this and I haven’t come across any case studies or tests on the subject, so the following is just speculation.

      It may well be that the attention span and willingness to read content is lower for mobile visitors than it is for desktop visitors. However, I don’t think making content shorter for mobile is a solution for this. Long content and long form sales letters aren’t about being long just for the sake of it.

      In fact, “long-form sales letter” is a really bad name for this thing, because it gives the impression that it has to be long. When creating a sales message, you never try to make it longer. You try to make it as short as possible (and yes, that’s true for a long form sales letter as well). The idea is that you say as little as possible and as much as necessary.

      In the case of a hybrid sales page like this template is made for, it means that you craft the most persuasive message possible and you recognize that in order to do that, you need to tell a story and form a connection with your visitor.

      You can compare it to a really thick novel. Sure, the book is huge and the text is very, very “long” but you can bet that the author never tried to pad out the story. No author thinks “I better write another 100 pages of fluff so it will look better on a bookshelf”. The opposite is probably true and for every page of text you read, one or more might have been cut in revisions and editing. The author is trying to tell the most entertaining, most moving, most important story he or she can, in as few words as possible. But there’s a lot of story to tell, so you end up with a thick book.

      Just like cutting content out of a novel because e-reader screens are small wouldn’t improve the book, cutting content out of a sales page for mobile devices wouldn’t improve the sales message or make it more persuasive.

  • Cabbie Bowes says:

    I just wanted to thank you for such a good video. It was very informative yet not to long and very helpful to me. I’m just a newbie to this and I’d like too thank you for easing my fears. I’m sure we will be talking in the future. Patrick Headley is my coach who sent me this link to help me.

    Thank you,

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Cabbie. I’m very happy to know that this video was helpful for you.

  • Dean P says:

    This is so incredible Shane!

    Thank you so much for sharing (I wouldn’t have noticed this template otherwise too)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s the one downside to releasing so many templates at once: there are some gems in there that are easily missed. But I’ll be making more videos like this one, highlighting what the different sets are about.

  • Tim Topham says:

    I don’t know how you guys keep doing it, but once again, you’ve released a product at exactly the time that I need it.

    I’ve been working for days on a sales page that I’ve designed from scratch based on other ones that I’ve experienced, but I’m actually going to start again with your long-form template as I now know exactly what I’ve got to do and how to hook in the readers.

    Filling the page with a “how-to” is a stroke of pure genius – nice work boys!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for the comment, Tim! Good to know that this came at just the right time for you. :)

  • Jerilynne K says:

    With over 30 years in the techie field of bridging the divide between the person who is stuck using the “whatever” and the developer who created the “whatever” I’ve never seen someone blend together an understanding of the behind-the-scenes details and the need for us “out here” to do something more than drop stuff in a box and move on.

    Truly impressed with how you provide a hybrid between “template” and good business, education with value. I’ve struggled for ages with the WHY of stuff…and you’re clearing the fog away with your clear, precise style and well done tools.

    Kudos. Congrats. Stellar work.

  • MamaRed says:

    OOPs, meant to ask … you mention testing the variations of pages (copy only, VSL, etc) and wondered if those features are built into TCB or the themes. I know XXX does have that and I’m just beginning a journey into that process.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We don’t have any built-in testing features, but I’ll be releasing a tutorial on how to run split tests (for free) on our templates. Coming soon! :)

  • SIMON BYRNE says:

    Hi Shane,
    Great information like the idea of mixing both types up as seen pros and cons of both, dual readership layout is also great feature – adding value is key. Thanks again for a great job and updates
    kind regards

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Simon! Glad you like the template.

  • MamaRed says:

    Thanks Shane…something I don’t know diddly about, well, enough to be dangerous!

  • Jeremy Tarrier says:


    I’m afraid to have to say that I’m not very happy with this set of features.

    As a trained copywriter I have a feeling that you may have put me out of business ;-)

    Then again, with all the great stuff you have put into the “hybrid” style sales page, I’ll be able to turn out more copy faster.

    Great work!

    All the best,


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Haha, fair enough. I don’t think it quite does the copywriting job all by itself, though. :)

  • Anne W says:

    Where do I get help with Hybrid?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      For the Hybrid sales page, you can post in the Thrive Content Builder support forum.

  • RT says:

    Great video, Shane ! It was really very helpful in gathering the useful information.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you! Glad you found it useful.

  • Dan N says:

    Nice video presentation. Had difficulty watching it though as the video kept getting stuck and then didn’t buffer. Thought you might like to know. I don’t think it’s at my end, internet connection is fine to watch other videos. I wonder if it is the player or wistia?? Any thoughts?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Dan,

      Sorry about the video troubles. Wistia is usually very reliable, but perhaps there was a temporary issue of some kind? If you experience the same thing with all videos on our site, let us know.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Shane, fabulous training mate. loving your easy to follow explanations. Excited. BTW I noted this issue with buffering also but that’s not really an issue when the content is this good……

  • Rudy M says:

    Great content. You just gave me a potentially great idea of how to connect better with my prospective clients. Thanks.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to hear that, Rudy!

  • rob says:

    Brilliant Shane – Thanks so much!!
    Do believe the penny has finally dropped on yee old sales pitch.

    Have one question for you:
    You state that the CTA comes in roughly the 4th part/section where you actually begin to talk about the product.
    In the video though – say you want to introduce yourself (face to face) with the viewer and say that product is low calorie diet you’ve created from a certain place on the planet based on their foods/diet…
    Would you formulate the the vid in the same tone – talking about why obesity is still an issue etc etc and then go on to talk about why this diet was created as it will a) etc etc
    Dont reinvent the wheel right?
    Thanks – sorry if thats pushing it a bit ;)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rob! Glad you liked the content here.

      Yes, you can use the exact same story-telling technique and structure for a video. Note that for video, just like for a sales page, this way of structuring it isn’t necessarily the best way of doing it. But it’s a well-tested method that works great for many businesses. Once you get a decent amount of traffic, it’s worth testing this against a more product-focused approach as well.

  • rob says:

    Thanks mate.
    Your explanation of how the sales page works in each separate section is invaluable…
    Much cudos to you.
    Many thanks.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Rob! Glad you liked this video. More sales page templates and videos like this are in the works.

  • rob says:

    Well.. I’m into the thick of it now and my constant nagging question I ask myself is whether to write 1st or 3rd person or 1st just a little bit.

    By that I mean I’m creating a diet product – it’s basically a list of low calorie dieting recipes (popular food in west) filmed on location in certain part of the world where I’ve now lived for 10 yrs.

    But – I can’t write it like “well – when I rocked up I was fat as.. but now these recipes.. bladibla are how it changed me” – cos I was scrawny when I arrived and now i’m about 75kg – a comfortable weight.

    So I’m still unsure how to approach it.
    Whether to schpeel – or tell it completely how it is
    Obviously testing is key – but the Long Copy + Short Copy where she gives demonstrations of squeeze pages not sales pages??? states that if I were to buy her product it may reveal exactly the way to address this type of product.

    Mmmm – any pointers would be most welcome,
    Writing 50% (as she adds) as a means of convincing b4 talking about the product seems totally extreme but then again this is what works they say.

    Fyi..can u make your comments box stretchy.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Those are difficult questions to answer. Like I’ve stated before, this isn’t the “right” or the “perfect” sales page template. It’s just one type of sales page that often leads to very good results.

      As for the story: maybe you can find a different subject for your story, if your own isn’t the ideal one. :)

  • alireza says:

    Features are too good to believe! I will buy it definitely and I hope to see the all great features there!

  • John says:

    This is a really great short tutorial on how to write a sales page in the proper order and hitting the most effective aspects. You could charge to access this video all by itself. :)

    Nice work!

  • Paul C says:

    I love this template and video explaining it. Actually, I love just about everything you produce at Thrive Themes, which I have used to completely rebuild my site after it totally crashed last August.

    Just one thing . . . I downloaded the PDF of the annotated template, but it one long page. That is, it is not separated into x number of separte pages in which to view the document. So, for me it’s useless to print out, which is what I want to do. Unless I’m missing something, is it possible to produce this PDF in x number of pages to view each page of the site template?
    Thanks — Paul

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I never print anything, so I’m not sure about this, but it seems to me that one of the printing options should be splitting the document up onto a number of pages, no?

  • hayavadhan says:

    great video ..i want to view the pdf.. how should i? i didn’t find any links..

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      There was an error on this page, regarding the bonus PDF. Sorry about that. I’ve updated the page and it should work now.

  • David says:

    Where can we access the template, it says it will be available for download below but there is nothing there?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi David,

      Sorry, there was an issue on this page. I’ve now fixed it and the bonus is available again.

  • Wendy says:

    can’t find the template pdf?

  • Deborah says:

    Shane… I’m in love with you!!! Thank you very much for your tutorials and for your work.
    I didn’t buy yet any product of Thrive, because I’m choosing if I take Thrive Landing Page or a Membership.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Deborah! I’m very happy to know that the tutorials have been helpful for you. :)

  • zeramos.consultor says:

    Olá Shane. Lembre se que seus clientes falam outras linguagens.
    Sugiro que os videos da Thrive utilizem legenda.
    Tutoriais traduzidos para o português ajudaria bastante.

  • Lesley says:

    Hi Shane. Can I use a WP plugin – SmartCat’s Our Testimonials Showcase inside the Thrive Theme Sale Page?

  • >

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