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Avoid Wasting Your Time on Bad Content Marketing

​Creating content can be an exercise in frustration, futility and counting gray hairs.

After weeks of non-stop sweating and pressure, you click on publish and ... nothing happens. Little to no visitors or subscribers.

So you try again and again, always with severely underwhelming results.

This is not what you signed up for. You're spending all this effort and have nothing to show for it.

If that sounds familiar, you might have a problem with your content marketing.

We've created the From Internet Rubbish to Content Marketing Gold course, to change that.

Learn How to Create an About Page That Boosts Your Conversion Rate

Be honest: How much effort did you actually put into building the About page on your website? Do you even have one? 

The importance of having an about page is underrated.

It's one of the most visited static pages on your website. You might as well do something with this attention.

We've just published our newest Thrive University course that will help you learn the ins and outs of creating a really powerful about page that will get your visitors engaged with your business right away.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

Make Your WordPress Website SEO Proof

How can I get my website on the first page of Google? 

That's the question that opens the door into a deep rabbit hole called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Soon you'll discover that it's not push button easy to get on the first page of Google...​

Where should you start? What should you do first? What is actually important? And what is not important anymore?

All these questions and more are covered in our new Thrive University course: "SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO".

4 Visitor Repellants Hidden in Your Website and How to Remove Them


Through some power of magic... or a whole lot of hard work, you’ve got a new visitor to your site!

Surely if they made the effort to find your site they'd want to stick around for a while, right?

In theory, but in reality getting a visitor to your site is only half the battle. It's just as hard to keep them there.

So why would a visitor so easily abandon content they specifically clicked though to see?

8 Secrets that Turn Your List Posts from Boring to Amazing

It's publish-time again. You can feel the dread of the deadline approaching.

Consistently pumping quality articles to meet the endless demand of your content hungry audience can be stressful at best.

Thankfully, there's an article format that's quick to write and can result in massive engagement when done properly: the list post.

Content writers all over the internet have adapted it as their go-to format.

It's quick to write, it's fun to read, and a properly executed list post has great potential to go viral.

Except they rarely do.

Most list posts out there end up as useless filler that no one ever talks about.

Let's make sure you don't become one of them. Let's make sure you can write amazing list posts quickly and every time.

The Optimal Countdown Timer Campaign

"Five minutes!", my mom shouted. "We're out the door in 5 minutes!"

It was my brother's wedding day and everyone was in a mad rush. The worst part was that my sister was hogging the bathroom and I hadn't even taken a shower yet.

That 5-minute warning gave me a feeling of "Hurry, hurry, hurry!"  This is an emotional response that gives a feeling of urgency.  This is what a timer on your website does.

We Analyzed YOUR Funnels – This is Why You’re Losing Leads

When was the last time you subscribed to your website?

No that’s not a typo… I want to know when you subscribed to your own website for the last time.

For the conversion optimization before/after article, we randomly looked at opt-in forms and landing pages that you, our readers, sent us to optimize.

We took it beyond the landing page. We looked at the opt-in form, subscribed to the list, waited for the first email to arrive and looked at the confirmation, thank you and download pages.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t always pretty…

Many of the funnels left us confused and disappointed. That's why we decided to write this article, to make sure you can avoid the most common mistakes in your funnels.

Going Beyond the Page: 5 Ways to Take Your Conversion Rates to the Next Level

In a previous post, we presented the Big 3 conversion killers that emerged when we analyzed more than 200 opt-in forms and landing pages sent in by our readers.

Today, we're going to take a look at 5 more examples and take the conversion optimization tips to the next level.

What do I mean by that?

In this post, we go beyond the landing page.​

Are You Using the Right Words on Your Landing Pages?

Today's website review makes for a great example because the page we're looking at does so many things right. On this landing page, design and layout are on point and this gives us an opportunity to hone in on some of the finer details of copywriting.

Watch the video to see what we find and how you can improve the clarity and wording on your own landing pages.

Specificity & Contrast – Are These the Missing Puzzle Pieces for Your Website?

How effective is your website? More specifically, how effective is it at moving visitors towards your conversion goals?

​There are countless factors that will determine the answer to that question. In today's website review, you'll discover two of these factors: specificity and contrast. As you'll see, both of these are "underlying" factors that can affect your website in many ways.

By understanding the principles of specificity and contrast, you can improve the design, messaging, content and more on your site.​