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Since day one, Thrive Themes have featured a great time-saving addition that you might have missed up until now. The feature in question is one click cloning.

In this post, you'll discover how the feature works and see some examples of how you can use it to your advantage.

Note: the feature shown here is a theme feature. It is only available when you have a Thrive Theme installed. If you use Thrive Architect or other plugins made by Thrive Themes, but a different theme, you won't see the "clone" link as shown below.


How it Works

In your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll find a “Clone” link in any post list. It looks like this:


Click on it and you’ll instantly be taken to a newly created post which is exactly identical to the post you just cloned, except that its title begins with “Clone of…” and it’s status will be draft even if the cloned post was already published.

The brilliant thing about the cloning feature is that it goes beyond just cloning the post title and content. It also works with page settings, theme settings and even various plugin settings, such as:

  • If you have SEO settings for the original post saved with the Yoast SEO plugin or any other SEO plugin, the cloned post will have the same settings.
  • If you have custom page layouts or page settings (such as the Thrive Themes settings, custom scripts, custom CSS etc.) active in the original post, they will be identical in the cloned post.
  • If you’re using a membership plugin to make a post available to only specific membership levels, those settings will also be cloned.

And the list goes on. What it comes down to is this: any setting from any plugin that is saved in the way settings are supposed to be saved, according to WordPress guidelines, will be cloned flawlessly and instantly.

Posts, Pages & More

So far, I’ve been talking about posts and post lists. That doesn’t only include blog posts, though. WordPress works with what they call “post types” and anything that’s a post type can be cloned. For example, you can clone Focus Areas and Thrive Lightboxes. Depending on what plugins you use, you might have other types of content that you can also clone with this theme feature (contact forms, ads,…).

Which leads to the question of how to best make use of this versatile feature:

Example 1: Faster Focus Area Targeting

Focus Areas can be targeted to specific categories, which is ideal for making specific offers that increase your conversion rate. You can even use the same Focus Area with the same offer and change the message to better suit different categories. Here’s an example:


Instead of creating a new Focus Area from scratch, you can just clone the first one, make some small adjustments, change the targeting and publish!

Example 2: Affiliates & Special Offer Pages

In the past, I’ve occasionally run special offers for some of my products, in collaboration with affiliates. We’d create a limited time special offer for the product, for the customers of a specific affiliate. With page cloning, it becomes very simple to set up:

  1. Clone the original sales page.
  2. Change the prices to the special offer ones.
  3. Add a countdown timer element.
  4. Add some content that’s personalized for the affiliate, like the example below:


This way, you’ve got a personalized special offer page ready in minutes. The same can be done for the “offer expired” page, which you can create once and then clone and personalize for each new affiliate, after their special offer window runs out.

In short, you can see that the cloning feature is a massive time saver and can be used in various ways, depending on your needs.

Do you have some creative ideas for putting this feature to use? Let us know by leaving a comment!


by Shane Melaugh  September 25, 2014


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  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for this post – always useful stuff.

    The link in your latest email (A Page and its Purpose: Discover When a Landing Page is the Right Choice… and When it’s Not.) – isn’t working.


    John C.

  • Hi Shane,
    You guys are starting to freak me out with how many great features you are applying to your products….and they’re the type that will make websites assets and not sites that are full of just bells and whistles. The elements you are adding make sense to a marketers mind and improve a site’s effectiveness rather than take away from it. Not to mention time savers like this one where someone like me can build sites faster. Happy client, happy me.

    • Thank you, Malcolm. That is exactly our goal. I see a lot of themes and plugins that are all about the bells and whistles but forget that what a website really needs to be is effective. For us, the rule is that every feature we add has to have some conversion-focused purpose or has to be something that makes the product more convenient for the user.

  • Love the cloning feature. I’ve been using it as a way to backup certain pages I was working on.

    Ha ha. I was wondering where the feature was coming from…didn’t know for sure until this post that it was part of Thrive.

    VERY nice feature!

    David Coleman

    • Thanks for the comment, David! Good that you found the feature by yourself. It is easy to miss, since it seamlessly integrates into the options in the posts list.

  • I’ve used the clone feature; really great.
    But is there a way to clone a page and move it to another domain? For example, a page on one website works really well, and I want to carry that structure over to another website with the same theme then adapt it to save time, is there a way to do that?

    • We don’t have a feature for this. The easiest way to do it for content is to copy the page source in TCB and paste it to the new page on the other domain. But that’s only for the content and not all the page settings as well.

  • Is this only available when using one of the Thrive themes. I’m using the Thrive Content Builder plugin with a StudioPress theme and don’t see the clone option in the Posts or Pages listing.

  • I didn’t even read the post, becaues I already saw this feature in the theme. I justed wanted to say:
    Not having this in a theme is soooo frustating – these kind of features are why I am fast becoming a huge fan of thrive! 🙂

  • Is it on your roadmap to add this feature to the plugin version? It would be amazing! It’s been driving me nuts trying to copy pages when all I want to do is make a couple small tweaks!

  • Am I missing somehting, which pluggin allows for cloning? I have leads and content builder, but I do not have the clone option.

    • Hello Mark,

      Not with this feature, no. There are plugins that can help you transform from one post type to another, but you have to use them at your own risk…

    • Hello Julie,

      The cloning feature is added by our themes. Did you switch to a different theme, by any chance?

      • Hello Carla,

        Thrive Architect is a plugin. You have to use one of our themes to see the cloning option.

      • I am using Thrive Themes (and the whole Thrive package) and I can confirm the cloning option is no longer shown!

      • Clone was not showing – I went to the current theme and it was Thrive Themes. Then I noticed an update was available. I clicked update and now the clone option is available. So that could be the answer many of these people seek – update!

      • Yes, we’ve recently added the cloning feature to Thrive Architect and Theme Builder. Before that, it was a feature only in the themes.

  • It would be great if you could put a more prominent note about needing to use a Thrive theme for this to work. I looked for the “clone” feature this a long time before reading the comments, and realizing what was going on.

  • Hello, im trying to clone one of my landing pages created with TCB but i dont see the clone button. And when i try Copying the page using the Save as template and then load the template on a new page, it does load but the styles are off… Is there a way to make an identical Copy of the page apart from the clone button that doesnt seem to show on my wordpress.

  • Can anyone let me know how to avoid content duplication. I have content in my wordpress and thrive content builder is not newly installed. When I try to add the wordpress content to edit with thrive window and save changes, the content after publishing is repeating. Will be great if someone can let me know how to avoid this duplication. I want to have content in wordpress as well as thrive window but when published the content should not duplication. Thanks.

    • Hi Mohan,

      When you use TCB for your content creation, you can simply delete the content in the WP editor. This will avoid the duplication!

  • Um, this post is old. Is that the reason there is no clone option? I can only edit… Actually, I wanted to save my landing page as a template and that didn’t work, so then I wanted to duplicate it, but there is NO clone option… What can I do now?

    • Hello Jessica,

      The cloning option is a feature in our themes. If you use any of our themes you’ll see it in the page list in wp-admin.

      • yes Shane Clone does showing, but once do changes to the recent clone page, all the old posts updating to the recent post.. any suggestion/s to stop this?

  • I have a lot of content to add on my new websites. Is it correct to use the clone feature for creating new blog posts faster?

    • Hi Lucio,
      If you content has the same layout and you feel it would be easier to replace rather than recreate that layout it might be.
      Mostly we use the clone feature for pages (eg. thank you pages, webinar pages, etc.) for blog posts, it’s probably more time to delete and recreate the content than to start from scratch.

  • Aloha Shane – thought I would share a hack on cloning when not using a Thrive theme. Open the page or post in Architect then save it as a template. Create a new page or post and use the template feature/button to insert it. That easy. Thanks for the great product, the more I use it, the more I find I can do with it.

  • Help, the clone function was always an essential part of Thrive Themes. Now, I switched to Thrive Theme Builder and the clone function is gone! That can’t be true? Please put this function back on and don’t force me to use some obscure external ‘clone-page’ plugin! I like to stay with the Thrive Theme suite, including the new amazing theme builder and thrive architect but please bring back the clone function!

  • I have Thrive builder Premium and have written a post with it. But My dashboard is not showing the clone feature. What to do to access this feature. Please reply this will save me a lot of time.

  • Does the clone feature support moving blog posts from one domain to another? How can I do this quickly, I have about 50-60 posts. Thanks

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