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How Penn & Teller Revealed a Magic Trick and Skyrocketed My Business Growth

Be honest - you want to hit it big and make headlines everywhere.

You want to go from zero to massive income, achieve ludicrous subcriber counts in no time, be part of wildly profitable product launches... It's the classic hero-story and you want to be part of it.

Yet, your every attempt always seems to leave you stuck in the little league.

You're constantly dabbling in the same fields as these big hitters, but the hero high note of massive success always seems to be just out of reach.

Why is that? Are some people simply destined for greatness?

Recently I heard Penn Gillette, the bombastic larger half of the Penn&Teller illusionist-duo, guest speaking on the Art of Charm podcast. He made me realize why some people will never achieve greatness, and some will achieve it every time they try.

And because it's Penn Gillette, the answer comes in the form of an illusion.

Hold on tight.​

7+5 Examples of Brilliantly Effective Opt-in Offers and How You Can Use Them in Your Business

You're all set to start building your mailing list, knowing that it's one of the most important assets for your business.

There's just one little issue...

...what the heck should you create as an opt-in bribe?

If you're serious about building your list "subscribe to my newsletter" isn't going to cut it, but neither is some generic, boring free report.

So what exactly does an excellent opt-in offer look like? Read on to find out...​

Google’s New “Mobile Friendly” Rules for Opt-in Forms (& How they Affect Thrive Leads)

A recent announcement by Google revealed that the use of overlays (including opt-in forms) will no longer be deemed "mobile friendly". This, in turn, can affect your website's search rankings.

Following the announcement, some panic and a lot of misinformation spread through the marketing circles and we received many questions about what this change meant for our list building plugin, Thrive Leads.​

In this post, you'll discover what Google's announcement is really about and you'll see the update we've already released for Thrive Leads, to help you stay compliant.

EOfire Case Study: Going from Good to Great With Your List Building

A while ago, our CEO was interviewed by the wildly successful podcaster John Lee Dumas for his show Entrepreneur on Fire. During the interview, we agreed to help John with his lead generation efforts.

Since then we’ve been working on incrementally improving the opt-in conversions on, using the Thrive Leads plugin.

In this case study you’ll discover the step by step process we followed, which led to a 268% improvement in opt-in conversion rates.

You’ll see what worked (and what didn’t) and our take on why we got these results.

How To Create Compelling Product Images For Your Opt-in Forms And Landing Pages (Even If You’re Not a Designer)

A little while ago, we asked you to send us screenshots of your opt-in forms and landing pages so we could find more ways to help you make them better.

This led to a first article about the Big 3 Conversion Killers​, if you haven't read that already, take a moment and read it because it will teach you the must-have basics of good opt-in form and landing page design.

In this post, we're taking it one step further by improving the visual representation of your opt-in offer.

How to Send Interesting Newsletters Regularly (Even When You Don’t Know What to Write)

Ever get that sinking feeling when you know you should send a newsletter to your subscribers but you just don't know what to write?

You know emailing your list regularly (and not only when you have something to sell) will help your business grow in the long term but you didn’t publish anything on your blog so you have nothing new to send to your subscribers, right?

You open MailChimp, click on New Campaign and already start feeling the need to check your Facebook or go brush your teeth.

It’s now 2 hours later, and it’s starting to get dark outside.

You decide to call it a day.

That newsletter? You’ll send it another time. Maybe tomorrow, or next week, but for sure next month.

Mailing your list shouldn’t be hard (even if you didn’t publish anything new)! Let me show you.

Avoid Fatal Welcome Email Mistakes With These 3 Expert Solutions

Out of all the emails you send to your subscribers, your first few will have some of the highest open rates. It’s a HUGE opportunity to start building a strong foundation, so you should avoid the massive mistakes so many default to, especially after all the hard work you’ve already done to get the lead.

Trying to figure out the perfect first message to send to start turning your new leads into raving fans & customers might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure...

Do you reach out to every lead individually and send a personal message? Do you try to educate them? Engage them? Understand them? Or do you blunder though it and end up sending the same lackluster emails everyone else does?

When I started getting leads on my website, I felt confused on what to do and it reminded me of a dog from my childhood. You might be feeling similar...

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Opt-in Form Type

Do you remember that feeling when you were 8 years old, ogling at the flavours at an ice cream stand, unable to choose because they all looked equally good?

You could've stood there for hours, weighing the pros and cons between pistachio and mango.

Then, in the end, your mom made you choose chocolate, just to get it over with.

You were frozen by decision paralysis, which is caused by the huge mental strain trying to choose between a variety of equally good options.

This is what happens to some of us when choosing an opt-in form type.