Why You Should Build Your Online Business on WordPress in 2022

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Are you struggling to pick the right website building platform for your online business?


You need a solid website-building platform that allows you to scale, be easily discovered and freely customize your pages however you want.

There are so many options out there to choose from these days, its tough to select the right one.

So in this video, I’ll give you 14 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for digital entrepreneurs.

Let’s dive right in…


1. SEO Friendliness

If you want your online business to succeed, it needs to be easy to find.

One of the ways to do that is to make your content discoverable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a site performance and content strategy to increase your chances of appearing in the top spots of the various search engines when people enter specific search terms.

And, there's no other platform out there as “Google-friendly” as WordPress.

WordPress makes it easy for you to structure your content and organize the layout of your pages to optimize your website.

At your fingertips are user-experience-focused WordPress themes — specifically designed to be Core Web Vitals friendly — as well as plugins such as Yoast SEO and SEO Press, that help you to create search engine optimized content.

2. Customization Options

There are over 50,000 plugins available on WordPress to help you build your business website.

On WordPress, plugins are applications that allow you to expand the functionality of your website. For example, Thrive Architect is a visual page builder with hundreds of pre-built, and fully customizable landing page templates.

Each plugin is designed to tackle a specific problem to make your experience building an online business much easier.

Keep in mind: the more plugins you install, the slower your website performance will be. So, only install the plugins you need to build your website and run your business.

3. The Power of No-Code

Have you ever come across a stunning website and wondered…

“Wow, I wish I could build that on my website!”

And with WordPress, it’s now possible to re-create designs without writing a single line of code.

Tools like Thrive Architect let you recreate the amazing web designs you come across from internationally renowned brands without ever needing to hire a web designer or developer to do it!

In fact, if you ever wanted to mimic Apple's homepage on your own website for example, you can do it in minutes with a visual builder like Thrive Architect.

Design-wise, there’s no longer any limits as to what you can build as a non-coder with WordPress!

4. Security

Secure websites not only instill trust in your brand, but they're mandatory for any successful online business. How can you expect your website visitors to feel safe and confident disclosing any sales critical information to you if your website doesn't have the proper security protocols in place?

So to make your WordPress website safe for visitors, there's a few go-to plugins for that.

Security plugins we currently recommend include:

When combined with a reliable hosting provider, your website will be safe from any nasty traffic or hackers that can damage your business and professional reputation.

5. Price

WordPress is an open-source platform — anyone is free to use it to build their business.

But doing so… is not free!

When you build an business website with WordPress, you still have to pay for:

  • Hosting
  • A security plugin
  • A page builder
  • A theme
  • and more...

But even with these costs — compared to other website building platforms — the countless number of options you have to choose from on WordPress means it will always present you with the most affordable bootstrapped business solution.

6. User Interface and User Experience

You can look at the user interface and user experience of WordPress from two perspectives — how your customers perceive your website (the front end) and how you actually use WordPress (the back end).

From the front end: WordPress is great because of its 3rd-party design tools. Plugins like Thrive Architect have prebuilt landing page templates that make it super easy to build sales and lead generation funnels to engage new visitors.

From the back end: the learning curve that comes with using WordPress is easy to overcome. Its navigation tools are simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus instead on the more important work creating products, shipping content and managing your business.

7. Community

Are you struggling to build something on your website?

Well good news! There’s probably an entrepreneur out there, who’s already found a way to get over that hurdle.

WordPress comes with a HUGE user-driven community that's created resources to solve any problem you encounter while building your online business — it’s amazing!

Online communities that can help you solve your site issues include:

  • Facebook groups
  • Online forums
  • Plugin-specific support teams

So no matter what your problem is, you’re likely just a Google search away from finding the solution.

8. Performance

No matter how you build your website, its performance is linked to how well you optimize it.

To make sure your website is consistently performing well, here are some habits to start following:

And if you'd like to learn how to maintain your website like an online business pro, read this guide.

9. Integrations

Curious how you can integrate your website to non-WordPress applications?

With any other website-building platform, managing integrations is a headache.

But with WordPress, it all depends on the tools you’re using!

For example:

That means it's possible to get all of your favorite online business tools working together with ease — without having to custom code anything!

10. For Content Creators

WordPress is literally a Content Management System.

The platform was created with the intent to help content creators store large amounts of content, and make it easy for readers to discover it.

Whether you create audio, video or long-form written content‚ WordPress keeps all your content organized.

And if you’re looking to turn your digital content into digital knowledge products, WordPress plugins like Thrive Apprentice make it simple to do so as online courses or site memberships — without having to move said content onto an outside SaaS platform.

11. For Coaches

Two words: Thrive. Apprentice.

As I mentioned above for content creators, Thrive Apprentice is the best Learning Management System for non-coders and non-designers to sell their expertise on WordPress. The plugin allows you to not only build and customize online courses, but to create, market and sell digital product bundles that contain a mixture of online courses and WordPress content like restricted access blog posts and pages too.

So, if you’re interested in selling your expertise, WordPress is a great platform to do it on!

12. For eCommerce

WordPress gives you the tools needed to expand the power of your website.

And when you find two plugins that integrate to help you build your website faster — it’s amazing!

For example, take a powerful theme like Thrive Theme Builder and the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin.

Thrive Theme Builder includes a native integration with WooCommerce — including a selection of beautiful, fully-customizable WooCommerce theme templates — which become available to you as soon as both are installed and activated on your WordPress site.

Not only because both tools are possible on WordPress, but because both tools are integrated with each other on WordPress, you can create a beautiful online store to sell your eCommerce products — fast!

13. Quick Sales Funnels

If you need to launch a sales funnel to attract — and convert — more website visitors, WordPress is going to make that job easy.

Simply install a fully customizable WordPress theme and page builder plugin combo, like the Thrive Theme Builder + Thrive Architect, and you’ll have instant access to fully customizable theme page templates and landing page templates, which you can modify to meet your business needs — quick!

14. Freedom

With WordPress, you’re free to scale your business as much as you want.

Don’t believe me?

WordPress powers HUGE business and government websites such as:

  • Sony Music
  • Playstation Blog
  • Time Magazine
  • Disney Books
  • Mashable
  • Microsoft News
  • The White House

All this is to say, there are virtually zero limitations on what you can build and scale with WordPress.

Ready to Start Building?

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that building your business website with WordPress in 2022 is still the best choice for a small business solopreneur like yourself.

If so, consider adding the most powerful and fully integrated online business building toolkit to your WordPress website — Thrive Suite.

Have any questions about building a business website on WordPress? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

by Tony  August 10, 2022


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