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How to Create Call to Action Forms & the New Multi-State Scroll Mat Templates

We recently introduced the Scroll Mat opt-in form type, which is large, attention grabbing and was extremely well received.

Now, we've added a new set of templates that combine the power of the Scroll Mat with the multi-step opt-in process. Watch the video to discover how you can use these new templates and how you can easily transform them from opt-in to call to action designs.​

Simple Animation Boosts Your Conversions by 30%! (…or Not?)

This is a post I never thought I'd write.

If you know me, you know I don't care for gimmicks. And if some cool new design thing comes along, my first question is inevitably: "what about conversions, though?"

Now, think of every aspect of an opt-in form. Surely, the animation with which it appears is the most gimmicky part of all, right?​

Well, we ran some tests that prove otherwise. Here are our results and the surprising conclusion we draw...

Introducing Leads Export: Easy Backup & Manual Processing for Your Leads

Since the release of Thrive Leads, we've added many API integrations to make the plugin compatible with a wide range of email marketing and webinar platforms. This is great for passing on new leads to external applications where they can be processed.

In the latest update to the plugin, we've added the new "Leads Export" feature, which gives you new options to process and backup your leads directly from your own site.​

Why Data Geeks ❤ Thrive Leads: a Look at the Thrive Leads Reporting Suite

Knowing your data can be the key to increasing the performance of your website. That's why with Thrive Leads, we didn't only create the most feature rich list building plugin for WordPress, we also equipped it with a reporting suite straight from a wet dream of your friendly neighborhood data geek.

Watch the video to see what the different reports in Thrive Leads are about and how you can make use of them.​

Busting the Exit-Intent Myth (+ Our Superior Solution)

"Exit intent technology" sounds really cool, a lot of fanfare has been made about it and there are entire businesses that are based on creating exit-intent opt-in forms for your site (in some cases at an extremely high price)​... and we're about to show you why it's completely overrated.

Exit intent is probably the most talked about and most widely used technique for list building right now. We've compiled some case studies that will change the way you think about it and give you more powerful tools to work with.