Thrive Theme Builder Best Practices and Q&A

What You'll Learn in This Webinar: 

During the webinar, we covered the following topics (use the chapter button next to the full screen button to navigate to the right time in the video)

  • 04:07 min: How to switch from your current theme to Thrive Theme Builder?
  • 06:57 min: What's the difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder? 
  • 11:57 min: How to change your homepage or blog page?
  • 19:34 min: What's the difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Architect Light?
  • 22:06 min: How to edit your header on your whole website?
  • 31:24 min: How to replace, safe and hide sections?
  • 34:52 min: How to have one sidebar that updates across your website?
  • 38:16 min: How to apply a different post template to a blog post?
  •  41:48 min: How to hide a top, bottom or sidebar section on an individual post or page?
  • 43:42 min: How to link or unlink Smart Colors or Global Colors?
  • 50:32 min: What's the difference between a theme page and a landing page?
  • 59:43 min: How to add Fb pixels (or other analytics scripts)?
  • 1:00:32 min: What is Shapshift actually?
  • 1:03:56 min: How to build separate headers for mobile or tablet?
  • 1:06:27 min: How to save and export/import a theme?
  • 1:07:38 min: Should I uninstall my other theme before installing Shapeshift?
  • 1:09:15 min: What about WooCommerce?
  • 1:12:01 min: How about the site speed panel?
  • 1:19:06 min: Where to learn more?
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Additional Questions and Answers

How to hide header/menu on a sales page?

Go into the visibility settings and toggle set the header to hide:
If you are using Thrive Architect (Light) on your sales page, you can do it by going to the "page" breadcrumb and change the visibility settings there.

About "about": Could you share some best practices? 

We have a full Thrive University course on how to write a good about page. You can get (free) access here.

Are we allowed to use the pictures in the templates?

Yes! All pictures are royalty free pictures.

Why do I need Thrive Leads with all the new lead generation tools in Thrive Theme Builder?

That's a good question :-D Thrive Theme Builder has a ton of lead generation elements baked in, but it does not replace Thrive Leads. If you want things like a lightbox pop-up on all of your blog posts, a ribbon on certain pages, or any other form of opt-in form that is not an in content form, you would use Thrive Leads.
Thrive Leads also allows for A/B testing and gives you insights and data directly in your WP dashboard. So if you're serious about building an email list, the combination of Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads is the winner!

Do I have to also check and make sure that the Theme templates that I create in Theme builder work on mobile?

All our templates were made to be mobile responsive so if you are using one of the pre-made designs you are good to go. When you apply changes, we always suggest checking the mobile responsiveness!

‚ÄčWill Woocommerce tool have any limit on the number of items we can list?

No, we won't limit the number of items.

I created a footer menu in WP, but the pages do not appear in the TB footer area. Those remain the same. Can Hanne show how to change menu items on the footer?

In order for your footer menu to show up in the footer of your page you need to either assign it as a footer menu in the last step of the site setup wizard (this is a newly added feature so make sure your theme is up to date by going to appearances >> themes and update Thrive Theme Builder).
Or by changing the source of the footer menu when you are editing a footer in one of the templates. 
This tutorial explains how to do it for the header, it's exactly the same for the footer.

Does Thrive Theme Builder support RTL (right to left languages)?

No, at the moment we do not support RTL.

How do you incorporate different lead magnets automatically into different templates?

You can create different templates with different lead magnets in the sections but I would suggest using Thrive Leads for this purpose. Thrive Leads allows you to add any type of lead generation form and you can set up different rules. So you could use an in content opt-in form that would show on all of your blog posts from a specific category or tag or author or...

How do I know if I'm using Thrive Architect Light or Thrive Architect?

If you never installed Thrive Architect, you are using Thrive Architect Light. In order to use Thrive Architect, you would have to install it as a separate plugin. You will also notice that in the sidebar you have a notification telling you you are using Thrive Architect Light and you might notice restricted access to element and landing page templates.

Where do I find my membership license?

You don't need a license key anymore. When you install the product magnager that you can find here. You will be able to connect your site with your login details for the Thrive Themes members dashboard.

I already have a website built with Thrive Architect. Is there any benefit to applying Theme Builder to this website?

Yes! As you can see with Thrive Theme Builder you can edit EVERY element of your site such as your blog list page, your individual blog templates and so on. This is not possible with Thrive Architect (you only edit individual pages or blog content with Thrive Architect).

I'm currently developing a new site usineg the AstraPro theme and Thrive Architect etc. Does Theme Builder replace the need to use other themes like Astra?


Why can't you use template colors when you're editing content in Thrive Architect?

At the moment theme template colors are only available in theme templates and on landing pages. You can however save your theme color as a global color and it will become available everywhere in one click (it won't be linked to your theme color though).

Do you plan to add page blocks and template colors to standard pages? or should we always switch to landing pages

Yes, this is something we are currently working on.

Can a FB pixel / google analytics still be installed on an individual page through Architect?

Yes, both through Thrive Architect and Thrive Architect Light you can still go into settings >> advanced settings >> scripts and add scripts to the page.

Can you have 2 different blog post templates, for example ONE based on a big picture at the top, and ANOTHER for blog posts without a picture?

Of course! Have a look at this video tutorial in which Matt explains how to do that step-by-step!

What page or post set-up (so as to be distraction free) for displaying a quiz?

I would simply create a new page and hide the top and bottom section (in the visibility settings) so only the header and footer remain and then add the quiz shortcode or element in the content.

I have heard that future versions of Thrive will be compatible with WPML to support multi language site. Is this right?

Unfortunately that seems to be a misinformation. We are not currently working on implementing WPML integration.

How does this work with Gutenberg and its blocks?

Gutenberg will add the content to your pages and posts so Thrive Theme Builder will work perfectly with Gutenberg.

How do I make another color a template color?

You can change the main theme template color through the branding tab or through the site setup wizard. It's not possible to change the theme colors otherwise.

Is global color the same as theme color?

No, the theme colors are a color set based on the main theme color you pick from the site setup wizard or in the branding tab. Global colors are colors that you choose (one color, not a set of colors) and that you can change in the editor directly. A global color is still linked which means if you change a global color you change it on every instance that uses that global color. Learn more about global colors here.