How to Choose Among 600+ Fonts (Without Losing Your Mind)

The fonts you use are a very important factor in determining your website’s character. With the latest feature addition to our themes, you now have over 600 fonts at your fingertips and you can use them as default fonts on your website or create custom headlines to add to your landing pages and sales pages.

Watch the short walkthrough video see how to use the new font features and the most important things you need to know about adding custom fonts to your site.

Watch the video to see:

  • How to quickly change the style of your website with the new font options (and get live previews).
  • The best way to find the good fonts among a selection of 600+.
  • Subtle changes that can make all the difference to your website’s look and feel.
  • How to add custom titles to your sales pages and landing pages.
  • The one mistake that will ruin your site’s design and slow down your loading times… and how to avoid it.

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Note:  this feature is now also available as a standalone in Thrive Content Builder. See more about it here. If you are using TCB in combination with a non-Thrive theme, use this link to open the font manager and add new fonts:



Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes and in charge of marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.


Paul B Reply

Awesome as ever, thank you.

Bam#200% over deliver!
Great news…
Regards Lex

Adrian B Reply

Another great enhancement to Thrive Themes. Keep them coming! :-)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks, Adrian! We’ve actually got another major feature like this in the final testing stages. Looking forward to releasing that as well. :)

Well, guys, in brief: You rock!!
This is a genius implementation for website font management.
Thx a lot.

Amazing additions, keep up the good work :)

This makes me sooooo happy! Thank you! This is the feature I was hoping would be put in soon. And TRUE to your word, in my previous requests, you ACTUALLY were working on this! So glad I am part of the Thrive theme community.

So are the fonts coming soon for the TCB?
Thanks again!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks, Harvey! I’m happy that we could deliver this feature you were waiting for. :)

    Yes, an integration for the Content Builder plugin is in the works as well.

Graeme C Reply

awesome, I’ve always seen WP fonts as super messy, this update makes it all so much easier

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Same here. Never found a really clean solution and the solutions I did find that had a good user interface all loaded all the fonts on every page, no matter whether those pages actually contained the fonts or not. The custom fonts feature we have now is one I’ll be using a lot as well. :)

Bruce B Reply

Thanks for responding so effectively to user suggestions. Custom headlines is exactly what I have been looking for.
Any idea when it will follow in the Content Builder?

Kathryn B Reply



You promised … and you delivered!

Thanks for the font freedom! :-)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    That’s how I roll. :)

    I know that you had to wait for a while to see this feature finally happen, but I hope you agree that it was worth the wait.

Phil M Reply

Fabulous stuff. We are just limited by our imagination, as it were.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks for your comment, Phil! Glad you like the latest addition.

denis d Reply

Hey Shane, another awesome up date. Can’t wait to play around with it. I have some area on my site that wanted to use custom fronts. This will really make them stand out, and look great.

Thanks Dennis.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks, Dennis! I think you’ll love the feature once you start using it on your site.

Hi Shane,
Great stuff, as always.
Are there any plans to have separate lists of body fonts versus headline fonts to make it faster to choose the right font when we know where and how we want to apply them?
Thanks for your great products.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks, Phil.

    No, we won’t have separate lists. We tried that in an early version of the first theme and it didn’t work well.

    Typography is a tricky matter. If you aren’t a typography buff, here are my recommendations:

    1) Look for font recommendations and font pairings from typography and design buffs and follow the recommendations.

    2) If you don’t know which font you want to use, use one from the recommended list.

    3) Any font in the recommended list that looks even remotely fancy is only to be used for headings. Only “boring” fonts are suitable for body text.

Durante P Reply

I’m getting the Thrive Bug! The more I watch, the more I do And The More I want To Watch And The More I want to do….

This is getting to be addictive.

Excellent training content Shane…… You are on a roll…..


    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you, Dourante! Glad to know you’re enjoying our recent updates. :)

Sandra F Reply

Is there a way to upload a truly custom font (ie, not a Google font)?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hell Sandra,

    No, we don’t have an option for that, I’m afraid.

hi , i was wondering how to add rtl fonts like arabic fonts

Fabian Merkle Reply

Hi Shane, this looks like a great feature! I was wondering: Is it also possible to change the font style / typeface in the menu bar through this method or is that restricted to the content area? Thank you!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Fabian,

    Currently, that’s only possible with custom CSS. You can post in the support forum to get some help with that as well.

sajad Reply

does this plugin support all font in different language like persian?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Sajad,

    That depends on the font you choose. The popular fonts like Open Sans and Roboto all have different character sets you can choose from.

M.W. F Reply

In my dashboard I cannot find the font manager, I’m using Rise

Ken Dawes Reply

I agree Stuart! Themes and plugins these days all seem to want to load Google Fonts and it’s a mess!

I disabled *ALL* Google fonts on my client’s site out of curiosity… On GTMetrix the site loaded *4 SECONDS* faster!!!!

We need to be able to shut Google Fonts *COMPLETELY* off when we want to!