Make More Sales Without Needing More Traffic – An Inside Look at How We Do It

Shane Melaugh   23

Updated on June 15, 2020

Who wouldn't like to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors to their website? Think of how easy things would be if you had that kind of traffic...

No wonder the online marketing world is obsessed with traffic numbers. Well, most of the online marketing world, anyway. Here at Thrive Themes, we're obsessed with something different - and it has been a crucial factor in our success...​


Visitors vs. Value

The Thrive Themes marketing team pays very little attention to traffic numbers. Off the top of my head, I can't even tell you how many visitors we get per week or month, on average.

And that's simply because I don't care. Visitor numbers aren't something I check often.

So, what do I care about?


More specifically, value per visitor. Or: how many $$$ do you get for each new visitor that hits your site? Which pages on your site have the highest value per visitor ratio? How much is a blog post worth?

These are the numbers that interest me. It's what we obsess over and work hard to improve.

Your traffic numbers can go up, but that may or may not affect your bottom line. But when your value per visitor number goes up, your business takes off.

The "Magic" Formula

Since we're so obsessed with this, it won't surprise you to hear that:

  • We've done a lot of testing and experimentation to try and improve value per visitor.
  • We've found one or two things that work exceptionally well.​

In fact, one thing we do works so well in increasing the value per visitor, it's a bit hard to believe it unless you see it.

That one thing is our particular way of creating scarcity marketing campaigns.​

In this new Thrive University course, you will see a behind the scenes look at exactly what our "magic" formula for successful scarcity marketing is. And by "behind the scenes" I mean: we show you exactly how we implement this strategy, down to the exact emails we send, the timings we send them at etc.

If you're already signed up, you can access the course immediately. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for a free Thrive University account right here.​


by Shane Melaugh  March 1, 2017


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    • There are more than two things. 🙂

      Scarcity marketing is definitely the most direct and most impressively effective way to increase value per visitor. Other things include: creating products that are better than people expect them to be, cultivating a dialogue with your audience through multiple communication channels and adding depth to your sales funnel.

  • You are on fire!! We haven’t even tried Quiz Builder yet and you have some new training!! This is great stuff too!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate you using real examples, and the “no nonsense” approach. This “promote without promoting” scarcity is sophisticated yet elegant, too!! I can see some ways to model our promotions after this example.

  • How can we evaluate audience value or visitor value on our website…
    After that i can analyse and get ground report…please share your views…how can i evaluate visitor value?

    • Hi Angelina,
      To be able to evaluate that value you need to look at your sales numbers.
      If you’re making $1000/month with your website and you get 1000 visitors, each visitor is worth $1.
      You can find this information in Google Analytics (for the visitors) and if you linked up GA with your payement system you can get the other data there too.
      You can do the same for visitors of your sales page.
      Eg. If 500 people saw your sales page and 5 people bought a $200 product, the value per visitor of the sales page would be $2.
      Hope this helps

  • In my case I have a lot of traffic and little conversion. I have a website on diets that yields just under 1k. Is this course for me?

  • Every time Shane share something here, Iearned something very valuable..

    In this course, I would be planning to do evergreen offer to test out and then use the data to launch my product in future.

    I like the under the radar strategies. Very clear and down to earth instructions.

    Shane , would be great if you could shed more light on recurring campaign, other than Christmas sales or recurring sales period. Best if you could provide some websites doing that.

    Thanks anyway for this course.

  • I’m getting to know the site right now and in fact it’s a completely different view from the traditional one. Very interesting, liked and why not test? Thank you.

  • I get around 500 visitors per day but only 7-10 per day convert.
    I think I have been focusing more on getting traffic than actually increasing conversions, that’s where you guys come in, I’m going to take the course today and tomorrow I am buying the whole membership.
    You guys are OUT of this world!
    Keep it up!

  • Nice information Shane!

    I have been looking to improve my traffic but after reading your article I am feeling much better that even with low traffic, I can generate good leads.

    Thanks for this help
    Keep posting such good content.

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