How to Create a Kick-Ass Webinar Registration Page

Thanks to a recent update, you can now easily register new leads to a GoToWebinar event and sign them up to your mailing list at the same time. In today's video, we'll take a look at 2 new templates for Thrive Landing Pages that make full use of this feature.

Even if you don't use our Landing Pages plugin, check out this tutorial to see how a few cleverly placed elements can dramatically increase the number of people who will sign up to your next webinar...​


Setting Up a GoToWebinar Connection

GoToWebinar is the most popular service used for creating webinar events. Here's a quick video that demonstrates how you can set up an API connection for GoToWebinar:​

Check out this post to learn more about API connections in Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder. Note that you can add more than one connection to a form, so you can easily add another connection, in order to sign new leads up to an autoresponder service as well.

Do you have any questions or requests regarding pages you want to use in a webinar funnel? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder and the CEO of Thrive Themes. When he isn’t plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.

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