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Busting the Exit-Intent Myth (+ Our Superior Solution)

"Exit intent technology" sounds really cool, a lot of fanfare has been made about it and there are entire businesses that are based on creating exit-intent opt-in forms for your site (in some cases at an extremely high price)​... and we're about to show you why it's completely overrated.

Exit intent is probably the most talked about and most widely used technique for list building right now. We've compiled some case studies that will change the way you think about it and give you more powerful tools to work with.

Use this Strategy to Create a Super-Valuable Mailing List

We've published many posts that are about list building in one way or another (and the majority of templates in Thrive Landing Pages are lead gen templates). In today's video, we're going a step further.

It's one thing to add people to a mailing list, but it's an entirely different thing to actually engage those people, make them look forward to your next email and turn them into real fans. And that's exactly what today's strategy and set of templates is about.​

Content Upgrades: Why & How to Use them on Your Blog

Content upgrades are a way to build your list that suits blogging and content marketing perfectly - and they are all the rage right now.

Should you make use of this strategy as well? And how should you implement content upgrades on your site? Today's video is my answer to these questions. Plus: in the post below you'll find links to the best tutorials and resources you need, to make it happen.​

Build Your Mailing List With Thrive Content Builder

Our focus at Thrive Themes is to provide you with tools that help you build conversion-optimized pages, sites and content. Lead generation has always been an important part of this and over the course of the last few updates, the list-building capabilities of Thrive Content Builder have steadily improved.

This post will serve as an overview over all the ways you can use the plugin to capture email addresses.​

Submit Your Thrive Content Pages!

Calling all Thrive Content Builder pre-release users! Send in your pages and win our admiration (and an Amazon gift card)! The pre-release frenzy for our first plugin is over and the dust has begun to settle, which has given us time to add a few updates and feature additions. And you've had some time to tinker with the new content builder and create some nice pages. Now, we want to see those pages! Read More

How to Improve Your Opt-In Form Conversion Rates (Part 2)

In the first opt-in form clinic post, we got a very lively reaction and over 30 user submissions for this follow-up post.

After the difficult task of selecting just a few of those, we're now ready to have another look at real examples of opt-in forms and what steps you can take to improve them.

Be warned: in this post, we're going deeper into the topic than before and if you invest the time into reading it, you'll know far more about how to turn your visitors into email subscribers than most people ever will.

Without further ado...