Should Your Homepage Be a Sales Page?

Is your website the face of a product, service or membership? If it is, you may be making the same mistake as the website we're reviewing in this video.

In today’s Website Review, we’re looking at My Fishing Cape Cod, a paid membership site offering a community and resources around fishing at Cape Cod.

The website is home to some fantastically targeted landing pages and copy. So what’s the problem?

Unless button mashing is a hobby, a new visitor would never make it far enough to see those fantastic landing pages. The homepage just doesn’t give them the opportunity to.


While this is My Fishing Cape Cod's homepage, it also acts as the main sales page for the membership.

Apart from the headline and video, the homepage doesn’t sell the paid membership well. The most important elements, such as what you actually get with the membership, are hidden among the rest of the page.

From Homepage to Sales Page​

Let's take a look at the original page, and our remake:

(click to enlarge)

Taking It to the Next Level

The changes above are a huge improvement, and a sure fire way to improve conversions. But what could they do to take it a step further?

Bring some of that brilliant landing page copy to the main sales page.

As it is, there's just too little explaining going on on the homepage.

​Each feature of the membership has it's own dedicated page that highlights and explains the benefits of that feature. These are great, but they only work if a visitor clicks through to see them.

Pulling some of that great copy onto the homepage itself, by adding either a more detailed feature list or creating more sections on the page, could really help with driving conversions straight from the homepage.


Take a look at My Fishing Cape Cod now. They've changed their homepage based on the review, giving their visitors more chances to take action, and highlighting the membership features directly below the main CTA.

What's Your Take?

Are you in a similar situation? Is this website review causing you to rethink the way you've structured your homepage? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Stephanie Kelly

Stephanie is a slow traveler who loves anything that can be described as remote, country or outback. She dabbles in documentary making and seeks out unique experiences. With a passion for helping small business utilize the internet for growth, she enjoys demystifying the web for those who could benefit from it most.

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