New (Almost) Blank Page Templates for Thrive Architect

Shane Melaugh   59

Updated on December 31, 2019

We're proud of the over 200 landing page templates that are pre-designed and ready to go in the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress. They're a great shortcut to getting beautiful landing pages published, without any design skills needed.

But sometimes, you want to do your own thing. And maybe you do have design skills to wield, using our powerful editor. For this, our 2 new blank templates are perfect. They are blank enough to give you total creative freedom, but have my favorite basic settings baked in, to save you time.

Watch the video to see how they work.


These 2 new templates are available right now, in Thrive Architect. Just load up a landing page and you'll find them in our Template Cloud.

These templates are great for building your own thing (and I'll feature them in some upcoming landing page from scratch videos). They're also great for the "copy only" style landing page which I've mentioned previously.

Let me know what you think of this new addition, by leaving a comment below!


P.S.: make sure to check out our new visual font setup feature to customize these blank pages even faster!

by Shane Melaugh  January 23, 2018


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  • YES. YES. Keep chipping away at that time expenditure, that’s exactly the way to go for me. I care much less about the “fancy” stuff and much more about perfecting the very basics, the gestures that you need to repeat over and over, so that they come as natural and as quick as possible. Smoothen the workflow.

    You know what, even if you’ve built these, it would still be nice to have a video that details your process in setting up a landing page from scratch. Until now, unless I missed something, we have only seen you doing that at the start of videos on other topics. What I’d like to see is a video on just the setting up process, focusing on the small details of the most “radical”, global settings, and how to make sure you spend as little time as possible creating a page by setting it up correctly in the first place. I want to understand the principles behind it all, so that I can master the “roots” of ANY page, and not just the ones that flow naturally from these blank templates.

    In fact, I would like to see more video about workflows in general. Which is to say, not about the many things you can do (which is always appreciated), but about the PROCEDURE that lets you do them most EFFICIENTLY.

    I always get the feeling that I could use Thrive much more efficiently and avoid more mistakes if I only knew the right procedure right from the start. The software itself is pretty awesome already, what I need are “smarter” and “deeper” instructions to learn how to work with it faster and more “correctly”, if that makes sense.

    In fact, I would gladly pay extra for a course to learn how to do that, as long as the price is affordable. Time saved is money gained.

    Also: time for a SNEAK PEEK at the next few months!

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Lorenzo! This is very helpful for me.

      Yes, I can definitely do a tutorial on this setup process. And I’ll think about what else I can do in terms of workflow tutorials.

  • Nice! I’ve watched almost all of your webinars/videos since my agency license purchase over 2 years ago!

    I was wondering when you were going to make a template like this for us.

    May I request a variety artist/entertainer business set of pages. I have a lot of clients in the family entertainment business, a nice group of testimonials/videos and a few “boxes” with fun fonts templates would be nice.

    Thank you!

  • It looks great indeed!

    But please make this styled section element available within Thrive Architect so that we can use it for blog post and make easy color sections without heavy CSS customizations. I would be very happy about it. 🙂

  • Amazing!!! work once again. But I think it is time to release the new versatile and highly customizable theme that we have been hearing about for the past 6+ months 😉

  • I learn something new every time. It’s the examples you use when demonstrating new features (or even simple templates like these!) that make it come to life.

  • As always Shane, cut away the rubbish and provide useful additions to the portfolio that we can adapt and save us time and effort.

    Keep up the great work.

  • I hardly use these landing pages. I use TA to build normal web pages with a menu. I know I can add the menu to landing pages, but that is not what I want. I want to use and see the default header. But I recognise that I have to do these initials setups all the time. Can you please add the option to use landing page templates on normal pages!?

      • Would be great to have TTB (Thrive template builder) to actually build the “shell” that all that great TA content can go in.

    • I don’t know if you use Genesis themes or not, but there is a plugin called “Genesis Dambuster” that lets you knock out any or all of the common sections/elements of a Genesis page. I’ve used it to knock out everything but the header on pages, and then use TA for the rest of the page. Works great.

  • Hi Shane! Thanks a lot, very useful.

    I got 2 hints, which obviously are not reported to you from support:

    1.) There are repeatedly issues with custom menue element on mobile (cannot be seen, Z-Index issue etc.), which come back after an update though they had beeen resolved before.

    2.) Some sites and their pages cannot be edited in mobile view any more.

    And finally an idea for a new blog video: It would be good,if you can dedicate a whole video to text editing (spacing etc. on the space settings page) including spacing with a focus on the latest feature to define them for a complete page before you start.



    • Thank you for your comment, Lars!

      I’m aware of the problems and limitations with the custom menu element. We’re hard at work on a completely new version of this element. The mobile editing I’ll look into as well.

      And thank you for the suggestion for a video on typography. I like that idea. 🙂

  • I have created a page from scratch, and always see a white patch & disappear during loading. I guess with the new blank templates, will resolve such issues. Good job.

    • Hm, that’s something I’ve never seen before. If the problem persists, please post about it on our support forum, so our team can help you out.

      • Thanks for reply. This issue already raised to your support. They mention something to do with how the js is loaded on that page and to set background section full width, which I have already set. Anyway, I will tried out the new blank template to see if this white patch will go away.

  • Hei Shane,

    Great to see new features. I have a question… because I think I misunderstood 2 things.

    Will we have the A/B test feature this month?

    Will we have a new theme this month?

    Just ask because I was kinda saving.. some moves let’s say for those 2 things but I might got it wrong about the launch dates.


    • hello Raul,

      A/B testing will be released to members this week. Public release is happening a week later.

      The theme won’t be ready this month, though. We don’t have an ETA for that yet.

      • Hi Shane, will the new theme have an integration with buddypress ‘out of the box’ or will it be easy to implement the functionalities. I think like themes from buddyboss, Kleo, Woffice e.g.

  • Great pages that will be useful and save lots of time.

    Could you consider doing some tutorials on bold landing pages / home pages for sites in the IT sector and even some for offline businesses like car servicing / repair etc where the usual elegant sites look a little out of place.

  • Thanks, Shane!
    Templates are nice for landing pages but landing pages don’t include keeping your logo menu at the top. You lose your menu and footer when using a template. This creates work trying to reproduce your menu to look uniform on your site. Is there a solution? I’m sure many would like to use templates for main pages of their website.

  • Hi Shane,
    very nice – I enjoy simplicity and clean uncluttered designs. I am still looking for the ability to have an image on the screen and that the image has links on top of them in specific areas to lead you on the trail through pictures instead of the typical drop down menu’s.
    For example the picture of an airplane has areas of interest such as the wings and motor or cockpit or tail. It would be nice to have a link over those details that pop up with options and then clicking on them leads to the links offered. Very visual and intuitive. Just some food for thought…
    Thanks for all that you do.
    Sincerely, Gerhard

  • Love it Shane! As someone else said, this little time saver is VERY helpful.

    I really appreciate the direction you are heading with Thrive Themes. This is my second year as a subscriber at it is well worth the money. I felt trapped by ClickFunnels.

    Thank you!

    • You made a great chocice Jason. I left FFunnels (as I now refer to them) 1 month ago after 12 months of investment of time particularly and endless problems. Wrote off all our work and started again from scratch with Thrive. Have not looked back. Now migrating other sites.

  • Hey Shane,

    This isn’t directly related to Thrive Architect, but I thought it might be the best way to get your comment on something.

    In Thrive Leads, is there any plan to not require opt-ins be part of a Lead Group? It’s caused some issues, and support basically said ‘deal with it.’

    Let’s say I want to implement a sitewide ribbon – meaning it gets shown on every single page and post. Let’s also say that I have 10 different Lead Groups.

    The only way to have this ribbon truly sitewide is to create it 10 different times for each Lead Group. And every time I make a change, I need to edit it 10 different times.

    I understand Lead Groups are convenient for testing opt-in types against each other, but right now it’s preventing some basic functionality.

    If we could have ribbons, exit popups, scroll mats, screen fillers and slide-ins still follow a priority, but not be required to be in a Lead Group, I think that would solve the issue.

    Alternatively, you could allow Lead Groups to stack on top of each other, and if there is a conflict (ie. 2 exit popups), the higher priority group wins.

    Your thoughts?

  • Thanks fro the update, very useful and will increase the creation of pages.
    When you might show examples for pages from scratch, can you do an example for a home page with Woo commerce integration? Looking forward

  • Truly a great example of “less is more.” I’ve been so behind on all the new Blog content that I’ve got so much catching up to do! Just tried Thrive Architect again today for the first time in around a month or so and couldn’t believe all the improvements you’ve added.

    My favorite so far: removing the annoying text formatting box to the top of the page! I hated how that thing got in the way of trying to type all the time! A close second: making the More tag an element. Genius!

    Keep up the good work, guys, and I’ll keep singing your praises!

  • Would love to have a blank page with the header section set up with logo placement and menu design (including burger stack menu for mobile).

  • I built a website using only Thrive Architect. Not a Theme. I used symbols for the header and footer (since those areas are global) and now I want the Blog layout to have the same header and footer. Since I’m not using a theme, how would I make the Blog layout use the symbols I created for header and footer? I can follow a tutorial on creating a blog layout and activating it in WordPress but I’m specifically looking for a way to pull the HTML and Code from the header and footer symbols I created so that I can add them to my blog layout. It’s very annoying how WP has a separate blog layout. Who does that anymore? Don’t you want the website to look the same except the blog content would change in the body section? I also LOVE designing my web pages with Thrive architect and just bypassing using a theme altogether. Especially now, with the Symbols integration, I can make those global elements and only edit them one time. Just wish I could overwrite the BLOG layout. Any advice or specific instruction you can provide me??

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