How to Create an Ultra-Persuasive & Visually Stunning Sales Page

Shane Melaugh   44

Updated on December 22, 2019

In today's video, we present our most powerful and versatile sales page template yet. While this page works especially well for software products, there's really no purpose or business model you can't apply the template to.

Watch the video to see exactly how a high-converting sales page is structured!​


Get the Annotated Template!

We've created an annotated version of this template for you to download. Just use the links below to start your instant downloads:

Links & Resources

If you liked this tutorial, make sure to check out our other sales page tutorials. With everything you learn from these, you'll become a formidable marketer:

As always, if you have any questions about this template or thoughts about today's tutorial, please leave a comment and let us know!


by Shane Melaugh  March 16, 2015


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  • I would love to know where you get your images from. That has been a big issue with creating sites and landing pages.
    Loving being a member of Thrive suite.

    • Hi Chris,

      We’re using WP Sharely here, which is one of our older plugins. If you’re a Thrive Themes member, you’ll get something way better than this in the nearish future. 🙂

    • Hello Herman,

      This template is called “Big Picture Sales Page”. This template isn’t better or worse than the Vibrant Sales Page, they’re just different designs and different structures, made for different purposes.

    • In your Content Builder, go to select a landing page template and select the one called “Big Picture Sales Page”. The result is that you’ll have exactly this template ready to use on your own website. 🙂

  • I watch all your videos Shane. Absolutely love what you’re doing and thanks so much for making it accessible to people like me who otherwise would need to pay someone lots of money to create something that professional looking. So glad I found you guys. – John Hanna

  • C’mon now Shane!

    With all the incredible stuff you put out constantly, surely you can come up with anything other ‘and better’ than that funky 70s floral background?! 🙂 🙂

  • Fantastic video Shane, thanks.

    Pardon me, I have not yet searched for them. But is there a place where all these tutorials are in one spot?

    And by the way, I like the funky 70’s background. No matter which background you have, you’ll never please everybody.

    Thanks, Patrick

    • We don’t have a collection of these tutorials anywhere. The majority of our blog posts are tutorials of some kind, so in a sense, the blog is where you find all of them. 🙂

  • Hi Shane..

    Again, great stuff!

    Just a suggestion here for a couple of more pages to be added to Thrive Themes. How about a 404, also a Coming Soon/Maintenance feature page template that can be turned on and off from the Admin and would capture email and social leads?

    • Thanks for your comment, Gary!

      A maintenance mode feature is something I’d like to add, but I think it has to be as a separate plugin, so that you can switch your whole site between maintenance mode and normal mode.

  • Hum…can’t seem to download either version offered…fantabulous demo and explanation of this sales page approach. It’s getting so I rarely open other blog post notices unless they have “Shane” or ThriveThemes in them. The other major one is Bryan Harris of VideoFruit…the two of you have similar approaches and I appreciate them. Not just “click this button and life is amazing”…I bought that BS too often to fall for it anymore! Thank goodness!

    • Thanks for your comment!

      What’s the issue you’re experiencing when trying to download the files?

  • That’s great Shane, I’m considering getting content builder, but how would you create an engaging page if one is reviewing a product as an affiliate. I’m an affiliate marketer, I’m not creating sales pages. My sites have review pages, informational pages, how to pages, etc for an affiliate site.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for your comment! That’s a great point, actually. We’ve started working on some templates that are more specifically geared towards affiliate marketing, so hopefully we’ll have an answer in form of a new template soon. 🙂

  • I have used this template successfully ( see ). Now I would like to add a blog and several other pages to build an overall website. I have purchased your special bonus offer of your themes, which of those themes work best with this sales page design. Or should I just build my blog, homepage etc with the plugin. How do you build a blog with the plugin, as you have know blog templates with the plugin? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hello Ken. You should definitely use a theme for your blog. More about this topic in this post. Take a look at the Pressive and Rise themes. I think they could be a good match for you.

  • Hi Shane – I just started with Thrive about a month ago – and my new site is a stratosphere above what ive done before – and it was easy – i cant thank you enough. im about to create my first longish sales page – and im definitely going to go look for this template in my admin area – you just saved me a ton of time – again. Thanks!!!!

      • Hi Shane – it’s time – ive got the sales page template up and im creating my page.. is there a way to change the text on the image of the book you have in the very top section – to put in MY product name where it says “insert product name” and “product name”? I clicked on the image in thrive content builder – but did not see where to put in my text – thanks!!

      • Hi Dana,

        The book image is an image file, so it’s not directly editable. If you’re handy with Photoshop, I recommend using a free template from PSDcovers. Another easy way to get a book cover of your own done is through Fiverr.

  • Hi Shane,

    I love your videos and products, but something suprise me : I’ve watched some of your templates sales page presentation already, but it looks like you never use call to action buton above the fold.
    Have you split testing and found out this is better without it ? Because we usually read everywhere that it’s a very big deal to use a call to action above the fold because most because won’t scroll to found out the button…
    I think it’s even more true with the video version of this page.

    I’d love to hear about it from you !

    Ps : I’m a non native english speaker, sorry for my langage mistakes.

    • Hello Kahra,

      That strongly depends on what you’re selling.

      To give you an example, if you have an e-commerce store and you’re selling toilet paper, then having the call to action button above the fold definitely makes sense. Everybody already knows what toilet paper is, if they are on the page about toilet paper, they know they need it and what they need it for and it’s a cheap product.

      In other words: it’s familiar, necessary and low priced. For a product like this, it’s all about reducing the friction of purchase to an absolute minimum and that includes not making the visitor scroll.

      However, if you are selling a niche product or service at a medium to high price – which is true for most online businesses that use sales pages – then adding a call to action above the fold will probably not be as effective. To give an example, think about coming to a sales page like the one for Thrive Ultimatum for the first time, when you know nothing about the product yet. You need some explanation and some convincing before you’re ready to buy, right? There’s virtually no one who comes to that page and is instantly ready to purchase.

      A shorter answer is this: as everything in conversion optimization, the placement of the call to action is context dependent. There’s no universally right or wrong answer.

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