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A Page and its Purpose: When to Use Landing Pages and When to Use Themes

With our new Landing Pages feature, it's easier than ever to create conversion optimized pages... which might lead to the question: do you even need a theme anymore (especially considering that we'll continue adding new page templates for different purposes)?

In this post, you'll discover the difference between landing pages and theme pages, so you'll know exactly when to use which, for the best results.

How NOT to Use Progress Bars & Counters

This post is a public service announcement. We must stop the widespread abuse of progress bars and animated counters and only YOU can make a difference!

We recently introduced progress bars, animated counters and fill counters as new design elements (short codes) in all our themes. These elements can be useful additions to a conversion-focused website, but they can also be horribly mis-used. In fact, I have so far almost exclusively seen really, really bad examples of how to implement these elements on sites and landing pages.

Watch the video below to see the common mistakes you need to avoid (and what to do instead):

How to Build a Better 404 Page

Your "page not found" 404 page is one only a small fraction of your visitors will ever see. It's still a page that can be worth optimizing, though and since it represents an error, it's a great opportunity to help your poor, lost visitors out and re-engage them.

In today's video, you'll get a quick tour through a new option added to all Thrive Themes plus 3 suggestions on how to build a better 404 error page.

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