How To Create a Landing Page in WordPress?

Your website is up and running, you heard about the importance of landing pages but now the question remains: How to create a landing page in WordPress

In this article, you'll discover two ways to create a high converting landing page on your own WordPress website.

For each method you'll find the pros and cons so that you can decide which one to choose for your online business.​

But first, let's have a look at when you should use a landing page on your website. This will help decide if you need a landing page or if a normal page on your website will do.​

When Should You Create a WordPress Landing Page?

WordPress Landing Page

Think about a landing page as an island. The reason to create a landing page in WordPress is to have one page with only one goal. This means on that page, there are no distractions. There are no links to other pages and the only thing a visitor can do on that page is take the action for which the page was designed (eg. sign-up to a mailing list or a webinar, buy a product etc.) or leave.

Now compare this with a "normal" page on your website such as your "About" page.​ This page is part of your website. You want people to easily find that page and when they arrive on the page they can read the information and continue their journey on your site. From that page, you want them to go to other pages or posts. The page does not have one specific conversion goal. When this is the case you do not create a landing page in WordPress, but you simply use the "create a new" page function in your WordPress dashboard.

The most common uses for a landing page are:

  • Squeeze pages (also known as lead generation pages)
  • Webinar signup pages
  • ​Single product sales pages
  • After signup download pages
  • After signup thank you pages

Now let's see how you could create these landing pages...

1. Use Your WordPress Theme to Create a Landing Page

If you have a marketing focused WordPress theme, it should be fairly easy to create a landing page. All you need is a "landing page" page template.

This is a page template that strips out all the elements that can distract people from your conversion goal. This means that it would hide your menu bar, side bar, footer etc.

Creat a landing page wordpress

Example from the theme Squared

Now, this will not create a nice looking landing page... This will simply give you a blank slate to start from.

If you would like to build a lead generation page, you would have to add a title, some bullet points, maybe an image and you would have to copy paste the HTML code for an opt-in form from your email marketing service.​

If your theme does not give you this option, you're left with two possibilities: Use a landing page builder plugin or ask a developer to create this page template for you.

  • If you have the theme template, no need for an extra investment
  • You can use the tools you're already using
  • Many themes don't offer this possibility
  • You have no access to landing page templates this means you have to do all the design on your own
  • Without a visual editor it might be pretty difficult to build a good looking, high converting landing page

​2. Create a Landing Page With a Landing Page Builder Plugin

Landing page templates for WordPress

If your theme doesn't offer a "landing page"-page template or you're looking to create good looking and high converting landing pages in minutes, a landing page builder plugin is the way to go.

This plugin can be used on any WordPress theme because the plugin will override the theme elements. This will allow you to have complete design freedom over your landing pages.

When you use Thrive Landing Pages, you're getting access to a visual editor which allows you to change any element on your page in drag-and-drop fashion.​

Here's how to create a landing page with Thrive Landing Pages:

  • Create a new page on your website
  • Edit the new page with Thrive Content Builder
  • Choose a landing page template (you can pick the blank one if you're feeling adventurous)
  • Load that landing page
  • Use the visual editor to edit any element on the page​

In addition to the templates' library and the visual editor included in Thrive Landing Pages, a huge advantage of using our landing page builder plugin is that you can connect your email marketing service through API.

By connecting your email marketing service, you can set up and manage your email forms from within your WordPress dashboard, no need to login to your email service anymore and no need to struggle with ugly HTML forms. 

Thrive Landing Pages integrates with all major email providers and even webinar platforms:​

SG Autorepondeur

This will allow you to create landing pages with an exit-intent light box or a two-step signup process (where the opt-in form only shows after clicking a button) without needing any other plugin.

Furthermore, you'll have full control over the action after signup. This means that you can send new subscribers to a thank you page, a download page or even an upsell page where you present them with one of your offers. Having control over what happens when someone subscribes will allow you to offer a better experience for new leads and to start building a relationship of trust which will increase your conversions down the line.

All of these pages can be made in only minutes if you're using one of the landing page templates sets. These sets are designed to build good looking funnels.

​Landing page sets allow you to have consistent branding throughout the whole funnel

The above example is for a list building funnel. You can see that there is a template for the lead generation page, one for the confirmation page and one for the thank you page.

All of these pages have the same look and feel and will avoid your visitors get lost because they don't recognize the site they were sent to. ​

  • Thrive Landing Pages works with any WordPress theme
  • You get access to a constantly growing templates library - for free (!)
  • The visual editor included in Thrive Landing Pages allows you to create any design you want.
  • You'll be able to create landing pages in WordPress in minutes
  • You need to make a small, one-time investment

Is it Time to Create a WordPress Landing Page?

Using a "landing page" page template might be a good solution if you only sporadically want to create landing pages... But as soon as you're serious about growing your online business you'll need a tool that allows you to create good looking, high converting landing pages quickly. 

That's exactly what a landing page builder plugin like Thrive Landing Pages allows you to do.

For a small, one-time fee you'll be able to create as many landing pages as you want and you'll get access to a growing library of landing page templates to choose from.