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Feature Update: Get Better A/B Test Results, Faster!

A/B testing is a core feature in Thrive Leads as well as in Thrive Headline Optimizer. We're proud of the fact that we don't just add a half-baked split-testing feature into those plugins and call it a day. Instead, we built a refined testing engine with automation features and safeguards against prematurely ending tests.

With today's update, we've taken the power of our A/B testing features another step forward.​

How To Create Gorgeous Looking, High Converting Affiliate Review Blog Posts

Writing a review of a product or service you use is an excellent way to provide value to your readers, show off your expertise and earn affiliate commissions.

Many affiliate marketers use this strategy as one of their main income streams.

That’s why we already included a complete Review page set in Thrive Landing Pages. But sometimes you might want to write a review blog post instead of using a landing page.

In this video tutorial, you’ll discover how to create gorgeous looking, high converting review blog posts with Thrive Content Builder.

Why Knowing Your Competitors is Key to Creating a Successful Online Business

In previous website review episodes, we've talked a lot about improving various aspects of your online business, such as creating better landing pages, paying attention to design and visual communication, looking at how small details can make a big difference and much more.

Today, we're taking a different perspective. Your website doesn't exist in a bubble. Even if you don't know your competitors very well, you can bet that many of your visitors do!

So, in today's video, we're taking a look at how you can see your website in the context of the "competitive landscape" that it sits in and how you can use this perspective to create a better business.​

How Visual Cues on Your Website Might Say More Than Words

If you meet someone and they tell you "I'm happy!" while they have a huge frown on their face, do you believe that they are happy?

People communicate with more than just words. And so do websites.

Regardless of what the words on your pages say, the visual design of your website also speaks volumes. And as you'll discover in today's video, sometimes having an "unoriginal" website is better than having a unique one...​

Scarcity: Discover The Massive Psychological Influence Of This One Principle Throughout Time

Want to know one of the best tactics we've found for increasing conversions?


We have found it to be It an amazingly powerful principle for creating desire in our business, and so we were curious to see if we could find any examples of deadlines, restricted freedom or limited resources having astonishing impacts on other events.

The following infographic showcases some of the most fascinating instances from the past where the scarcity principle played a major role in the outcome of events, either purposefully or accidentally.

6 Mental Shortcuts That Make Your (Customer’s) Brain Say BUY

Admit it.

You’ve caught yourself hypnotically staring at those late night infomercials thinking, “Yes, I actually do need a new set of couch pillow pluffies.”

You really don’t, and you know it.

Still, there’s just something so incredibly alluring about the way the commercial runs. Something so strong you almost reach out for your phone and dial in.

Dial in before the offer runs out!

What causes this compelling urge? Why does your brain want to buy the damn couch pillow pluffie so badly?

Truth is - your brain doesn't care about the pluffie. Your brain took an unexpected mental shortcut.​

It's not broken, don't worry!

Let me show you how these mental shortcuts work, and why they lead to irrational behaviour.

8 Tools to Cook Up Magnetizing & Click Worthy Headlines

Before publishing a new article with a killer headline there are 3 possible scenarios you’ll find yourself in.

  1. Zero inspiration: You know what topic you want to write about but are still trying to find the perfect angle and headline for your next post.
  2. In need of a helping hand: You’ve written your post but now you have to come up with the headline that will elevate your article to stardom.
  3. Decision paralysis: You’ve written several headlines but are not sure about which one is the best.

Luckily help is only a click away!

We’ve compiled 8 tools that will help you get through each of these scenarios. They’ll guide you from zero inspiration to zero doubt you’re using the best headline to make your content shine.

6 Reasons Why Your Headline Is Doomed To Fail

You know those truly marvelous headlines that get thousands of shares on social media?

Those that make you stop and think "Wow! That's actually quite clever!"

Some blogs even seem to hit that magnificent note with every single headline they publish.

But when you try to create one... you always end up with something mediocre.

It's so frustrating! It's like you're missing some sort of magic spark to turn your decent headline into a fantastic one!

Perhaps you're just not cut out to write headlines. Maybe you should just move to a deserted island somewhere and focus on sending bottled messages.

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