Why Even Your Dominatrix Needs a Landing Page (Plus 7 Other Examples)

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Be honest. Do you REALLY know how a landing page can help your business?

Sure, it's a great weapon to have in your marketing arsenal. With resources like Thrive University, it's easy to find ways to become a better marketer using landing pages.

But... what if you're not a marketer?

What if you're a guitar teacher or dance instructor? Why should you care about landing pages in the first place?

These seem to be questions no one has bothered to answer before.

The truth is - you absolutely need landing pages, regardless of what your business is.


Overcomplicating the Simplest Page on Your Website?

When you search for information about landing pages, you're likely to run into a passionate marketer's article about conversion optimization or copywriting.

Even the most innocent of inquiries can send you on a wild goose hunt through intricate A/B test case studies and debates about the correct shade of background grey.

You easily come off with a false impression that landing pages are something incredibly complicated, specific to the finest detail, when it's actually the exact opposite.

A landing page is just a webpage with one simple purpose:

Persuade your visitor to click a button.

That's it.

When you look at landing pages through this lens, it opens up a world of opportunity, even if your business card doesn't say marketer.

8 Unexpected Professionals in Dire Need of a Good Landing Page

Let's look at different people who should use landing pages, but rarely do so.

1. Up and Coming Blogger

If you're like other up and coming bloggers, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content you need to create.

Don't worry though. You can ease your load with a simple, if counter-intuitive shortcut.

When you're starting out, don't write anything on your own blog. Spend your limited resources writing guest posts and building relationships with influencers.

The only thing you need to have on your own website is, you guessed it, a landing page to gather all the email addresses of your new fans. Use this mailing list to send new information and content to people who are already interested in your content.

Then, after your mailing list has grown to a more substantial size, you can start creating content for your own blog.​

Thrive Architect - Template for Bloggers

A great place to start with is the Big Picture-Template in Thrive Architect. It's a quick way to get people excited about something big that's coming. Get this published in 30 minutes and you can focus on your guest posting!

  • Your own site should be a simple landing page to receive all your visitors, informing them of what your future blog will be about.

2. Serious Podcaster

Your podcast is on iTunes, so why would you even need a website?

Well here's a surprise - your listeners don't all use iTunes. Some are vehemently opposed to such abhorrent services (like yours truly).

But it's not all for personal preference either. Fact is, podcast services just don't have the best search engines on the planet. Some listeners couldn't find your podcast if they wanted to!

In addition to running a good podcast on your chosen platform, you must have something with a bit more SEO power: a website. It doesn't have to be complicated.

A landing page will do fine.​

A well designed podcast landing page will give your visitor a good overview of what your podcast is about, and links to the most popular episodes.

Thrive Architect - Template for Podcasters

A great way to create a homepage for your podcast is with is the Phonic Podcast-template in Thrive Architect. It's quick to fill out and link to your various podcast-episodes.

  • Use a landing page to make your podcast easy to find through search engines and introduce your best content.
  • If you want to take it even further, check out our Thrive University course on creating a marketing funnel for your podcast.

3. Dentists

Dental services are mostly up to spec with their websites, offering at least decent scheduling functionality. The "San Fransisco Dental Office" homepage falls short in more than a couple of ways.

Homepage of San Fransisco Dental Office

What they have done well is using the homepage as a landing page with a single action point: schedule your visit.

What they haven't done well is pretty much everything else. We're left wondering about equipment, schedules, personnel etc.

Worst of all, they use ... a slider.​ *shudder*

Your dental services website needs to offer an easy and quick way to make appointments. How else will your visitors ever sign up otherwise?

In addition to easy scheduling, dental services could benefit from email marketing.

Imagine sending a weekly email instructing people to brush their teeth properly, or a newsletter about the latest in dental technology. Focus on personal and useful content, and you'll gather a loyal following in no time.

Thrive Architect - Template for Dentists:

Thrive Architect has the Medical Services-template nearly tailormade for dentists. It looks professional and the appointment button is ready to connect to whichever provider you want.

  • Build a loyal readerbase from your ​jagged-toothed customers.
  • Differentiate yourself from every other dental service with customers who are also your fans.

4. Successful Freelancers

As a freelancer, your primary goal is to get a client.

Now, what does a client want to see when they google you? A complicated website full of portfolio links and about pages and blog content ... or a single page where you give them a few clear practical benefits to hiring YOU?

Homepage of Graphic Designer Jessica Greenwalt

This graphic designer is obviously a professional and probably gets more than enough work. You can find her portfolio and previous clients on her website, but if you decide you want to work with her, how would you contact her?

Problem is, you have no idea how you can, or if you should hire them. You might even end up hiring a less suitable option because their homepage was easier to navigate!

If you recognize yourself in this freelancer's shoes, don't worry. An instant fix would be to turn your homepage into a simple landing page with a few benefits you can provide to your clients.

Thrive Architect - Template for Freelancers

As a self-employed person, the Copy-landing page template is a great place to start. You can introduce yourself by video or just a photo and then add a quick bulletpoint list of valuable skills you can bring to the table.

  • Make it simple and effortless to contact you.
  • Give clear benefits you can offer your clients.

5. Chefs and Restaurateurs

Have you seen the movie "Chef"? It's a subpar growth story of a food truck chef who doesn't know what Twitter is. While the movie itself is rather weak, trying to fly on the food entertainment fame, it does raise a good point:

As a chef, you absolutely must be on top of your social media and web presence.

Imagine you run a restaurant. One day a popular chef decides to make an appearance at your establishment, creating a pop-up restaurant for a few nights. How do you spread the word and create some noise around the event?

Skylon Restaurant shows us what not to do. This page advertises an event that passed long ago. Can we still sign up to this chef's next event? Most likely we'll never hear about this young chef's future endeavours, even if we were interested.

But what if they used a landing page?

Using landing pages, you can quickly create information hotspots for every event, and make sure the page expires when the event does. You could even use a plugin like Thrive Ultimatum to create a feeling of urgency when the end is drawing near to increase engagement.

Most importantly, the landing page would offer an instant way to take reservations for current and future events. You could also collect an email list of interested customers and start a food related newsletter.

Thrive Architect - Template for Restaurateurs

Are you a chef? Try the Restaurant-Template in Thrive Architect. It's tailor made to suit a culinary event. Forget the headache of web design and focus on serving great food.

  • Create separate landing pages for each event with automatic booking possibilities.
  • Make these pages expire automatically, so you don't have dead pages floating around search engine history!

6. A Recently Graduated Student

Just graduated? Looking for a job? All you need is a good resumé, right?

Well here's some news for you: nobody cares about your resumé. Not really. People only care about what you can do for them.

The easiest way to show what you can do for others is rent a billboard with the last of your money to get hired.

Nah, I'm kidding. Actually you just need to create a compelling landing page.

Then all you do is share your website with employers. Trust me, you'll stand out from all the bland resumés.​

Thrive Architect - Template for Work-seekers

The Copy 2.0-template is great for the newly unemployed. A mixture of sales page and landing page, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and your skills before asking your visitor to contact you.

  • Get a domain, and publish a landing page outlining the benefits you can provide to people.
  • Add a small contact form so people can contact you. You can even start off with an introductory video.
  • Your goal is to get people interested in you and stay on your page.​

7. Self-publishers and Authors

If you haven't heard of Tim Ferriss, now's a good time to be introduced. The guy is a professional lifehacker and shortcutter. So when he's publishing a new book, it's a good idea to pay attention to how he does it.

This landing page for Tools of Titans leaves no questions. You know what it's about and you know how and where to get it.

If you're publishing anything, you absolutely need to collect a mailing list of people interested in your upcoming product before you publish it. This small seed audience is the key to getting noticed in the "New Releases"-sections of Amazon.com and the like.

Thrive Architect - Template for Authors

A good template to start your book promotion is the Author-template of Thrive Architect. You can easily and quickly present the main pointers of your book.

  • Be sure to create a landing page for all of your upcoming and existing publications.​

8. Professional Dominatrix

Thought that title was just clickbait, did ya?

I'm dead serious. Here's why:

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may or may not be familiar with how professional dominatrices work. It's a sensitive topic after all, and information isn't readily available.

So what if you wanted to book an appointment?

You want to know exactly what you're getting into. You want answers to all of your possibly awkward questions without having to extensively scour through a cluttered website.

In short, you don't want to end up dressed in black latex in someone's basement, if all you really wanted was a relaxing massage. 

That's why, as a professional dominatrix, your homepage should be a landing page. Make it simple, outlining your service and style, with a simple contact button for further screening.

Your client needs to have all information available at just a glance.

Thrive Architect - Template for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the personal image and health industry can use the Beauty Biz-template in Thrive Architect. This template comes ready with a soothing atmosphere and is ready to publish in minutes.

  • Use a simple landing page, clearly outlining the type of service you provide with one call to action.​

What is Your Landing Page For?

It's just a page with a single purpose.

Don't let marketers tell you that landing pages are something hugely complicated that you need to pay hundreds of dollars every month for. You can publish a simple landing page yourself, regardless of your profession.

How do you use landing pages in your business?

So get Thrive Architect and get doing already!​

by Jay  January 10, 2017


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  • “In short, you don’t want to end up dressed in black latex in someone’s basement, if all you really wanted was a relaxing massage.”
    Best laugh I’ve had all day!
    I’m not a Thrive user, though I do enjoy reading the articles. My dilemma is that only my blog is WordPress. My main website is not, so I feel like my options for using Thrive are limited.

    • Hey Paula,
      Just do a search at fiverr.com on the topic “convert to WordPress.” You will find several vendors that start at $5. There are so many benefits to using wordpress over straight html, even without ThriveThemes products. But add Shane’s stuff, and you cannot lose. (Yeah… you could say I’m a fanboy)

    • Hah Paula, glad you enjoyed it. =) So cool that you like to read our stuff.

      Question is though – why would you have a main website separately from your blog? Just make it all under WordPress. Any theme, including the Thrive Themes, and perfectly capable of handling a blog within a website.

      Like Keith says, it’s not an expensive job to convert your existing content into a WordPress site. I wouldn’t recommend fiverr.com to anyone, but freelancers on Upwork will help you along the way.

  • Hi Jay, You might want to check your headline…and Life Life under…
    Just a thought – Use it, don’t use it…:)

  • Absolutely love Thrive and thank you for the article but I will say this, we could really do with some better templates. The ones currently on offer are somewhat dated and mostly not very appealing. But that’s just my humble opinion.

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for the feedback. We’re constantly working to provide newer designs and cooler templates.

      While I (personally) agree with you to some extent, remember that your landing page needs to:
      1. Load quickly
      2. Lead your visitor to an action

      Thrive Landing Pages are all designed with this conversion focus primarily in mind. The more fancy you add, the slower it gets.

      But that’s obviously not an excuse for dated designs. Noted!

  • Thanks for providing this much needed info. I have a guy working on my Facebook campaign and we bought Thrive Themes to easily do a Landing Page. Or two. Or three. As I have multiple web sites.

  • Great post Jay,
    You give me nice ideas to implement right away.

    With the knowledge, we can sell this service to a diversity of professional

  • Hi Jay,

    As you mention, the sole purpose of the landing page is to get the site visitor to click a button. Using the dental business as an example, can you clarify a few things?

    The landing page would be the home page for the dentists site. Is that correct? If yes, a menu would need to be added to the landing page to link to other pages on the dentist’s site. Doesn’t this then distract from the sole purpose of the landing page?? But without a menu it isn’t a fully functional business site.

    You mention the dentist should be sending regular emails. Is this just a general recommendation…or are you suggesting that the landing page should also have an opt-in box? Again, wouldn’t this reduce the effectiveness of the landing page by having too many CTAs, i.e. ‘Book Appointment’ button, opt-in, menus?

    How do you recommend the pieces should all fit together ideally?


    • Hey Greg!

      Thanks for your questions, good points.

      1. Will the landing page be the homepage? Not necessarily, but it most definitely can be. Introduce your practice, maybe some equipment you use and then guide your visitor to book an appointment. I realize that’s a simple page and will leave some people with more questions, but it’s still better than a hastily put together website with random information. Most important to your visitor is to find what they need quickly (in this case: book appointment).

      I understand that most dentists will want a larger website with more function and information, prices and such. So in this case I’d use a Screenfiller-lightbox on your homepage, acting as a landing page appearing over your real homepage. That way you can collect emails and inform visitors of current offers without having to change your current homepage or remove key elements.

      2. General recommendation for any business (in my mind) is to collect and build an email audience. Should the landing page ALSO have an email opt-in box? Not necessarily. When your visitor asks for more information or books an appointment, just ask them to leave their email address as well.

      Does that help?


      • Yep. Very helpful. Thanks Jay.

        The Screenfiller-lightbox is a great suggestion. If it can feature a Book Now button (which I imagine it can), I’d be keen to test a Book Now button vs. an email opt-in as the CTA.


  • Hi there,

    Is there anyway I can make a page section height and width 100% viewpoint in thrive content builder? If you not do you any plan to bring that feature in thrive content builder!

  • Ha! Loved that last bit. Though, in all seriousness, as a job search strategist & expert, I wanted to thank you for pointing out what seems common sense to me (and almost no one else!): that employers don’t care about your resume (what you “have” – education, experience, etc) as long as you can solve their problem.

    Perhaps we could co-host a webinar together sometime. As a Thrive user, I certainly would be happy to promote your content builder to jobseekers! Shoot me a note ([email protected]) if you’re like to chat.

    • Hey Gwen!

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. =)

      The thing about employment and looking for work pisses me off as well. Everyone teaches you to write a great cover letter and have great content on your CV, and it’s so utterly pointless. Then everyone complains about unemployment.

      Anyway, thanks for the webinar suggestion. Right now isn’t a good time, but if you manage to pull off a promotion campaign to your jobseeker audience, please let us know.

  • I would love to see some examples of people using a landing page as a resume. Any links to anyone who has had success with using a landing page in this manner? Thanks!

  • I noticed that a lot of your landing pages have photos of people, whether it’s a dentist or a dominatrix isn’t there a worry that they’ll show up for one person, and find someone else entirely?

  • You didn’t mention another big problem with Jessica Greenwalt’s website – it isn’t mobile friendly. If someone is looking for a web designer as she claims to be – then you would expect her site to be mobile first. The #1 example of a web designer’s work is their OWN website. If someone goes there from a mobile phone and sees that it isn’t even designed for a mobile device, they aren’t going to both clicking on the portfolios or anything else. It doesn’t matter how great their landing pages look on desktop if they aren’t designed for mobile.

  • I think you need to clarify if in order to have a landing page you need a website or not. Or if the sole landing page will be your website.
    Also, if it’s something you pay once a year like hosting or you pay month after month.

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