How to Craft a High Converting Opt-In Form

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Updated on August 20, 2021

Do you consider your opt-in offers high-converting?

Are you satisfied with your opt-in offer results?

In today’s video, you’ll discover a simple but powerful method to squeeze out even more conversions from your opt-in offers, by promoting benefits over features.

Read on or watch the video to learn how to create more engaging offers that will (A) capture more visitor attention and (B) convert said visitors into actual, paying customers.

Let's dive right in.


Let's Talk About Opt-In Offers

You've got a lead generation offer on your website?

Congratulations! - You're already on the fast track to growing your email list.

Whether you're simply asking your online visitors to sign up to your blog or register to receive your free ebook, you're actively capturing leads. But a simple opt-in offer might not rake in the sign-up numbers you want.

Your space and time to convince online visitors to opt-in is limited. Best use these 2 resources wisely.


Clearly Communicate the Benefits of Your Offer

Immediately communicate to your audience that your offer is both of value to them and worth their email address.

But how do you identify your offer's benefits?

Easy. By adding the phrasing 'This will allow you to ...' or 'So that you can ...' after your opt-in offer's feature(s).

Examples of Benefits-Focused Opt-In Offers

It’s easy to say “add the benefits to your opt-in offer”... but what does that actually mean?

Let’s explore some examples so you can immediately see the difference.

Método Papio's opt-in offer reading: Be part of our list and see first hand the news on our Blog.

Método Papio could capture more online visitor attention by focusing more on its offer's benefits than on its features.

In Método Papio's original opt-in offer (above), the feature reads: 'Be part of our list and see first hand the news on our Blog.'

A benefit-focused approach to the same offer could be: 'Be part of our list and see first hand the news on our Blog. So that you can learn Online Marketing.'

The Web Writing Lab's opt-in offer reading: Get The Free Workbook !!

The Web Writing Lab could benefit from clearly communicating the value attached to their free workbook.

The Web Writing Lab's opt-in offer feature (above) is: 'Get The Free Workbook !!'

Whereas the benefit-focused version could read: 'Get The Free Workbook !! Which Will Allow You To Improve Your Writing.'

Test Your Benefits

Don't limit yourself to one single benefit when your opt-in offer probably has multiple. We recommend writing down 5 to 10 benefits per opt-in offer, and testing the most compelling ones.

Why do this?

Because you can test your different opt-in offer benefits on your landing page to see which one performs the best. By constantly testing different variations, it’s possible to squeeze out even more conversions until you have the best performing opt-in offer possible.

Wondering what Thrive tool could help you A/B test the different versions of your opt-in form benefits? Thrive Optimize is your answer if you're testing lead generation landing pages, while Thrive Leads has A/B testing capabilities built in for your individual opt-in forms.

There’s no need to create more or new opt-in offers, when you can simply swap out your benefits. One word - Upcycling.

Reuse your original opt-in offer by applying a new benefit-focused approach. This way you'll create different versions of the same offer with minimal effort and maximum conversion potential.

Emphasizing your benefits over your features is a surefire way to grow your email list through increased sign-up rates.

Take It One Step Further

Enough talking – now it's time for you to take action.

Apply the same process (outlined above) to your original benefit.

Add the phrase 'This will allow you to ...' or 'So that you can ...' after your opt-in offer's first benefit (eg: Learn Copywriting). Now, scratch the original and try out the second benefit on your audience members.

Examples of Opt-In Offer Extended Benefits

By replacing your original benefit with a second, you stand to improve your opt-in offer's effectiveness and "multi-usefulness". 

Método Papio's opt-in offer reading: Be part of our list and see first hand the news on our Blog.

Essentially, you'll be creating a final benefit based on the original opt-in offer benefit.

Spruce up you lead generation opt-in offer by applying the following technique:

  • Original feature: 'Be part of our list and see first hand the news on our Blog. [...]'
  • Original / 1st benefit: 'So that you can learn Online Marketing. [...]'
  • 2nd benefit: 'So that you can learn Online Marketing. This will allow you to transform more visitors into customers.'

Craft YOUR High Converting Opt-In Form

If you’re looking to create high-converting opt-in offers, then give our benefit-focused writing tip a shot.

For even more control over your opt-in offer tests, watch how easy Thrive Leads makes creating gorgeous opt-in forms in the video below:

Got a question about creating high-converting opt-in forms? Leave it in the comments below!

by Hanne  August 18, 2021


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