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Specificity & Contrast – Are These the Missing Puzzle Pieces for Your Website?

How effective is your website? More specifically, how effective is it at moving visitors towards your conversion goals?

​There are countless factors that will determine the answer to that question. In today's website review, you'll discover two of these factors: specificity and contrast. As you'll see, both of these are "underlying" factors that can affect your website in many ways.

By understanding the principles of specificity and contrast, you can improve the design, messaging, content and more on your site.​

6 Smart Ways to Increase Engagement and Sales Using the Thrive Leads Thank You-State

​Are you spoiling this unique opportunity?

Imagine your visitor. He’s reading a blog post, likes what he sees and opts in. He’s enthusiastic, he loves what you’re offering and is even willing to trade his email address to hear more from you in the future.

At this very moment, right after your visitor subscribes, you have something that’s increasingly rare online: undivided attention.

This opens a window of opportunities most online businesses neglect...

Why Sliders Make Your Website Suck

At the time of this writing, sliders are by far the most widely used design element in WordPress themes and on website homepages in general. Slider plugins for WordPress are being downloaded by the millions and sold by the tens of thousands.

Yet, none of our themes have a slider feature and we don't have a slider plugin.​ As you can tell from the title, that's no coincidence: sliders (a.k.a. carousels) are bad for your website. If you're currently using a slider on your site, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Hard to believe? Keep reading...​

Step by Step: Create a Webinar Funnel on Your WP Website (without expensive tools)

Setting up a fully functioning webinar funnel can seem pretty complicated. There are so many moving parts and a live audience to witness any 'technical difficulties.' Not to mention the programs you need to run the actual webinar can be fairly pricey.

With Thrive Architect it is possible to build a live webinar funnel from within your WordPress website, using nothing but your YouTube account and an email service provider.

Check out the video for a step by step guide.

Discover the Power of the One-Click Signup Link

You receive an email, click on the link and you see...

An opt-in form.

Really? How annoying is that?

They contacted you through email, they have your contact information. Why would you have to do the effort to opt-in AGAIN?

Click. Window closed. Conversion lost.

As a subscriber you understand how irritating this is, but as a marketer you've probably done this to your own subscribers at least a few times.  Because sometimes you want your subscribers to opt-in again, no?

Well, yes and no.

You want the RESULT of your subscribers opting in again. You want them to be added to a different list, receive a series of follow-up emails, get tagged, etc.

Good news, you can have the best of both worlds!

Thrive Leads is packed with one of the most powerful one-click sign up features: Signup Segue.

You get what you want and your subscribers are happy too. A true Win-Win.

Let's take a look at when using the Signup Segue feature will help you boost your conversions.​

How to Get Perfect Testimonials: 9 Real Emails to Send & 13 Questions to Ask

There is a major difference between a "meh" testimonial and a great testimonial. A "meh" testimonial doesn't really help or show the visitor anything, while a great testimonial can turn last minute resistance into a sale.

The perfect testimonial gets your visitor thinking “Hey, I’m just like this person, and if they can do it, then I can do it, too!”

To have this effect, the best testimonials will indicate a problem, how your business solved it and then give specific details or results.

Here's some examples to illustrate what I'm talking about:​

24 Tools To Create Better Content Faster

I’m sure you’ve come across this type of article:

"342 Tools and Resources You Need in Your Online Business"

If upon reading that title your first thought is:


How the F** am I supposed to run a business when I have to invest my precious time into signing up, learning and mastering all of those?

I can assure you, you’re not alone.

The truth is, these type of lists are not made to help the reader, they are made to drive traffic to the website and (often) to earn affiliate commissions.

Now, I consider it part of my job to stay informed about the newest tools and I can sincerely say that we tested almost all of them.

And because we did, you don’t have to!

In this list you’ll only find tools we’ve tested and use (almost) daily in our content marketing.

11 Surprising Ways Testimonials Can Boost Your Conversions

If you've read my stuff, you know I write longhand. I want to provide you with original and useful articles. It's well worth your time to read this article, but don't take my word for it - here's Andrew:


Great topic, as I think this is a **very** common dilemma with many businesses!

And, another great breakdown and analysis + solutions. It's so helpful to have optional soltuions because nothing is ever "one size fits all!" ;-) For me personally, I different readers (prospects) coming in for different solutions, like you've described here, and the "self-segmentation" is brilliant!. I've been planning on doing that but wasn't sure how to direct them from the Home page, so this website review is perfectly timed for me!

BTW...I'm a fan for life! Whenever I get a Thrive email, I feel like it's another gift I can't wait to open...and you always deliver! ✨


Karen McCamy

Simple and actionable advice

Thanks Jay for the wonderful example websites! Always great to see 'real-world' examples in articles written to help others complete a difficult task.


Great information and very useful to me.

Without sounding so repetitive, Thrive Themes has been one of my most precious and secret weapons in my marketing business.

The product is great and the free marketing lessons that comes with it, is simply unbelievable.

Thank you Shane. You, Hanna, and the rest of the crew are at the top list of people I respect in this business.

Nicholas O

Testimonials can turn your most skeptical visitor into a subscriber.

They can turn you from complete unknown into trusted authority in seconds.

They can transform a quiet webpage into a festival of conversion.

Starting Your First A/B Test? Brace for Disappointment!

A/B testing is a cornerstone of building a truly effective online business and something we always encourage our users to do. However, you might find the experience of A/B testing quite frustrating, especially if you're new to it and you came in with stories from spectacular case studies (like this one) buzzing in your head.

In today's post, you'll discover why A/B testing results can often seem disappointing and what you need to do to get good value out of them anyway.​

How to Tailor Your Website for Different Audiences

What's THE conversion goal of your website?

Difficult question, right?

The conversion goal for first time visitors would probably be to subscribe to your email list​.

But once they are a subscriber, that conversion goal changes.

You no longer want them to become a subscriber, you want them to take the next step and become a customer!​

And this is where most websites miss out. They only optimize for subscribers, not for customers.

Check out the video to discover the solution.

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