New Thrive Leads Integration: Drip

Shane Melaugh   18

Today, we're happy to announce a new addition to the array of products and services that Thrive Leads integrates with: Drip Email Marketing Automation.

​In this post, you'll find a quick tutorial on how to integrate Drip with Thrive Leads and learn some more about what sets Drip apart.


Drip Integration Tutorial

Drip was an integration partner requested by many of our users and upon closer inspection, you can see the unique features that make this platform appealing.

We reached out to the Drip team, to ask them about their product and their thoughts on the integration:​

Anna Jacobsen​

​Customer Success Shinobi at Drip

"Drip's marketing automation is lightweight but powerful. It provides the core features of the bigger players while being easier to use.

With automation rules, lead scoring, segmentation, tagging and custom events, Drip lets you automate every aspect of your email marketing/marketing automation, including marketing emails, emails to trial users, and emails to customers.

Using Thrive Leads, Drip users can fine-tune their opt-in forms and increase their opt-in rates, then follow up immediately with a lead nurturing campaign designed to convert web visitors into customers. If Drip users are looking for deep customization of their opt-in experience or insanely powerful A/B testing for their forms, Thrive Leads is a great choice."

In Thrive Leads, we have many features that squarely appeal to advanced marketers and Drip can have the same appeal. If you want to go really deep with automated emails based on what visitors do on your site, Drip is worth taking a closer look at.

Let us know what you think of this latest addition by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  September 29, 2015


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  • Thank you, now I know that I can connect with Aweber and Get response as well, since thrive theme can connect with Drip.

  • Thanks Shane, I’ve been looking for an affordable marketing automation provider for my needs and drip seems to fit the bill. Are you guys using them? If not, why? Eddy

    • Hi Eddy,

      We’re not using them. For us, ActiveCampaign seems to be a better match. But I encourage you to take a close look at the feature sets of different email marketing services to determine which one works best for you.

  • I’ve been using Thrive for my startup MastermindJam, as well as for my podcast. I’ve been a Drip customer since the very beginning, and really love how simple it is to set up powerful email automation for your business using their service. To integrate Drip into Thrive, in the past, I had to use the custom HTML form integration option in Thrive. While that does indeed work, I’m really thankful for the new Drip integration in Thrive. It’ll make setting up things much quicker and simpler!

  • I’ve been using raw HTML to connect Thrive and Drip and it works just fine. But since the connection is now available, I gave it a try and unfortunately there’s an issue. You can select a list to add the subscriber to, but in my case, I only want to select the form to use (out of Drip) – not any list. My subscribers just use a form but don’t go (directly) on to any list.
    Is that something that’s going to get added to the integration at some point? Thanks.

    • I was able to get this working supplying my “Account ID” for the “Client ID” field.

      Login -> Gear in top right -> Account -> last field should say account id

    • The reason why a simple Form integration is favorable over a Campaign integration is for a simple, one off, lead magnet delivery.

  • Is it possible to integrate just ThriveLeads with Drip, without purchasing the whole ThriveThemes package?

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