Celebrate Your Team! Learn How to Create a Stunning Team Page for Your Website

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Updated on October 27, 2021

Teamwork makes the dream work...

So how can you showcase the very best of your team’s personalities and skills to breathe some life into your brand?

Whether your website features a multi-author blog, a club or association, or an agency model service provider, you need a professional team webpage to show your visitors the awesome people who make up your business.

Ready to learn more and make your team shine?

Let’s get started.


Do You Need a Team Page?

That depends on whether or not you have a team!

A team page can be an essential component of a successful website, especially where the concept of a team is important to the customer. A private cosmetic surgery clinic is a great example of an industry where the team is part of the product – specialists, consultants and surgeons in this case.

Other businesses can benefit from a team page as an optional enhancement. These are businesses where a ‘team’ communicates a sense of community, support, guidance, or competence, but where the product is separate from the actual team members. An online magazine or marketing agency are great examples of this.

And some businesses really don’t need a team page at all, especially when they’re focused on a personal brand, or an inanimate product or service.

A team page is a great addition for these types of business:

  • Marketing agencies where ‘the team’ is a selling point
  • Doctors, health consultants and specialists
  • Senior management, boards of directors, partners
  • Multi-author blogs with individual author styles or personalities
  • Sporting events and clubs
  • Art groups, like music, theatre or dance companies
  • Therapy groups, such as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation
  • Boutique services, like tattoo artists and hair stylists
  • Legal services where professional reputation and credentials are important

You probably don’t need a team page if:

  • You run a one-person brand
  • Your website focuses on an inanimate product, like software downloads
  • Your ‘team’ is actually a loose collection of virtual assistants and freelancers

Examples of Great Team Pages

Time for some fast-fire design inspiration! Here’s a collection of well-designed team pages from around the web to get your creative cogs turning...

Flow SEO

This team page shines with the personality of each team member. It’s interestingly designed, friendly and communicates that the Flow SEO team is made up of passionate specialists.

It’s also built using the tools inside Thrive Suite!

Flow SEO team page

Source: Flow SEO

Himalaya Yoga Valley

Full of vibrant color, this is one gorgeous team page that communicates a positive and welcoming environment. It uses tasteful drop shadows to overlay the intro text onto the hero image.

You’ll also notice that each team member’s box includes a link to their dedicated page. This is a really smart idea when the personality, approach and story of an individual instructor matters to their audience.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Sometimes your team is big enough to fill an orchestra... literally!

The RSNO team page showcases a wonderful list of their regular musicians, and each links to a full page featuring a short interview. With a team page as long as this, it really makes sense to focus on a large, friendly image, and leave the details to anyone who wants to click and learn more.

The whole design of the RSNO website is modern, clean, and visual ... we love it!

How to Create a Stunning Team Page with Thrive Content Blocks

Now that you’re fired up with inspiration, it’s time to get serious about creating a webpage for your team!

We’ve made it super easy (and fast!) to build a stunning team page using Thrive Architect. The first step is to create a new page in WordPress, choosing a URL slug that fits your brand language:

  • www.yourwebsite.com/our-team
  • www.yourwebsite.com/trainers
  • www.yourwebsite.com/senior-management

Hit ‘Save as Draft’ and launch Thrive Architect...

Launch Thrive Architect Button

When asked what page type you would like to create, you’ll likely want to start with a ‘Normal Page’ so your new team page looks like an integral part of your website. This will let you add content inside your theme page template, surrounded by your standard header, footer, and sidebar if you have one.

Creating a new page with Thrive Architect

Choose the first option if you want your team page to look like the rest of your website.

Now that you’ve got a blank theme page loaded up as your canvas, it’s time to add a Block from the Thrive elements tray.

Click the squared plus icon in the righthand sidebar, then drag the Block element onto the canvas to get started.

Adding a block element to your canvas

The Block element contains pro designed templates to drop right into your web page.

This will automatically open the Block template cloud, where you’ll first filter for the ‘Team’ designs in the left sidebar, then browse our professionally designed teams templates.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect design at this point. Every single element can be customized to fit your brand and personality, so simply choose the design that fits your needs best.

Here’s how this step looks in one slick video...

Customizing Your Team Page

Our professionally designed templates are a great starting point, but you’re not building our team page, you’re building your team page – and that means it’s time to customize everything until it fits your brand.

With Thrive’s Block templates, you have complete control over every element’s design...

  • Team member names, titles, bios, and any other additional information such as phone numbers and specialisms.
  • All the basics such as fonts, colors, and margins.
  • Changing the order of elements, or deleting them entirely if they’re not needed.
  • Social media profile icon links.
  • Image styles like rounded corners, circular, sepia, color overlays, and drop shadows, like these...
Team photo images in lifted style
Team photo images in sepia polaroid style
Team photo images in rounded style

To help your design stay consistent (as well as reduce repetitive stress injuries) you’ll also find you can customize similar elements at the same time using the Thrive visual editor's Group Styling feature. This handy little feature automatically updates all similar elements to match the changes you make to just one of them!

Editing multiple elements with group styling

See how all similar elements change at the same time? That's the power of Group Editing!

Remember that the team element itself is only part of your team page. You can also add some intro content, a video, a compelling call-to-action, or anything else you think works.

Let me show you what I mean: here’s a quick fictional team page I created from scratch using Thrive Architect’s Blocks in just 20 minutes...

An example team page created using Thrive Architect and blocks

Creating a great looking team page is easy with Blocks. Just drag, drop, and customize.

Here I’ve added some intro text, a “favorite book” section to each team member, and a relevant call-to-action customized from one of our CTA Block template designs.

Every business, audience and niche is different, so go ahead and experiment to build out your ideal team page.

Time to Make Your Team Shine!

Your business is only as good as the team behind it. Every person adds something that only they can give, and your team page is a great tool to celebrate everyone’s diverse personality, experience and skills.

Thrive Architect’s team Blocks make it incredibly fast and easy to build your team page, and guarantee it will look professional – even if you don’t have a design background.

So get out there and show off your team to the world!

by David Lindop  September 30, 2021


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