How to Create the 3 Most Important Landing Pages No Website Can Live Without

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Updated on January 8, 2020

A landing page has only one purpose: converting your visitors.

That’s why landing pages are so effective for growing your email list and your business. They do only one thing, but they are insanely good at it.

In this video you’ll discover the 3 types of landing pages every serious online business should create on their website to have higher conversion.


  • The first type of landing page is the Lead Generation Landing Page offering freebies, that will convert your visitors into subscribers. Each freebie opt-in offer needs to have a separate landing page on your website, so people find it easily. In the video I show you how to create a simple page using one of the templates found in Thrive Architect.
  • The second one is the Thank You page, which will help you get higher engagement. The message is up to you; you can add a video, add a picture of yourself, or you can ask your new subscribers to follow you on social media. You can even spice things up by giving an unannounced bonus. In the video above, I show you how to set up a page like this with an opt-in template that is included in the landing page set we were using for our lead generation page.
  • The last one is the Sales Page that will allow you to sell more. Each one of your offers should have an individual, dedicated sales page. You can set this up within the same landing page set we were using in the previous examples.

Creating these 3 types of pages is really easy with the Thrive Architect plugin, and they will help you grow your business. No doubt about that.

These landing pages will be very efficient at converting the visitors, but you still need to get visitors to those pages…

How to Get Traffic to Your Landing Pages

10 strategies to bring traffic to your landing pages

Let me share 10 strategies to bring traffic to your landing pages:

1. Share on Social Media

Share your landing page on social media or even better, schedule several shares over time so you'll promote your landing page on regular basis on your social media profiles. You can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer for this.

2. Add a Link to Your Social Media Profiles

Create a short URL for your landing page (with a service as or with the WordPress plugin Pretty Link Lite) and add that link to your social media profiles.

3. Add a Link to Your Email Signature

How many emails do you send every day? Each email signature is an opportunity to share your most important landing page.

4. Create Links on Your Website

Go through the older articles on your blog and look for internal linking opportunities. Start by adding links to the posts that get the most traffic.

5. Optimize for Search Traffic

Improve the SEO on your landing pages with a plugin such as Yoast SEO to increase your odds of getting more search traffic.

6. Drive Traffic With Facebook Ads

Set up retargeting ads on Facebook to get your website visitors to your landing pages, even after they leave your site (and even if they weren't planning on coming back). You can read this article, to discover 6 ways to use retargeting ads to grow your business.

7. Add a Link to Your Biography

Use a link to your landing pages in your biography when you’re featured on other websites.

8. Advertise in the Sidebar

Add an image in the sidebar of your website that advertises your offer and link the image directly to the landing page.

9. Advertise From the Menu

Add an item to your top menu and link it to your landing page. Or if you’re a Thrive Leads customer, you can even use a ThriveBox to show an opt-in form immediately from you menu.

10. Ask Your Subscribers to Share

Send your opt-in offer to your subscribers and ask them to share it. But instead of having them share the download page of your offer, make sure that when they click on a share button, they share the landing page URL. If you’re using the Thrive Architect plugin to create your landing pages, you can add this option very easily and for the step by step instructions, you can check out this video. At exactly 3 minutes into the video you’ll learn how to set up share buttons on your thank you/download page that when people share it, they’re actually sharing your lead generation landing page.

Now it’s your turn.

Create these 3 different types of landing pages on your website with Thrive Architect and start driving some traffic to them!

Do you have any questions or thoughts to share about these landing pages? Go ahead and leave a comment below!

by Hanne  March 12, 2018


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  • Hanne, excellent post with several awesome ideas. I particularly like HootSuite as I use their bulk scheduling feature to automate over 700 posts weekly. Secondly, for the Google fans out there, I being one of them, they also have a link shortener

    • Hi Chad, thanks for the tip! I thought the link shortener of Google didn’t give analytics but apparently it does 🙂

  • Hello Thrive Themes, Love your Landing Pages! I do have a request. Hoping that you could include some templates for Local Lead Generation or Pay Per Call where the Phone number is a bit more prominent to encourage the call. This is about the only thing that I find missing….Thanks for the awesome products!

      • All of you are doing some great work. I think I’ve finally found a home. You’re not only making easy to use and extremely powerful tools, you know how to market and teach it.

        I want to make a membership site using your tools, i’m a paid member of Thrive. Have considered plugins. Membergate is too expensive. I know about the Apprentice pages. What would you recommend Paul?

      • Yay! I own a small business and have absolutely loved using your products to design my site. Can’t wait to see the local business landing pages 🙂

      • Can’t wait for this Paul. My target market is small businesses. I am trying to apply internet marketing techniques, normally associated with digital products, to small local businesses. Targeted PPC and landing pages seems to be a rarity in this market.

  • Great video! Deliver it well. But, I have a question is there any way I could a/b split test this pages which performs better like what we have on Thrive leads?

  • Really great information. I’m trying to pull all of this together and you have been so very helpful and clear. It’s obvious that to do things correctly, I’m going to have to start thinking correctly. The interplay of these links makes sense. It’s just always trying to see the opportunities you have highlighted here. I am so grateful I discovered Thrive. I’m certain if I learn these wonderful tools, I’ll get on just fine. Thanks again, Hanne.

  • It would have been great to have some examples listed here. Maybe some screen caps of each type of landing page. Or better yet, links to some real Thrive-created finished versions. Even if only from the list of Thrive landing page templates.

  • Interesting thoughts about landing pages. They make a difference.
    Just wondering when you would exclude them from search engine crawlers. I think it’s not always good to let them appear in SERPS, right?

    • Hi Pieter,
      We exclude them from the search rankings when people shouldn’t find them by search so the confirmation page and thank you/download pages are hidden but the lead generation landing pages stay indexed.

  • Again, great training from you GREAT folks at Thrive! Question: if we would like to share this content ina blog or a Facebook update, how do we also make it a ln affiliate link for Thrive? In other words, I’d like my list to view the training and then lead them to making a decision to purchase Thrive Leads, or any of your products.
    Would it be best to just imbed the video on our own lead page that is linked to the affiliate Thrive sales page?

    • Hi Harvey,

      As an affiliate, you can make a link with your affiliate code attached to any of our blog content by going to your affiliate dashboard, go to custom tracking links and chose “alternate Incoming Page Links” from here you can past the URL you would like to link to (for example this blog post). All clicks will be tracked and if somebody ends up buying you’ll get the commission.

  • Can I just tell you how much I love Thrive Themes? I am like the pickiest person alive, and you guys have just wowed me. Thank you so much for your incredibly featured, reasonably priced service. And the helpful tips you give truly make you the best option out there. And I researched them all! Thank you 🙂

  • Wow, great stuff Hanne. Fairly new building sites but explanation of a dedicated landing page for a single offer makes real sense and not to a general offers page with all of what you are offering. has changed my thinking and ways totally. Thank you.

  • Hanne, I just had to comment on this article!

    I don’t know if you have any superpowers but this article is actually a CORE of my educational program when it comes to creating website funnel.

    It may be a common sense but too many business owners miss the basics and just jump all over the place trying to start with complex funnels and not getting results.

    Instead, they should make their “core funnel” work first and then scale it based on their niche and products/services!

    I just love this article and will feature it into my upcoming live masterclass group coaching program…

    And the best thing – I’ve been Thrive user for just a few months, but your platform has become core component for my stuff and will be a cornerstone for my clients too.

    Great job!

    • Wow Phil that’s amazing to hear! You’re completely right with the core funnel building before trying to build more complicated things.

  • Great ideas! These things are simple yet powerful and I was missing all of them on my site! Thank you for the clear and concise explanation of why they are beneficial.

  • Thank you for another very helpful segment. I’m converting my website to WordPress and using Thrive Themes. Being new to both, I am on a massive learning curve and your tutorials and ‘tutorialiased’ templates are brilliant.

  • Hi Hanne,
    Thanks for another great post, including a video that I am going to implement the suggestions from this week. You guys are the absolute best and I am a very happy customer of Thrive Themes. Keep up the great work you’re all doing.

  • Hye, great post as always! Just checking whether the latest update make the hyperlink bit buggy. Wish you could check on that.

    • Thanks Star – can you post your issue in the forum so that we can handle this. We’re working on an improvement to that right now so would be good to get your feedback on this.

  • Excellent! Thanks for the tips. Hey, just wondering, the audio sounds great on the video. What kind of mic are you using. Is it wireless microphone on your shirt? Brand?

    • Hi Eric, thanks.
      For the audio, in this video I’m using a wired mic but I would not really recommend (our video guy had quite some cleaning up to do to get the audio quality ok).
      On the other videos we’re using a mic connected to the zoom h1 recorder.

  • I used to think landing page is just for selling. This article tells me there are two other types, which higher engagement and subscriber.


  • Hi
    I run a small Plumbing service company that I would like to have its main traffic coming for emergency plumbing, i.e leaking pipes etc, have you any ideas on the type of landing I should use,

    • I would use a landing page that’s targeted to get people to call you immediately. State the problem, tell how you can help, give them an easy way to contact you.

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